Dec. 13th, 2008 11:00 pm
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Woo hoo!! So very pleased with the results!!!

But can we please dispense with all the crying now?

Now I'm off to download Hallelujah!!

ETA: It turns out I can't download the song until tomorrow. Huh. Well, tomorrow is here soon enough!


Dec. 13th, 2008 09:11 pm
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Man, I love the X Factor!!! I think even more than American Idol. Simon seems nicer on this. Maybe it's just me, but he does. I have come to a conclusion about that though. More a bit later on. First, the X Factor. OMG amazing!! All the performances were SO good tonight!! I loved it!

I'll cut for spoilers! )

Alright, my conclusions with Simon's niceness on British tv. I think it's Fox's fault. Well partly anyways. I was watching a cooking show with Gordon Ramsay last night. Gok Wan was his guest star too! It was cooking a three course meal in an hour. And apparently it was live. It's a series, and I missed the other ones, I think last night was the final episode, so I'm glad I caught it! It was really good! And Gordon Ramsay was very nice! Sure he swears a lot, but he wasn't downright mean. Not like he is on Hell's Kitchen. And it occurred to me, it's a Fox show. American Idol is a Fox show. I think Fox tells them to be mean and nasty, more so than usual. So they can promote the mean-ness and get more viewers. I like people better when they're nice. So boo to Fox for only thinking about their ratings and not the perception and persona they're giving these people.

Anyways, that's my two cents.

Now onto more tv!!
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Ugh. I  am so disgusted with the British voting public right now. Well, those who were willing to spend money to vote anyways. This is American Idol all over again.

I CANNOT believe Ruth was voted off. And I CANNOT believe Diana is still in it. She better not win. That's all I have to say.
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But it's about tv again. Can you tell what I've been doing all day??

So I'm now watching the results show for the X Factor. I love that its an hour later, and not the next day. Almost instant results!

I really hope Diana gets the boot. I haven't liked her since I started watching it (which I haven't seen since the beginning, This is only my third episode that I've seen!) I just don't think she's good enough. She has a distinctive voice, and sometimes it sounds good, but most of the time she sounds out of tune to me. Obviously I'm no expert, but I wouldn't vote for her.

(Sidenote: What's with the 0900 numbers to vote? Or whatever they are, why do they make people pay to vote? I get that it's to make money, but it would be better if they are 0800 numbers instead.)

Okay Britney Spears is on. You can tell she's not singing. I don't get her. It would be better if she didn't sound so great, but yet we knew she was singing live, rather than her sounding the EXACT same as she does on the cd (digitalized voice and all) and lip synching. Her performance wasn't quite as bad as the MTV music awards from two years ago (she's obviously been practicing her lip synching!) but it wasn't good. She needs to learn (again) how to sing live. She used to sing live. I can remember her sounding not so great live. So I don't know what happened. She did look better this time than at the MTV awards.

My favourites are Alexandra (really who couldn't love her? She's amazing!) and Eoghan (is that how you spell it?) He wasn't great this week, maybe because I haven't seen High School Musical, so his second song did absolutely nothing for me. But last week he was so amazing, I can overlook this week!

So either Diana, or JLS should go. In my opinion anyways!


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