Nov. 20th, 2009

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It's the last day of training class! Woot! Thank goodness. Though I will miss all the game playing and not doing any real work. Next week I'm on the phones. Providing tech support for people with internet issues. Heh. Yeah, I'm totally serious. What do I know about the internet you ask? Not much, but I suppose I'll learn. Or ask all the tech guys (who have had formal training in this) around me. Or something.

I reapplied to Air Miles yesterday and today I left a voicemail for one of the managers there. We'll see if I hear anything. I think I will persue this though. It pays more for one. And I'll be more comfortable there. Here I don't know what I'm doing, which is going to lead to a lot of nervousness and stress.

I did get my first paycheque from Minacs. A whopping $395. It was only for one week of work. But it won't be that much more when it's two weeks. For one, there was no tax taken off (because I didn't earn enough money) but tax will come off next time. So I won't even get double. I saw some other guy's paycheque, and he made $713. Oy.

So tonight I'm taking my parents out for dinner. Since I got paid. And they always take me out, so it's time to repay the favour! We're going to Cagneys in Streetsville, we like the caesar salad and ribs there. Yum!

Happy weekend everyone!!


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