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It's the last day of training class! Woot! Thank goodness. Though I will miss all the game playing and not doing any real work. Next week I'm on the phones. Providing tech support for people with internet issues. Heh. Yeah, I'm totally serious. What do I know about the internet you ask? Not much, but I suppose I'll learn. Or ask all the tech guys (who have had formal training in this) around me. Or something.

I reapplied to Air Miles yesterday and today I left a voicemail for one of the managers there. We'll see if I hear anything. I think I will persue this though. It pays more for one. And I'll be more comfortable there. Here I don't know what I'm doing, which is going to lead to a lot of nervousness and stress.

I did get my first paycheque from Minacs. A whopping $395. It was only for one week of work. But it won't be that much more when it's two weeks. For one, there was no tax taken off (because I didn't earn enough money) but tax will come off next time. So I won't even get double. I saw some other guy's paycheque, and he made $713. Oy.

So tonight I'm taking my parents out for dinner. Since I got paid. And they always take me out, so it's time to repay the favour! We're going to Cagneys in Streetsville, we like the caesar salad and ribs there. Yum!

Happy weekend everyone!!
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I have literally sat here doing NOTHING (except playing games - I am officially sick of Bloons) for the past hour and a half. While I do appreciate getting paid to do nothing, I am BORED. And this is POINTLESS. Send us home (paid of course!) if we're not going to do anything.

Also, I can access Dreamwidth, but not Livejournal (it's blocked, along with many other sites). I find it weird that Dreamwidth isn't blocked, but maybe it's too new??

And final point, I'm not going to get the highest mark in this class. I can tell. Not that I'm not smart (and lots of others are dumb), but I've messed up on our first quiz and didn't get 100%, and I know a bunch of other people did, since they all cheat and tell each other the answers. Which bothers me. Do your own fucking work!!

And I shall log out for now...hope everyone is well!


Apr. 30th, 2009 12:22 am
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Okay, so I was hit on today by a guy who works in the canteen at work (read: he's a low-paid cafeteria worker, who I don't think is even one of the cooks, he washes dishes), now not to knock menial labour, because I, myself, partake in low-end labour, but I feel I'm better than that. This guy is from Nigeria and whenever I'm chatted up by an African male my defenses immediately go up. Maybe this is unfair, maybe it's being racist, but I feel these guys here the North American accent and it doesn't matter if I'm from Canada or America, they see it as an opportunity. Maybe this is just me. I find the whole flirting thing really fake. For example, this guy says to me, can I get to know you better and he wants to add me to facebook. I say sure, because there's nothing on there that's really confidential. He sends me a pm and starts off saying "Hey sexy". Ummm, hello? I am not sexy. Pretty perhaps, cute maybe, but not sexy. I'm overweight and dumpy looking, especially since he's only ever seen me in my unflattering Madame Tussauds red t-shirt and black trousers. Anyways, this kind of interaction creeps me out. I have not added him back to facebook yet, and am debating whether I should.

That part aside, I've had a lot of fun with work people the past few days! Oh! Before I get into the guy I like at work (who doesn't creep me out) totally flirted with me today...well, at least it could be construed as flirting. I like to think it's flirting. It made me happy! :)

Again, the top part of this post aside, I am so thankful for getting the Madame Tussauds job. It's allowed me to make real friends in London, and without I would be a thousand times more lonely!

This past Saturday I went to a girl at work's (Emma) housewarming/birthday party at her new flat. Since I had to work the next morning, I had planned on having two glasses of wine max and then heading home around 11-11:30pm. And then we started playing this drinking game which consisted of us moving a game piece around a board and taking tons of shots. So then I got quite drunk (there's evidence of this on facebook!) and ended up crashing at her flat and getting next to no sleep and being EXHAUSTED whilst working the next day! Oh well! It was totally worth it. I had an amazing time!!

