Jun. 29th, 2009 09:59 pm
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So apparently I was supposed to email my aunt to say sorry Michael Jackson died, guess we really won't be going to see him. Thanks for wanting to take me with.

WTF?? Seriously?? Why do I need to email you that?? First of all, I had already thanked you a gazillion times for offering to buy me a ticket. Second of all, I already knew, and had communicated to you that we probably weren't going to an MJ concert (due to the first four shows being postponed to March 2010, and we had tickets to show number four), so I had already resigned myself to not going. And like hello??? Why do I need to tell you sorry??? He's not a relative. He's not your bff. He's not your son, brother, father, or even a distant cousin. HE WAS A POPSTAR. Get over it, and just remember Michael Jackson for the wonderful music he created.

(And that rant is for my aunt, but also for all the crazies out there. I have to work with a bunch of them. One guy called in sick to work on Friday because he claimed there was a death in the family. Then on Saturday he came in, saw the memorial thing Madame Tussauds came up with and started crying. COME ON PEOPLE!! GET A LIFE!!!)

(And yes, I was shocked and saddened by the news. But death happens. And it's not like I knew Michael Jackson. And I'll still like his music. That hasn't died with him.)
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So I've decided I love both the Royal Mail and Canada Post. They are so so so quick! Snail mail forever! Lol! I sent a package to my Dad for Fathers Day, I sent it Monday and it already got there today. Which is only 4 days later. I swear it takes just as long to send a package within Canada as it does to send one overseas. So maybe it's just Royal Mail that I love?? But it's thanks to Canada Post too, because they have to receive it and then process it and then deliver it. Remember the days (of Yore) when it took two-three weeks to send something (like a Christmas card for example) overseas. Now it takes just a few days. Amazing.

I should also update. Thanks for those that asked about my grandmother. While she's not super dandy, she's not seriously ill and really it was just the way my mother sent the email that made me panic. And not to mention the fact that my mother never bothered emailing me back to let me know everything is okay. So no emergency flights back to Canada. Which means....

(almost) TWO MORE DAYS UNTIL WIMBLEDON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! I cannot wait!! I went and got a camping mat last night!!
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Holy crap. Life in Canada seems to be falling apart at the seams. Okay, well that's an exaggeration, but tons of shit seems to be happening. My sister's house got broken into and a whole ton of shit got stolen (including her laptop - that's all I know for sure), I'm awaiting more details.

And then I get an email from my mother saying my grandmother has been taken to the emergency room and has provided no further details. Which means I have no idea how serious this is. Will I have to fly home in a hurry??? She fell recently, did she just fall again and say broke her foot or something (which isn;t nearly as serious). I hate not knowing any details.

Hopefully it's nothing too serious. I seriously cannot afford a last minute plane ticket home (and I don't mean to sound selfish or anything or uncaring at all, but I seriously do not have the money for that - although, truly if it was an emergency I'd find a way and more than likely my dad would pay for the ticket). And to sound selfish, Wimbledon is this weekend and it's been a dream of mine forever to attend and I really don't want to miss it. Although, of course I would if my grandmother needs me, or god forbid something even worse than that.

So I'm crossing my fingers and hoping for the best.
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I've been meaning to do an update for a while now. My sister has come and gone. :( But I had a lot of fun with her while she was here. Oh, but first, I saw Waiting for Godot starring Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen on the Friday before Jen arrived. It was really good! I totally prefer musical theatre, but the acting was superb and it was done well. Good set too. Waiting for Godot is really absurd and I found myself nodding off at one point, but on the whole, I enjoyed it and am really glad I got to see it! I had a really good seat too. I was in the 7th row (I think the 7th, could have been the 6th) off to one side on the aisle, but it's a smaller theatre, so it wasn't that wide. I could totally see everything, and I had tons of leg room because there was no one in front of me. I was something like 10 feet from the stage, so it was great!

