Feb. 1st, 2009


Feb. 1st, 2009 10:14 pm
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You know, it's only the third set in the men's final of the Australian Open (yes, it's only a replay (stupid work), I already know that Nadal wins). But I'm reading some of the articles about Federer and him crying during the trophy ceremony, and I'm already crying!! How sad am I?? Imagine how I'll be when I actually see it!!

I'm also kind of tipsy after having only one beer. Again, how sad am I??? However, I'd like to state, I'm not drunk. At all. Just lightheaded!! And well, kind of sleepy. Maybe the yummy raspberry beer was a mistake when I have to stay up and watch tennis? ;)

Oh, and a work complaint. I've decided I hate (okay, hate might be too strong, let's say highly dislike) working weekends. I don't like the weekend people. They're nice enough, but they're SO fucking lazy and useless!! They don't have any respect for the place. Or so it seems. I like the full time people a lot better. They disappear when it's busy and leave me all by myself on the tills in the gift shop when there's a huge queue of people! Grrrr. Plus most of them are young (they only work weekends, so they're all in school, usually high school, I haven't talked to all of them, so maybe some are in university, but they seem and act young). And it's super busy all the time and because the weekend people suck and steal money, we have to work the same position all day and we don't get to rotate. So today I was stuck in the busy gift shop all fucking day. Bah! Alright, I'm done complaining now though.
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I've decided deuce really annoys me. Since it can go on and on and on. Who decided you needed to win by two anyways?? However, I do not feel the same way about the fifth set final. That somehow makes more sense winning by two, then deuce does.

Also, I posed this question to [livejournal.com profile] scattydove on facebook, but I shall pose it here as well. If Roger Federer is in just as good of shape as Rafael Nadal, why does Rafa look 1000 times better shirtless than Roger?? I literally swoon when Nadal takes his shirt off, yet I completely prefer Federer with his shirt on (and yes, I swoon when he puts his shirt back on! Lol!)


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