Tonight, I went to a pub in Camden to hear a guy's band. The guy is Al who I also work with (he's young though, only 19! Although you wouldn't know it by talking to him, he seems pretty mature - and he's quite cute!!) I knew he was in a band and I wanted to see one of his gigs, so I've asked him before to tell me when his next London one is. Well, he told me today it was tonight. But it wasn't until 9:40pm, so I had time to go home after work and change and then still make it in plenty of time. I met Rachel there (yes, I called her, it seemed like her kind of thing, and I felt guilty because I semi-cancelled on her on Monday - semi because we never had definite plans, and never followed through, but cancelled because I never told her I was doing something else) anyways, it was fine, we didn't hang out for long since I have to work tomorrow morning. But Al's band was really good! Not really my kind of music (a bit too hard rock for my tastes) but they are talented, and I did enjoy them. So I would listen to their album because I know Al, but I would never buy it in a shop. But regardless, I had fun and am really glad I went! Plus, Al's so cute!! It's funny seeing him on stage though. Plus, him (and all of his bandmates) get REALLY into the songs and it's funny! Another guy from work, Jason, was also there with his girlfriend.

Tomorrow night I told Rachel I would go see a show at the Globe theatre with her. It's Romeo and Juliet, it's only £5 but it's standing room only. So I'd be at the back, standing. I don't know if I'm going to go. I want to go because I've never been to the Globe before, and I want to go see a show there, but I'm pretty tired and kind of want to spend the evening at home, watching American Idol. I don't know! What do you think???

Oh! And my sister is arriving on Saturday for her visit! Yayayayay! I'm really excited! I've been planning out our time together!!

ETA: Yeah, I could barely open my eyes this morning, so there's no way I can go to work and then STAND for 2.5 hours watching Shakespeare. Lazy night at home it is! I'll go to the Globe some other time and stand and watch a play.
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I realized I didn't post about work in the previous post. So, a work update!

So I had a "one-on one" with a manager on Saturday. Which kind of annoyed me, because I had it with the weekend manager who I only work with every other weekend, as opposed to a manager I see every day. I feel the weekend manager doesn't know me as well as the others do. Whatever, obviously it went fine. What's funny is the only thing they told me to work on was to interact more with the customers. Ha! They're preaching to the choir here. Building rapport was what I got told to do time and time again at Air Miles. Which I never did. Because I absolutely HATE idle chit chat with strangers. It makes me feel really uncomfortable. I know it doesn't make much sense, but I can't help it. I've never been one to have random conversations. I wish I could, but I can't. Anyways, they also wanted to know where I saw my future and if it was with Madame Tussauds. Well, I lied and said I would love to stay with MT if the right opportunity came along (ie. in the office). Oh, I did also mention the whole visa thing, and he said he would check if MT would sponsor someone for a permanent visa. It doesn't really matter, since I want to go home and not live in London for the rest of my life. But, I don't want them to know that right now.

Now, I could rant about how dumb and stupid some people are (read: TOURISTS) but I can't be bothered. But suffice to say, I deal with the dumbest people on a daily basis. It's annoying.

The end.


Feb. 1st, 2009 10:14 pm
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You know, it's only the third set in the men's final of the Australian Open (yes, it's only a replay (stupid work), I already know that Nadal wins). But I'm reading some of the articles about Federer and him crying during the trophy ceremony, and I'm already crying!! How sad am I?? Imagine how I'll be when I actually see it!!

I'm also kind of tipsy after having only one beer. Again, how sad am I??? However, I'd like to state, I'm not drunk. At all. Just lightheaded!! And well, kind of sleepy. Maybe the yummy raspberry beer was a mistake when I have to stay up and watch tennis? ;)

Oh, and a work complaint. I've decided I hate (okay, hate might be too strong, let's say highly dislike) working weekends. I don't like the weekend people. They're nice enough, but they're SO fucking lazy and useless!! They don't have any respect for the place. Or so it seems. I like the full time people a lot better. They disappear when it's busy and leave me all by myself on the tills in the gift shop when there's a huge queue of people! Grrrr. Plus most of them are young (they only work weekends, so they're all in school, usually high school, I haven't talked to all of them, so maybe some are in university, but they seem and act young). And it's super busy all the time and because the weekend people suck and steal money, we have to work the same position all day and we don't get to rotate. So today I was stuck in the busy gift shop all fucking day. Bah! Alright, I'm done complaining now though.
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Thanks to [ profile] scattydove, I am currently sitting very contently in front of the tv watching the Australian Open. Well, it's a replay of Federer's earlier match, so I already know he wins! But it's still fun to watch! Man I love tennis! Watch the Opens always reminds me just how much I love it. I think I really need to make an effort to play more. Perhaps not this summer, but next summer, when I'm home, I should join a club or something. We (we being my family) used to belong to a tennis club, but the last few years we were members, we didn't play much, and the courts were booked every evening with round robins and lessons, there was no free time for us to play! I play in Hilton Head every year, but once or twice a year is not enough! Plus, I always play with my dad and he always beats me!

