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marciadanielle ([personal profile] marciadanielle) wrote2009-06-18 11:00 pm
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So much for going to bed early...

So I've decided I love both the Royal Mail and Canada Post. They are so so so quick! Snail mail forever! Lol! I sent a package to my Dad for Fathers Day, I sent it Monday and it already got there today. Which is only 4 days later. I swear it takes just as long to send a package within Canada as it does to send one overseas. So maybe it's just Royal Mail that I love?? But it's thanks to Canada Post too, because they have to receive it and then process it and then deliver it. Remember the days (of Yore) when it took two-three weeks to send something (like a Christmas card for example) overseas. Now it takes just a few days. Amazing.

I should also update. Thanks for those that asked about my grandmother. While she's not super dandy, she's not seriously ill and really it was just the way my mother sent the email that made me panic. And not to mention the fact that my mother never bothered emailing me back to let me know everything is okay. So no emergency flights back to Canada. Which means....

(almost) TWO MORE DAYS UNTIL WIMBLEDON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! I cannot wait!! I went and got a camping mat last night!!