Then my sister came the next morning. I met her at Victoria and then we came back to my flat to drop off her stuff. Then we went shopping on Oxford street. I bought a couple of tops at Dorothy Perkins, and a couple more at Primark! Then we went to a pub (the same pub my mom fell in love with when they were here - it's in Mayfair and it's fab! The food is really good there) for dinner. Then we headed back. On Sunday we went to Harrods, then the London Eye and the London Aquarium with Rachel. It was pretty good. I liked the aquarium, it was much bigger than I expected it to be too. Oh, and I got two new pairs of shoes from Office. It made my sister jealous because she didn't find any shoes, so then she made me go into EVERY shoe store we passed from then on. Sunday night we cooked dinner and went to bed fairly early because our train to Paris the next morning was EARLY. So Monday morning we woke up really early and caught the Eurostar to Paris. We first went to the Eiffel Tower and queued for an hour to go up it. But I had planned for the queues, so it was alright. I had a crepe while waiting! Yum! The views from the top of the Eiffel Tower are amazing! It was sooo pretty! Although, chilly, super windy. Then we decided to walk to our hotel, because it wasn't too far from the Eiffel Tower. We stopped in a bunch of stores on the way. Yes, still looking for shoes. Also fun clothes. I bought one top for ten euros. Jen, nada. We bought some wine and cheese and checked into our hotel. It was a good pick I thought. I liked the location and it was quite nice. We rested and drank and ate for a bit. Then we went to see Moulin Rouge and we walked around that area and found a place for dinner. It turned out to be a really good place. We shared beef fondue which was huge, and a huge yummy salad. And then we had ice cream for dessert. It was sooo good! Yum! Then I dragged my sister back to the Eiffel tower so I could see the light show and take more pictures. The next morning we went to a cafe next to our hotel for breakfast. Then we checked out and went to the Arc de Triomphe. Then we walked FOREVER until we found a good shopping area (we thought it was a lot closer than it was). But we went to a whole bunch of stores, my sister found some shoes and a few tops. I bought a top too. Then we tried to go this l'Entrecote restaurant for a late lunch, but they were closed, so I was sad. And then we would have had enough time to go to the Musee d'Orsay but we were so tired, I didn't feel like going there, not to mention I didn't feel like spending more money for both the metro and the entrance fee. So we went to the train station and found a restaurant to eat. It was good, but not as good as the dinner the night before. I had mussels and fries. My sister had steak with bernaise sauce. Then we wandered around the train station, bought some chocolate, checked in and waited a bit for our train. We had a good time though. For Jen's last day in London, we went and got theatre tickets in the morning, then went to Primark so she could return a top she decided against. Then we went to Madame Tussauds. Then we went to a pub for a drink. Then we went back to my flat and rested a bit and dressed for the evening. We went to Piccadilly Circus for Jen could see it, then we went to a mexican restaurant in Leicester Square for dinner. We shared nachos and fajitas, yum! I had a margarita too. Yum! Then we saw Spring Awakening which was fab! It's SO good! I love it! My sister enjoyed it too. Then we went home and to bed. The next morning I dropped my sister off at Victoria, said good bye and then I had to go to work. :(

Then on Friday Catherine was in town and I met her and her friend Jane at Waterloo. We went on the London Eye and then I gave them (well tried to give them) a tour of the West End. We walked up to Trafalgar Square and through the Piccadilly Circus so we could take night photos. It was fun! Sadly I had to work the next day, so then I said goodbye after a few hours of hanging out. Then it was work, and more work. I went to Hamleys on Tuesday and bought my nephew a (shoot, I started this last night before my company came, and totally forgot to finish it when they left! So, I started this Saturday afternoon, it's now Sunday morning). Anyways, so I bought my nephew a birthday present for his first birthday. Jeremy is already one year old!!! He's growing up so fast! Lol! Then I worked, luckily I had the weekend off, and it feels like my first real break in quite some time. It's nice.

Yesterday morning (so Saturday) I bummed around a bit, but finally got ready and went to the Broadway market in east London. I've been meaning to go for quite some time, Amanda had sent me a link to a blog of a woman who trades there. She makes cakes and tarts, so I've been wanting to try them. She also makes brownies, which I tried. The brownies were good, but they were expensive (£2.60/brownie, and you can get other ones for 2 for £3 from other places) and I think only just as good as other places, not better. So not worth it. I also bought a chocolate tart to serve as dessert that night. The tart totally saved this woman. And I may go back. Because the tart was TO DIE FOR. It was amazing!! It was dark chocolate with a shortbread crust, and a layer of jam in between. Now normally I don't like jam in dessert, but the jam added a great balance in flavours and was needed. So it was perfect. It wasn't too bitter (as some dark chocolate tarts can be), the jam helped that, it added a great sweetness, but without taking away from the chocolate. It was really really good. I may go back for more tarts. Not brownies though. Here's a link to the blog: Anyways, I also bought a new bag (bad me, I know) and a new wallet. I'm not sure about the wallet, I think it will be too small for me, but it's so cute. I may give it to someone as a gift or something. The bag I love!