Oops, Jonathan Ross is about to start and I want to watch! I'll go back to the tennis after! I think it's good Jonathan Ross came back. Sure he screwed up, but I'm glad he was able to accept his suspension and (perhaps) learned from his gaffe. Not like Russell Brand who quit and stamped his feet like a baby. Or so I think anyways. I've never liked Russell Brand anyways. Okay, Tom Cruise is hot! If only he wasn't a psycho...

I've had a really good day today! I was smiling all the way home (not really smiling, because then people would think I'm crazy, but smiling on the inside! You might say there was a bounce to my step!) I love being in a good mood. It feels SO good! And it hasn't ended yet either, so yay! Good mood! Work was good. This morning was some bitching about a manager who came to work in a bad mood (although she was fine by the end of the day) and was bitching at everyone. So we bitched about her! All the while May and I were getting cases of drinks to fill up the drinks cooler by the cash in the gift shop. We sell Vitamin Water (which is overpriced flavour water with added vitamins) and she started pronouncing it vitt-a-mins, as opposed to vite-a-mins, and well you probably had to be there, but we both found in very funny and started giggling! May has a very posh accent, I love it! She's also super nice. In the afternoon we were in wax hands together and at one point it wasn't busy so we decided to have a competition who could make a better wax hand on themselves. After a couple of false starts, it was decided hers was better. My excuse is she's been doing it longer and has had way more practice than me! Then after I was in the gift shop (we rotate positions every day which is good because it breaks up the monotony!) with Emma who I haven't really talked to a lot before. I think she's kind of shy and quiet, and I'm shy, so it takes a while to open up to others. But we started talking more today. Just inane chitchat, but it's better than no chitchat! She wants to a buy a new computer so we were talking about that, and her new flat which she is buying. Which I am so jealous about! Although it's only a part-buy and her parents are helping out a lot. She's only 21, so although it's not her money that's buying her a flat, I'm still jealous that she's going to own her own place! I want to buy my own flat! But in Toronto, not London. So really, I want a condo, not a flat!! ;) Oh, and at the end of my shift, Emma was talking to Lucy (my manager - the one who was a bitch in the morning) about wanting a Yorkie Raisin and Biscuit bar (blech, I hate raisins in chocolate!) and Lucy broke one and gave it to her. And since I was standing right there, she asked if I wanted one, so I took a regular Yorkie bar (plain chocolate). So yay! Free chocolate!!

On my way home, Toronto was featured in London Lite (a free evening paper) as the travel destination! I was flipping through it, waiting for the sports pages (and the tennis news!) and the TTC (a streetcar) is in a picture! The article is lauding Toronto as the new New York and a good place for a glamorous weekend trip. They didn't talk about anything really new to me. A restaurant I never heard of (apparently it's pretty new), one I have heard of (Sassafraz) clothing stores (Over the Rainbow, Holt's), the St. Lawrence Market, the Distillery District, etc.

I came home and was skyping with my mother and we were talking about our nice dinner we're going to when they come (only two and a half weeks now!) And originally we were going to Ebury Wine Bar because we've been before (once back in 1995 - we were going to see Starlight Express at the Apollo Victoria and it was nearby, so we walked in and liked it, and then I also went with my mother in 2000 when we were in London - they serve bread with roasted garlic and it is to die for!! Yum! It's the best part of the meal! The rest of the food was good, not the best I've had, but good all the same) and liked it. But then my mom was talking about going to a fancy place for lunch. She found a list of fancy restaurants doing set lunches for £15-20 and upwards. She wanted to go to Maze Grill (which is part of the Gordon Ramsay restaurants!) and I was looking at the menu, and the dinner a la carte menu isn't too expensive (in comparison to the Ebury Wine Bar - although the wine is significantly more) and I suggested we go there for dinner instead. It's something new and it's Gordon Ramsay!!! How fun! So I made a reservation online and we're going!! Yay! Hopefully it's good. I'm sure it will be though. They have steak with all kind of sauces, so how could it be bad??

Tomorrow I'm going to Borough Market with Jen (who I used to work at Chapters with - she's in London at school, and we're FINALLY getting together!) so that should be fun. Neither of us have been before, but it's a food market, filled with yumminess!!

