Jul. 6th, 2008

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Wow! That was a GREAT Wimbledon final. I feel like I've been watching tennis all day....oh wait, that's because I have! Lol! Between rain delays, commercial breaks, the warm-ups, and not to mention the actual play, the Wimbledon Men's final was on for seven and a half hours. That's a loooooong time. I did go out for about two and a half hours to meet friends for lunch. But the rest of the time, I was watching tennis. And it was great! Originally I wanted Rafael Nadal to win because I thought Roger Federer had had his chance in the spotlight and it was time to give someone else a chance. I do like both of them. This was before the match started. Then the match started and I remembered how much I actually love Federer. He's such an amazing player. And so gracious and seems like a really nice guy. Not that Nadal isn't, but I like Federer more. So I stated rooting for Federer. I feel bad for him now. He seemed so sad, so dejected. John McEnroe said he cut his interview with him short because it looked like he was about to cry! But he was so gracious during the trophy ceremony. He has such good sportsmanship. Nadal does as well. I started tearing up during it, all the emotion from both of them made me cry!! I am happy Nadal won. He deserved it. They both played phenomenally well today, but Nadal managed to pull off the win and congratulations to him!

I realized I need a tennis icon. Or two. Or three. My cellphone wallpaper is now of Roger and Rafa holding the trophies. Yay!

Also, in tennis news, Daniel Nestor won the Men's Doubles final yesterday!! Yay!!! I didn't get the see it (because I was out watching Get Smart - what a great movie! So hilarious! I love Steve Carrell!) but I saw the recap in the news. He now has his career Grand Slam. And he has a gold medal from the Olympics. Maybe he'll even get a second one in a few weeks. I was really happy he won. He's Canada's best tennis player, and he's not finished his career yet!

So, I've decided I definitely want to go to Wimbledon next year. I can't actually start planning it, because I need to fgure out a new job first and then arrange the time off. However, I think I'll go for about 8-9 days. If I can manage more, I will definitely go for more and go somewhere else in Europe as well. But, I'd like to be in London for Canada Day and go to the big celebration in Trafalger Square. And of course see one, maybe two (if I can pull it off) days at Wimbledon. I need to find out if I can, but I think I'll enter the draw for tickets and see what happens.

I'm coming off my tennis high now. It feels like it should be super late at night. But it's only 5:10pm. What should I do with myself now?!


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