For dinner last night, Joanna and her husband Dan came over and we played board games and I cooked them dinner. I made salmon (it was alright, they enjoyed it, but I think my measurements of onion soup mix/mayonnaise wasn't quite I'll work on that), twice baked potatoes and grilled asparagus. I actually managed to cook the asparagus perfectly, so I was kind of impressed with myself for that! And the potatoes turned out nice as well. They had brought a bottle of wine which we drank, as well as some really yummy cheese from Amsterdam which we ate first. Then we had the delicious tart for dessert. Oh, I was going to say my only criticism of the tart would be a bit too much cocoa on the top. There was a layer of cocoa done with a bird stencil on top, which made it look pretty, but both I and Joanna managed to breathe in too much cocoa and almost choke. So, less cocoa would be better. We played Monopoly (the British version, which is a novelty for me) and then Cluedo (which yes, is Clue - except Mr. Green in Reverend Green in the Brit version). And then we watched Eurovision, which was my first time watching it (we don't get it in Canada, they do in Australia though). It was.....interesting. I really liked the Denmark song, it was written by Ronan Keating, and it was a song I would totally listen to. They did not win, nor did they come close. Which made me sad. I did like the Iceland song, and they came in second. The winner was Norway and I thought their song was only okay. I think it was because they sang in English, but they had an accent, so it sounded weird to me (and Joanna and Dan). Anyways, they left after the show, and I cleaned up (thank goodness for my dishwasher!!) and went to bed. Now I'm finally watching American Idol from this week. I already know who's in the final two though, I got spoiled before it was even on here by facebook. Oh well. Today I'm going to see the Star Trek movie this evening! Woooooooo! I'm excited! I'm excited for the slashy goodness I've heard is in it. Woo hoo slash in a huge Hollywood blockbuster!


Apr. 19th, 2009 08:00 pm
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Why are some people such worrywarts?? Sure, it better to be safe than sorry, but there's such a thing as too safe and then not having any fun at all! Some of these people who post to [ profile] eurotravel need their priorities straightened! Lighten up people!

So, it's been a long ass time since I last updated. In short: I went to Montpellier, France with [ profile] scattydove, had an amazing time! I ate lots of delicious French food, discovered I liked red wine, and met some great people! Right after that I went home, which was also an amazing time! I ate tons of yummy food (not the same as France, but good North American food!), saw tons of people, got to spend quality time with my adorable nephew, and even managed a trip to Buffalo! I've been back over a week now and have been working and not unpacking. Yeah, it's been 10 days, and my suitcase is still full....oops!

This weekend has been really good. Well, today I didn't do anything, but yesterday was amazing! I spent the day by myself out and about in London. In the morning I went to the Borough Market and wandered about. Not to mention eating my weight in food. I ate samples galore and also managed a venison burger and a plate of raclette. Yum! To take home, I bought myself a sausage (reminiscent of the delicious French ones I ate in Montpellier), brownies, and a game pie, oh and a shortbread. Then I went to Leicester Square and bought myself a theatre ticket for that evening (apparently it was treat myself day!) to see Joseph. Then as I was walking to Trafalgar Square I got myself a 99. My favourite British summer treat! At Trafalgar Square there was a Netherlands festival going on (maybe it was Netherlands Day??) and I wandered about the tents selling chips in a cone, Dutch waffles, and beer. I decided to have a beer. It was a lovely day out and drinking beer outside seemed like a good idea! It was kind of a bad idea, not because anything bad happened, but I was full already and the beer just made me fuller. Crazy full. When I got back home I made myself a salad for dinner, and I couldn't even finish it I was so full! (I ate the rest of it today, it wasn't too soggy, it was alright.) After spending a couple of hours at home (and getting my laundry done!) I went back to the Strand and saw Joseph!! It was AMAZING. I've seen it many times before, but I love it, and this is a new Joseph. A new Narrator too, she was a good singer, but she had too many annoying facial expressions. The new Jospeh (Garreth Gates) was really good. No Lee Mead, but good in his own way. Weird hair though, kind of mullet-y. But I highly enjoyed the show. Yay Andrew Lloyd Webber!