I hope everyone else is doing well, and is happy!!
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So some sad news. It turns out my new crush at work is gay. So sad. :( He's totally not overtly gay, and apparently a ton of people are crushed about it. So the word is! So now I'm back to ground zero....I want a guy!

So, work is going well. The actual work is kind of boring, but the people are nice and that totally makes it a lot better! The management is how good management is supposed to be. All the retail managers are really nice. They always ask me how I'm getting on and if I have any questions, and they're just genuinely friendly. The people I work with, for the most part, are nice and friendly. Some are super nice, some are not. There's a couple of people that aren't really friendly. Maybe they'll get more friendly, who knows. Enough people are friendly, that I'm not bothered! I went out this evening with two (nice obviously) girls from work. They're younger than me, and it makes me feel old! But they're nice. We just hung out for a bit after work. It was nice to be social! And I got invited to celebratory drinks for someone who just got promoted to a manager next week, which is nice! Especially because I've heard people talking about it, and them not really telling me, but now they have! So I'm starting to feel more part of it, and part of the "team". I understand people don't always want to welcome new people in right away, especially for this things outside of work. I totally get that, because I've been in the other situation lots of times. New people come to work where established groups are already there and they have to squeeze their way in. But it can happen, and hopefully will happen, and continue to happen to me!

I really need my paycheque though! I am so skint! It really sucks. I need to find a way to get more money. Make more money. I dunno. But something. I've been trying not to spend money, and I've been pretty successful, but this weekend I'm going to the Borough Market with a girl I used to work at Chapters with (so we're talking quite a ways back - she's here for a year of school) and I know I'll want to spend money there. So I shall take out the very last of my Canadian money and try to survive on that for as long as I possibly can. I'm hoping at least two weeks. Hopefully they won't take off a ton of taxes, and I'll get a decent pay! I am worried about my money situation though. I'm just trying not to worry about it too much.

Alright, I'm rambling, so I'll end this. Later gators!


Jan. 12th, 2009 09:34 pm
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Woo hoo! ITV2 shows American Idol!! I won't have to miss it! And it's on only two days later than it is in Canada/USA. So, as long as my mother keeps her mouth shut, I won't know who made it to the finals/who got kicked off. It starts Thursday!!

I'm currently watching an abbreviated Golden Globes on Sky1. The Golden Globes are my favourite awards show. Love them! So I'm glad to see a small part of them. I'm missing all the shticks that the presenters do, but I get to see the outfits and acceptance speeches. Alright, well it's over now. Why is there a +1 (also known as time shifting by one hour) of every station BUT Sky??? Grrr. I missed the beginning, but I guess it's so sad too bad for me.

So, I had my first real shift today. It was alright. People are relatively nice. People actually say hi when you pass them in the hall (which I find SO weird since this is LONDON. But it is a nice change!) However, one thing, and maybe I just need to get over it. I started at 8:30am. I got there around 8:20am, found Jason (who was a guy in my induction who's working in retail with me) who got there the same time. We went to security and they said they would call someone. We waited. Then we waited some more. After about 15 minutes some guy comes down and leads us upstairs to the canteen. We wait for another 10 minutes or so, and then the trainer (her name is Ann) comes and finds us. We get started, get uniforms, etc. We learn how to use the tills and spend the rest of the day there. Ann is okay as a trainer, kind of flakey, and rambly and could be better. But she's nice and friendly. The thing that bothered me (muchly, because I can't seem to let it go) was she said since we technically didn't start until 9am, we would stay until 5:40pm (shifts are 8 hours 40 minutes). Which was SO NOT FAIR! It's not my fault they were disorganized and left us waiting. Why should I suffer for their disorganization??? I tried to say this and still be off at 5:10pm, but she disagreed with me. And wouldn't budge. I dropped it, but continued to fume silently. I guess I could have pursued it further, but I decided since it was my first shift, new job, I'd just let it go. But it still bothers me. That's like telling someone who was at work that since their computer went down for half an hour and they couldn't do work (even though it was no fault of their own) they would have to stay an extra half hour to make it up. I just need to let it go through, right??

