Dec. 26th, 2008

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I had a very lovely Christmas this year! Not that it's ever not good, but it was different this year and I was a tad apprehensive about it. I went to Bristol to some family friends. I went late on Christmas Eve, I arrived around 11pm and Andy and Teresa (the friends I was staying with - they're my parents age) were there waiting for me at the train station! We went back to their house, sat around for a little bit and then went to bed. Their oldest son (they have three - 24, 26, and 28) was there and he had spent the entire day at the pub and was more than a little wasted. We chatted, but then he asked me the same questions the next morning, so clearly he remembered nothing from the night before! Lol! Christmas morning I woke up around 9-ish, got dressed and ate some toast. Chatted with Brian (the eldest son) until other people arrived. Richard (the youngest son - the middle one is in Thailand on holidays) and his girlfriend Becky arrived with Teresa's mother. The her next door neighbour (who's 91 and AMAZING, I want to be like her if I live that long!) and her grandson and his fiance (who are here on holiday from Australia) came and we opened gifts and drank champagne. I got a scarf and some hair products from Andy and Teresa. A bath set from Teresa's mother, and a box of chocolates from her neighbour. It was very nice of them all! Then we went to the pub for a couple of pints, which is totally a British thing and something people would never do in Canada, so it was very fun for me to do! Then we went back and stuffed ourselves on Christmas dinner. It was all very very good, except for the pudding which I found gross. I didn't say that, and I tried to choke most of it down, but I blech, yuck! Christmas dinner consisted of turkey, stuffing, sausages, gammon (that's just ham right? It tasted like just ham), two different types of potatoes, and lots of veg. Very yummy! Then came Christmas pudding, and let me reiterate, yuck! I guess I can now say I've had traditional British Christmas pudding. But I think I could have lived without it. I prefer something chocolate-y thanks, no weird fruitcake-type thing for me. Although, it's not fruitcake, but I imagine it's what fruitcake would taste like, except this was warmer. With a strong brandy sauce. I guess it's an acquired taste, because they all loved it! By this time I was also really drunk. I was drunk after the pub where I had two pints of beer (after my two glasses of champagne beforehand). I then had two glasses of white wine during dinner. After pudding we had cheese and biscuits and some yummy chocolates too. MUCH better than the pudding! Although I was close to bursting by this point. We sat around the table for awhile and chatted. Eventually everyone went home and I watched tv for the rest of the evening. Around 9pm I was no longer full and had a turkey sandwich. Yum! I went to bed eventually and woke up again around 9-ish. I read for awhile, then showered and got dressed. Teresa cooked a very yummy full breakfast. Eggs, sausages, bacon, mushrooms and toast. So good! She cooked everything in a vat of butter, so perhaps that's why everything tasted so delicious! But yum! We then sat around the tv and watched movies and ate chocolate (the chocolate I brought from Bruges - more on that trip later - the chocolate was SO good. I want to go back and buy more!) We had a late lunch/early dinner before I had to catch my coach back to London. Some cold turkey, ham, sausage rolls, marinated artichokes, coleslaw, salad, and cheese. Again, so good! I now need to not eat for a week to work off my two days in Bristol! Then I caught a Megabus back to London. The train in infinitely more comfortable than the bus. Remind me not to take one again. It's too cramped and I couldn't stretch my legs. Plus it was full and there was someone next to me. But I'm back now, and I've spoken to my family and am ready to go to bed!

I was reading online before people moaning about their crap Christmas and crap gifts they got (really they're just selfish and ungrateful) and I was reminded about what a great holiday season I've had despite not being near my family! They sent really nice gifts. I have one at the post office waiting for me to pick up too (I think it's from Amanda, which makes me super excited to get!) My parents got me the Narnia dvd, a DS game I asked for, and gloves for Hannukah. They also then sent me Hanukkah gelt separately because they forgot it in the first package. So they paid $7 in postage to send me $2 worth of gelt. But I did appreciate it! Although the first ones I tried (there were two brands of gelt) were not good chocolate. I haven't eaten the other ones yet, hopefully they'll be better. It's still Hanukkah, so I have time! My sister sent me a gift card to Dorothy Perkins which made me completely happy and touched! Because we don't have the store in Canada and she thought enough ahead to order it online and had it sent to her and then she mailed it to me! And she sent me this Stampin' Up calendar thing I had said I wanted. Now I just have to put it together!

Alright, I'm tired and off to bed! Happy Holidays everyone!!


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