Today I've done nothing but eat more and more food. And am once again stuffed. Tomorrow the diet begins. Well, okay, not a diet, but eating in moderation is necessary!

I think that's pretty much it! Oh, my sister is coming to visit me in less than two weeks! Yay! And we're going to Paris for the night!!! I can't wait!
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I'm on holidays!! Yay! I'm currently in Bristol right now. The rugby (I think a Premiership game - if that makes sense) is on tv and everyone is watching it in the other room. I don't care at all about rugby, so I'm catching up on some emails.

To update:

My birthday day was good. I went to Shazia's house after work and we ate lots of junk food, watched a movie, and chatted. It was a good time!

My parents arrived on Thursday and I had the day off of work. I met them super early at the airport. We met friends (the same ones we're staying with in Bristol) at the train station, then went and met other friends in South Kensington. We drank lots, ate some, went to the V&A for a bit, drank some more, and then said goodbye. My parents went to Bristol for a couple of nights while I worked for two days. But I arrived last night, after work.

We're heading back to London tomorrow morning and are going to tour around a bit. See some sights. Watch a show. Eat some good food. And then on Thursday we're off to Benidorm, Spain for three nights! Yay!! Hopefully it will be warm and sunny and I can wear the sandals my parents brought me!

I think that's pretty much it. I'm sure I'll have lots more to update about in a few days times!
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Thanks to [ profile] scattydove, I am currently sitting very contently in front of the tv watching the Australian Open. Well, it's a replay of Federer's earlier match, so I already know he wins! But it's still fun to watch! Man I love tennis! Watch the Opens always reminds me just how much I love it. I think I really need to make an effort to play more. Perhaps not this summer, but next summer, when I'm home, I should join a club or something. We (we being my family) used to belong to a tennis club, but the last few years we were members, we didn't play much, and the courts were booked every evening with round robins and lessons, there was no free time for us to play! I play in Hilton Head every year, but once or twice a year is not enough! Plus, I always play with my dad and he always beats me!

Oops, Jonathan Ross is about to start and I want to watch! I'll go back to the tennis after! I think it's good Jonathan Ross came back. Sure he screwed up, but I'm glad he was able to accept his suspension and (perhaps) learned from his gaffe. Not like Russell Brand who quit and stamped his feet like a baby. Or so I think anyways. I've never liked Russell Brand anyways. Okay, Tom Cruise is hot! If only he wasn't a psycho...

I've had a really good day today! I was smiling all the way home (not really smiling, because then people would think I'm crazy, but smiling on the inside! You might say there was a bounce to my step!) I love being in a good mood. It feels SO good! And it hasn't ended yet either, so yay! Good mood! Work was good. This morning was some bitching about a manager who came to work in a bad mood (although she was fine by the end of the day) and was bitching at everyone. So we bitched about her! All the while May and I were getting cases of drinks to fill up the drinks cooler by the cash in the gift shop. We sell Vitamin Water (which is overpriced flavour water with added vitamins) and she started pronouncing it vitt-a-mins, as opposed to vite-a-mins, and well you probably had to be there, but we both found in very funny and started giggling! May has a very posh accent, I love it! She's also super nice. In the afternoon we were in wax hands together and at one point it wasn't busy so we decided to have a competition who could make a better wax hand on themselves. After a couple of false starts, it was decided hers was better. My excuse is she's been doing it longer and has had way more practice than me! Then after I was in the gift shop (we rotate positions every day which is good because it breaks up the monotony!) with Emma who I haven't really talked to a lot before. I think she's kind of shy and quiet, and I'm shy, so it takes a while to open up to others. But we started talking more today. Just inane chitchat, but it's better than no chitchat! She wants to a buy a new computer so we were talking about that, and her new flat which she is buying. Which I am so jealous about! Although it's only a part-buy and her parents are helping out a lot. She's only 21, so although it's not her money that's buying her a flat, I'm still jealous that she's going to own her own place! I want to buy my own flat! But in Toronto, not London. So really, I want a condo, not a flat!! ;) Oh, and at the end of my shift, Emma was talking to Lucy (my manager - the one who was a bitch in the morning) about wanting a Yorkie Raisin and Biscuit bar (blech, I hate raisins in chocolate!) and Lucy broke one and gave it to her. And since I was standing right there, she asked if I wanted one, so I took a regular Yorkie bar (plain chocolate). So yay! Free chocolate!!