So I was thinking this morning that I kind of want to go home. Is that bad?? I was thinking maybe I should just go home in April. I'm not doing what I thought I'd be doing (ie. an office job). I'm working a crap job here, so I feel I might as well work at a crap job at home and not have to pay £500/month in rent. That maybe I'm just not cut out for international living. I've been here for three months (well, almost) and by the time April comes, it will have been 5 and a half months of me living here. Is that enough time do you think?? I don't know. I just miss home A LOT. I miss my family, I miss my friends. I'm missing seeing my nephew grow up, and I'm sad I'm not able to hold him and cuddle with him. I'm going to miss his first birthday!! Maybe I should stick it out and go home in August, in time for Hilton Head! That's the wrong way to think about it, I know. But I could totally go to Hilton Head! I might have to share a room with my sister. But that would be fine. And I would have to drive with my parents. But I figure I could handle that! Anyways...I'll stop rambling/fantasizing.

Alright, time to go do something else.

First day!

Jan. 9th, 2009 07:03 pm
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I had my first day at Madame Tussauds today. It went pretty well! It seemed to be a more positive start than Marks and Spencers - of course, I had a more positive attitude. People seemed friendlier on a whole, managers seemed a lot more interested in you. We met the General Manager too and he chatted with is. I was impressed by the Operations Manager (who is the manager of my manager) because he came in and knew where everyone was going to be working (ie. he actually knew who everyone was and cared enough to put a face to a name) and seemed to want to get to know us. I have my first real shift on Monday, I think for till training. I have to work 6 days next week, but then the following week I only work 4...I don't have that schedule yet, but I confirmed that the norm is NOT working 6 days a week (I wasn't super worried, but just wanted to make sure!) I have to work every other weekend. But meh, I don't have much of a life anyways! And I like getting weekdays off, easier to do things! Oh, and I will get a paycheque at the end of January (we get paid on the 26th every month) so phew! I'll be able to pay February's rent! I won't have any money for February, but I might get some birthday money (hopefully anyways!!) so that should be fine. And when my parents are here, I won't be spending much money. Oh, and I get 28 days holiday, not 27. Oh! And even more important! My crush was in the same induction class as me! He's going to be in attractions though, while I'm in retail. We were in the same assessment (it's funny cause 4 out of 5 of the people at my assessment (me being one of them) were at the induction today) and he was really nice during that. He was even nicer today! Then we walked back to the tube together and chatted. I don't think anything will come of this, but it's nice to crush on someone! This afternoon we went through the attractions and they made me go through Screams. Which is a haunted house thing where people jump out at you. I screamed throughout the whole thing. It was not fun. I hate anything scary. But whatever, now I know what it's like and don't need to go back there! We got to see where they make the figures. Well, they don't make any of them there any more, there's a studio place in Acton (wherever that is). But they do repairs, and they do all the hair and make-up on site. Oh, and wardrobe, so we had a tour of it all. Oh! And at the end of the day we had to pick someone (out of the 6 of us who were there for induction) who was helpful, etc. and the winner got a prize. And I had the most votes! I didn't vote for myself obviously, so it means other people did! Yay! I get to have a wax hand thing made of my hand. Oh, and after 6 weeks I get my free passes to Madame Tussauds and other attractions owned by the same group (The Merlin Group) and it includes amusement parks in England! So at some point I'm so going to go to Alton Towers (or one of the others). I can also get £50 hotel rooms at Alton Towers, so maybe I'll make a night of it. Should be fun!! [ profile] scattydove I'm looking at you for the amusement parks!! I think that's it. So far so good!!


Jan. 7th, 2009 12:57 am
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I don't think I ever posted here but I got the job at Madame Tussauds! I start on Friday. I'm pretty excited about it. I'm also excited about having some money again! Well, I will once I get my first paycheque anyways.

So this week has been pretty uneventful. My friend Rachel lost her full time job at B (which is a make-up store owned by Lush). Sorry [ profile] scattydove, no more discounts at Lush! Which sucks for her. But I dunno, I don't feel super bad for her. This is going to sound completely horrible but I kind of even feel..well not happy that she lost her job...but kind of not unhappy...does that make sense? I know. I'm a horrible horrible person. But she makes me angry when I see her! I always feel second fiddle to her and like I'm her sloppy seconds. And it annoys me. So I feel maybe it's kind of karma something. I don't know. But mostly I do feel bad for her. The excuse she got from B was that they were only keeping people who wanted to stay for the indefinite future with the company. Because her visa only allows her to stay and work until April, she was one of the people they let go. They fired a whole bunch of people, not just her. They hired waaay too many people over Christmas and they never defined how long they were hiring them for, and now they're firing left, right, and centre. They need to learn the words Christmas temp. She still has her job at the theatre, but it's only about 20 hours per week and it's minimum wage. And she lives in Covent Garden and pays mucho rent. However, she comes from a wealthy family and she has lots of money. So maybe that stems the not unhappiness for me. But, it will be hard for her to find a new job. Not only is her visa only good until April, hardly any stores are going to be hiring now. The Christmas rush is over, the credit crunch thing is still on, and any people stores would want to hire, they'll just keep on their Christmas help. So she's going to need to lie lie lie about her visa status, say she can get it extended or something and hand out tons and tons of cvs. Madame Tussauds is still hiring for my position, so I told her to apply there.

