Jan. 23rd, 2009

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Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] scattydove, I am currently sitting very contently in front of the tv watching the Australian Open. Well, it's a replay of Federer's earlier match, so I already know he wins! But it's still fun to watch! Man I love tennis! Watch the Opens always reminds me just how much I love it. I think I really need to make an effort to play more. Perhaps not this summer, but next summer, when I'm home, I should join a club or something. We (we being my family) used to belong to a tennis club, but the last few years we were members, we didn't play much, and the courts were booked every evening with round robins and lessons, there was no free time for us to play! I play in Hilton Head every year, but once or twice a year is not enough! Plus, I always play with my dad and he always beats me!

Oops, Jonathan Ross is about to start and I want to watch! I'll go back to the tennis after! I think it's good Jonathan Ross came back. Sure he screwed up, but I'm glad he was able to accept his suspension and (perhaps) learned from his gaffe. Not like Russell Brand who quit and stamped his feet like a baby. Or so I think anyways. I've never liked Russell Brand anyways. Okay, Tom Cruise is hot! If only he wasn't a psycho...

I've had a really good day today! I was smiling all the way home (not really smiling, because then people would think I'm crazy, but smiling on the inside! You might say there was a bounce to my step!) I love being in a good mood. It feels SO good! And it hasn't ended yet either, so yay! Good mood! Work was good. This morning was some bitching about a manager who came to work in a bad mood (although she was fine by the end of the day) and was bitching at everyone. So we bitched about her! All the while May and I were getting cases of drinks to fill up the drinks cooler by the cash in the gift shop. We sell Vitamin Water (which is overpriced flavour water with added vitamins) and she started pronouncing it vitt-a-mins, as opposed to vite-a-mins, and well you probably had to be there, but we both found in very funny and started giggling! May has a very posh accent, I love it! She's also super nice. In the afternoon we were in wax hands together and at one point it wasn't busy so we decided to have a competition who could make a better wax hand on themselves. After a couple of false starts, it was decided hers was better. My excuse is she's been doing it longer and has had way more practice than me! Then after I was in the gift shop (we rotate positions every day which is good because it breaks up the monotony!) with Emma who I haven't really talked to a lot before. I think she's kind of shy and quiet, and I'm shy, so it takes a while to open up to others. But we started talking more today. Just inane chitchat, but it's better than no chitchat! She wants to a buy a new computer so we were talking about that, and her new flat which she is buying. Which I am so jealous about! Although it's only a part-buy and her parents are helping out a lot. She's only 21, so although it's not her money that's buying her a flat, I'm still jealous that she's going to own her own place! I want to buy my own flat! But in Toronto, not London. So really, I want a condo, not a flat!! ;) Oh, and at the end of my shift, Emma was talking to Lucy (my manager - the one who was a bitch in the morning) about wanting a Yorkie Raisin and Biscuit bar (blech, I hate raisins in chocolate!) and Lucy broke one and gave it to her. And since I was standing right there, she asked if I wanted one, so I took a regular Yorkie bar (plain chocolate). So yay! Free chocolate!!

On my way home, Toronto was featured in London Lite (a free evening paper) as the travel destination! I was flipping through it, waiting for the sports pages (and the tennis news!) and the TTC (a streetcar) is in a picture! The article is lauding Toronto as the new New York and a good place for a glamorous weekend trip. They didn't talk about anything really new to me. A restaurant I never heard of (apparently it's pretty new), one I have heard of (Sassafraz) clothing stores (Over the Rainbow, Holt's), the St. Lawrence Market, the Distillery District, etc.

I came home and was skyping with my mother and we were talking about our nice dinner we're going to when they come (only two and a half weeks now!) And originally we were going to Ebury Wine Bar because we've been before (once back in 1995 - we were going to see Starlight Express at the Apollo Victoria and it was nearby, so we walked in and liked it, and then I also went with my mother in 2000 when we were in London - they serve bread with roasted garlic and it is to die for!! Yum! It's the best part of the meal! The rest of the food was good, not the best I've had, but good all the same) and liked it. But then my mom was talking about going to a fancy place for lunch. She found a list of fancy restaurants doing set lunches for £15-20 and upwards. She wanted to go to Maze Grill (which is part of the Gordon Ramsay restaurants!) and I was looking at the menu, and the dinner a la carte menu isn't too expensive (in comparison to the Ebury Wine Bar - although the wine is significantly more) and I suggested we go there for dinner instead. It's something new and it's Gordon Ramsay!!! How fun! So I made a reservation online and we're going!! Yay! Hopefully it's good. I'm sure it will be though. They have steak with all kind of sauces, so how could it be bad??

Tomorrow I'm going to Borough Market with Jen (who I used to work at Chapters with - she's in London at school, and we're FINALLY getting together!) so that should be fun. Neither of us have been before, but it's a food market, filled with yumminess!!

I hope everyone else is doing well, and is happy!!


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