On my way home, Toronto was featured in London Lite (a free evening paper) as the travel destination! I was flipping through it, waiting for the sports pages (and the tennis news!) and the TTC (a streetcar) is in a picture! The article is lauding Toronto as the new New York and a good place for a glamorous weekend trip. They didn't talk about anything really new to me. A restaurant I never heard of (apparently it's pretty new), one I have heard of (Sassafraz) clothing stores (Over the Rainbow, Holt's), the St. Lawrence Market, the Distillery District, etc.

I came home and was skyping with my mother and we were talking about our nice dinner we're going to when they come (only two and a half weeks now!) And originally we were going to Ebury Wine Bar because we've been before (once back in 1995 - we were going to see Starlight Express at the Apollo Victoria and it was nearby, so we walked in and liked it, and then I also went with my mother in 2000 when we were in London - they serve bread with roasted garlic and it is to die for!! Yum! It's the best part of the meal! The rest of the food was good, not the best I've had, but good all the same) and liked it. But then my mom was talking about going to a fancy place for lunch. She found a list of fancy restaurants doing set lunches for £15-20 and upwards. She wanted to go to Maze Grill (which is part of the Gordon Ramsay restaurants!) and I was looking at the menu, and the dinner a la carte menu isn't too expensive (in comparison to the Ebury Wine Bar - although the wine is significantly more) and I suggested we go there for dinner instead. It's something new and it's Gordon Ramsay!!! How fun! So I made a reservation online and we're going!! Yay! Hopefully it's good. I'm sure it will be though. They have steak with all kind of sauces, so how could it be bad??

Tomorrow I'm going to Borough Market with Jen (who I used to work at Chapters with - she's in London at school, and we're FINALLY getting together!) so that should be fun. Neither of us have been before, but it's a food market, filled with yumminess!!

I hope everyone else is doing well, and is happy!!


Oct. 20th, 2008 11:30 pm
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Omg, I have ONE day left at home before I get on a plane and travel to London, England to live and work for the next year. I'm not totally freaked out, because it still hasn't sunk in yet what I'm doing. Maybe it will when I get on the plane. I haven't really cried either, which kind of surprises me. I said goodbye to my sister tonight. It was sad, but not enough to make me cry. Even saying goodbye to Amanda and Erin didn't make me cry. Hmmm, maybe I'm just a cold-hearted person?! Nah. but I have trouble crying at real-life events. Movies, books, fan fiction, no problem. I cry like there's no tomorrow. But real-life?? I just don't. I dunno...

Anyways, so I've been doing lots this past week. Lots of people to see! Lol! Not really, but I have seen everyone I wanted to see and I've had fun doing it! I should move away more often, people have been treating me so well this past week!! Lol!

On Friday I went out for lunch with Faye. We went to the mall. We ate at A&W and then walked around. We saw Michelle Rowen (one of my favourite authors!) in Zellers but I was too shy to go up to her. I should have. Because I think it would have made her excited to be recognized, but I didn't. Oh well. I still saw her!! On Friday night, I was picked up by Philina and Steve and we headed downtown for my goodbye get together (my kind of party!) Amanda, Jen, and Jessie came out and we went for dinner. We were supposed to be going to the Bier Markt, but there was a really long wait so we went next door to the Scotland Yard and ate dinner there. It was okay. Good company anyways! I then (after two beers and I was perhaps a bit tipsy) decided I wanted to go to Jack Astors for some raspberry twisters and apple pie. I dunno why I didn't think of going there for dinner too. Oh well. So we walked in the cold to Jacks. I had two "jack it up" (ie. double the alcohol) raspberry twisters and then I shared apple pie and chocolate cake with Philina and Steve. It was really fun! Amanda bought my food and drinks at Scotland Yard, and Phil and Steve bought my drinks and dessert at Jack Astors. Which was really nice of everyone!

On Saturday I met Erin and Philina for lunch at Astoria's, a Greek restaurant we all love. We went to the Mississauga one because it's much easier to get to then the Danforth. So, we had a good lunch. Erin bought my lunch. We then went to Cloverdale mall for some cookies and Winners. Again, it was a lot of fun. Erin had to go to work, so we went our separate ways. I met Suzie for tea at Starbucks (Suzie treated me but by this point I wasn't feeling too well - I managed to catch a cold on Friday, grrrr....I'm almost better now though). We chatted lots. Eventually I had to go though. I had lots of laundry to do!

Sunday I did more laundry and bummed around. I didn't do as much as I should have. Today I was organizing all my clothes. Tomorrow I have to pack it all. I probably have too much to do tomorrow. I wish I wasn't such a procrastinator. Oh well.

Tonight I went out with my parents, sister, brother-in-law and my nephew. We went to the Keg, yum!! It was so good! And the waiter gave me a free dessert too! Before we got there, they has asked my sister if we were celebrating any kind of occasion, and she told him I was moving away, so I got free dessert! We got a huge slice of Billy Miner Pie which we all shared. We then went back to my sister's for some wine and Skor squares which she had made for me. Even though I was stuffed, I managed to eat two little ones!! I lent my sister my Wii while I'm gone, so we set it up and played some tennis and bowling. I taught my mom how to bowl, and she wasn't too horrible at it! My sister gave me a webcam as a going away gift! She got one too. So now she can hold up my nephew to the computer and I can still see him! And he can see me too. Yay! She also packed me four Skor squares to take with me. Phil had given me some M&Ms too to take with me. So I can eat candy all the way to London!

Alright, it's late and I want to go to bed. One last sleep in my own bed! Goodnight!
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I think I drank too much last night. All day I've been feeling gross and yucky. Blech. Concentrating on anything seems to make me feel sick. Typing this out might be the end of me! No, I'm just kidding. But this will be short. It was Rosh Hashanah (the Jewish New Year) from Monday night to this morning. So, I've been busy with my family. Monday night we went to my sister's for dinner. Tuesday morning we all went to synagogue (even the baby - although he left halfway through and got fed). The service was NOT good. Ugh. It really disappointed me. Our regular Rabbi (who I love) and has just come back from a 6 month sabbatical, did not lead the regular service. Instead he was leading the family service in the tent, unbeknownst to a lot of people, including me. We got some woman, who is the head of some Jewish organization and a teenager who's older brother (who's now in rabbinical college) used to lead some services. The woman rabbi was not a very good singer, and she skipped, which in my opinion was pretty big parts of the service. And I think she's American and not used to how we run services at Solel. Our official designation is reform, but we kind of border on conservative, and she performed the majority of the service in English, which we do a lot more Hebrew (I feel Americans do a lot more in English). (sidenote: I had to pause my entry last night because I started feeling gross - it's now the next day and I feel back to normal!) Anyways, a lot of people hated the service. So I'm not alone, and it sucked. Boourns. On Tuesday night we had our traditional Rosh Hashanah dinner. We had 17 people this year! Myself, my parents, sister and her husband (and their baby - but he went to sleep early so he doesn't count), my grandmother, my aunt and cousin, a family of four and a family of five. So family and family friends! This is being random I know, I dunno why, I just don't feel like typing out everyone's name. Anyways, the dinner was a lot of fun. There was a "kids" table (the youngest was 24, so not exactly kids anymore!) and the "adult" table (all the parents - we think they should be the old people table!), there was good food, lots of alcohol, and good company! I drank too much and paid the consequences the next day, but if was fun the night of!! Also, my visa has been issued for swap! Yay! So everything is all set now. Also, my aunt said she would call her best friend who lives in London and ask if she needs any help (she does something with film - director, producer? Something like that) with her company. I'm crossing my fingers for that to work out! But I'm not holding my breath, but it would be AMAZING if it did! The top 20 was announced for So You Think You Can Dance Canada. THANKFULLY Emanuel Sandhu was not in it! For those not in the know, he was a national figure skating champion. He went to a couple of Olympics, but I don't think he won any medals. Anyways, he auditioned and I HATED him. He is SO stuck up. And thinks he's the shit because he's a good figure skater. And while he had lots of training in ballet (was was good in that) he was NOT good at all in contemporary. So thankfully, not well rounded enough! My favourite is Allie. She's a ballet dancer too, but she ROCKED at all the choreography!! In her final solo, she danced in a tutu and pointe shoes! Love!!! And she was so good in hip hop too! I hope she goes far! Today I've cleaned more of my room. But it's kind of a slow going process. I dunno, I'm trying, but it's uber boring. I need to get it done though. Tomorrow I need to clean all my corners and shelves, so I can out things on them in order!! I need to focus and not slack! Good night!
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This weekend was really good! On Friday we had a family dinner as my sister was staying over again. We had a yummy dinner and then my sister and I convinced my dad to go out and buy my mom a new desk and bookshelf. He had seen one in a Home Depot flyer that was good. We went to the Home Depot nearest to my house, but they didn't have any in stock (and the sale was only on until Sunday). The only Home Depot in the GTA that had them in stock was in Oakville, about a 15 minute highway drive away. My dad didn't want to go, and said we could go the next morning, but my sister and I convinced him (yet again!) So off we went to Oakville (and for those who live in the GTA, this was Burloak Drive in the new plaza thing there, so not close Oakville, far Oakville, almost Burlington) and found the desk and bookshelf. Loaded them into the car and went home.

The next morning, at around 9:30am my sister made us put the desk together (she's pretty anal and demanding and obsessive - but of course, I love her!) It was complicated (or we're morons - maybe a bit of both) and took us what seems like forever for three of us to put this thing together. It took two and a half hours. By that time I had to go. I got ready, did a few errands, and picked up Amanda for apple picking!! We went to her mother's friend's orchard in Stouffville. It was HUGE, and so picturesque. We picked tons of apples in no time. I ate a couple as well! Yummy! I love freshly picked apples! We then headed back to her place, picking up some treats and dinner on the way! She has Wii Fit, so I got to try that! I wish I could find it to buy it! We made souvlaki (okay, Amanda made souvlaki) for dinner. It was so yummy! I love greek food. I MUST make my way to Greece in the next year. Amanda and I also watched the Sex and the City movie. Again, SO good!!

This morning I tried to sleep in, I sort of did. I slept until 9:30am. During the day on Saturday, after I left, my dad and sister put together the bookshelf and set up the room. So I admired their work in the morning. The room looks really good now!! I hung around at home, in the afternoon I went to Faye's to drop off/pick up a few things. We chatted about her vacation! I came home, watched some football, Liz stopped by and we were all chatting. We made plans for a Buffalo trip in two weeks. Just for the day! For wings at the Anchor Bar!! Yum!!

This week, I have no plans. Except it's Rosh Hashanah (the Jewish new year) on Monday night and Tuesday. I have have have to start organizing and cleaning my room. I want to get it doneby this weekend. I'm also supposed to be meeting Karina for coffee on Thursday afternoon after she's done work. Hopefully I'll hear from Travel Cuts and them telling me they have my passport with my visa in it and to come pick it all all up! It should be ready this week!

Okay I think that's about all. Hope everyone is doing well!!

Movie fun!

Jun. 1st, 2008 07:23 pm
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This weekend has been a lot of fun!

First off, I saw Sex and the City movie on Saturday afternoon. Amanda had a party and a bunch of us (9 girls seeing the movie, 10 for the party part!) went to see the movie and then we all went back to her place for some drinking and eating and gabbing. It was quite fun! We drank cosmos and then ate appetizers. And talked about how fabulous the movie was!!! I won't give anything away or spoil anyone who hasn't seen it yet, but OMG. It was AMAZING!!! I laughed, I cried, and I smiled the entire way through!! I had really high expectations for this movie and it exceeded them which made me ecstatic. I can't wait to see it again!!!

Today I went and saw The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian. Now, since I haven't read the book (I know, I should, one day...I swear!) I didn't know what was going to happen, or the story (although it's pretty self explanatory from the trailer: the four Pevensie are called back to Narnia to help save it from evil once again.) This movie didn't get the most favourable reviews either, some were good, but some were pretty bad, so I wasn't sure what to expect. Except, I loved loved loved the first one and was very excited for the second, and most of the time I don't agree with movie reviews, so I was pretty sure I would love it. And love it I did. I was on the edge of my seat for most of it and I was so enthralled! I want to go to Narnia!!

Yay movies!! I love movies. And the summer is great because so many good movies are coming out!! And I found out if you go to an AMC theatre on Saturday or Sunday morning before noon, it's only $6 to get it! (Versus $12 any other time.) So I saw Narnia at 10:30am this morning. And it's great too because it wasn't crowded. So, I think I may see more movies in the morning on a weekend.

On my way home from the movie, I went to Best Buy and bought myself a new mp3 player. I had been thinking of getting one for quite some time now, and while I wanted to get an ipod, I didn't want to spend the money (because really I wanted the 80 gb classic, but it's $240). So I got a Sony Walkman 4gb mp3 player instead for $99. I figure it's more space than the 512 mb ipod shuffle I have now, and this has a screen so I can see what I'm listening to and search for songs, and it has a built-in radio (which the ipod is lacking - and then if you want radio, you have to buy (ie spend even mroe money) and buy the accessory). And it has a higher battery life. 33 hours of play or so it claims. Anyways, so I'm pleased with it. And I got it in black, so yay!

Tomrrow morning is Jeremy's brit milah. I hope he doesn't scream and that the infant tylenol really does knock him out. I have to "present" him and carry him down the stairs, then pass him to his other godmother (I'm going to be one, and Christine, my sister's sister-in-law is the other) who will pass him to Ryan's brother who is the godfather. Then porr Jeremy gets diced and sliced, and then we all eat breakfast!! I have to wake up crazy early tomorrow 4:30am!!! Insane I tell you!! I better be able to nap in the afternoon before I have to go to work!

Oh, and I have to say, I LOVE this song. So good!!

I hope everyone is doing well!
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I have a nephew!!! Jeremy Thomas was born this morning and is the cutest thing!! He weighs 7lbs 5 oz. I'm not sure his mength or anything but he seems really small to me! He is very adorable!! Little nose, little ears, tiny hands and feet. Awwww, I'm in love!!


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May. 25th, 2008 11:12 am
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Which Fantasy/SciFi Character Are You?

And an update! )
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Look! I have a pretty layout! Made by the amazing [ profile] sunlitdays. And she was super nice and personalized it for me! Now it's even more special. *pets layout*

So tonight was the first night of Passover. My week of matzah has begun. Ugh. And I had to spend time with the family tonight, and more tomorrow. Tonight wasn't too horrible though. We went to my aunt's house for the seder. She invited her good friends Ron and Bev (who aren't Jewish, but we made them participate anyways!) whom I've met a few times before. Anyways, myself, my sister, my bro-inlaw, my aunt and Ron were sitting in the family room after dinner and chatting, and it made me realize how much more special friends are then family. Of course family is special and important. But there's nothing like a bond between two best friends. Ron and my aunt were talking, and Ron was teasing her about something, and the smile on her face as we were all chuckling was so bright and so adoring. One doesn't get the same look when chatting with family. Friends are whom you share everything with. And you don't necessarily do the same with family. At least I don't, and I know my aunt doesn't. My friends are the ones who know most everything about me, and who I trust the most. Sure I love my family, but I cherish my friends.

Anyways, I also realized I know a lot about London. Well how to get around and stuff. A family friend is going to London and she asked me how to get from the airport to my friend Hilary's house (who I stayed with when I went in February). Although why she asked me and not Hilary....who knows? But I answered anyways. I didn't know the answer from memory because she's flying into Stansted airport and I've never flown into there. But I knew exactly where to go to look it up, and when I wanted to compare the difference in price between the Stasted Express and a National Rail train, I knew where ot look that up too. I know it doesn't seem that hard, but most people (here anyways) wouldn't know. Or they'd be googling forever. And now that I'm typing all this out, it kind of seems stupid, but I felt proud before dammit!

And on that note, I think it's about time to end this. I hope everyone is doing well!!
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Look what I made: (Faye got this for me for Hanukkah! Thanks Faye!!)


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