In other news, I booked the car rental and hotel gift cards for my trip to Benidorm with my parents! My mother booked the flights yesterday, as well as the easybus to the airport. And then she re-booked the hotel, because it went down in price! So we're all set! We're going Feb 19-22. Hopefully it will be unseasonably warm and I can wear sandals!! Either way, I've never been to Spain, so I'm excited to see what it's like! The food, the drinks, the shopping! Plus I'll be with my parents so it won't cost too much! And I get to stay in a hotel (albeit in the same room as my parents) which is a plus for me since I'm so used to hostels! I love hotels. Although, my parents are staying at the Grosvenor House while in London and that's a JW Marriott 5 star plus hotel on Park Lane (my mother got an awesome travel agents rate) so I know nothing will compare to that. But hopefully our Best Western in Benidorm will be nice, it gets good reviews on tripadvisor.

Also, I think I'm going to go Edinburgh!! Which means another country can be crossed off my list! Scotland!! I need to find out my work schedule and find a time when I can go, but hopefully it will work out. I want to try haggis!

Okay, I have more to say...but I'm tired, it's late and I need to go to bed! Hope everyone is well!
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I had an interview with Madame Tussauds today. It's just a retail job, but it's full time and it pays pretty decently (for retail anyways - about £15000/annum). I think it could be a good job. It's permanent and full time, so that's good. And I would get a ton of holidays (which everyone gets here, but it's so foreign to me!) So I would get 27 days of holidays. Now since they're open bank holidays, it means I can use the holidays for those days some other time. Which is great for me! I can work bank holidays, who cares? The interview went pretty good. They wanted super outgoing people, so I tried to be outgoing. By nature I am shy and timid, but I tried to suppress that this afternoon! the first part was a group interview assessment thing. The first part was we had to bring an item that represented ourselves. Gag me. But I brought a Canadian flag (I cut it off my backpack - which sucks cause it was a bitch to sew on, but I figured it was worth it). I don't have a lot with me in London, so I figured it was unique enough. I volunteered to go first too. Which I think was good. I was nervous and spoke very fast! And my voice may have wavered once or twice, but I speak well, so I think it was okay. Then there was a group exercise with the two hr people watching us and taking notes. So I tried to participate a lot. Then they went out of the room and decided who they wanted to have a one-on-one interview with (if they didn't pick you, that was the end and you didn't get the job) but they came back and said they wanted to continue with all of us (there was me and 4 guys - one really good looking one!) So yay! I went first for the one-on-one and it went good too. I think anyways. I smiled a lot and the guy made a comment about me smiling a lot, but he said it was a good thing. Then if we wanted to we could walk around Madame Tussauds. And since it's something like £25 to get in, I said yes! Plus, I think it shows an interest in it. It was VERY crowded though, what with being the holidays and all. So that annoyed me greatly. I took a few pictures, but they mostly have other people in them because it was hard enough getting in front of the figures let alone trying to get them without people posing next to them! I'll try and post them at some point. Well, it will probably be on facebook though. But it was fun to walk around. I hope I get the job, I think it would be good. Well, good enough anyways. I find out by the end of the week.

Oh and sad news. I am tied for 3rd/4th place in my football pool. And the season is over. My Dad won, my sister came in 2nd, my brother-in-law is in last place. My Mom and I are tied. And the two of us will pick the playoff games next week to determine which one of us has to cook with Ryan, and which one of us just has to buy a bottle of wine and set the table. It sucks. I'm so used to winning!! I really hope I get 3rd place. I don't know how to cook!! Plus, I would have to split the cost of the food, and I don't have money for that!
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Sometimes I really hate being in the UK. Well, not hate, but I feel disgruntled. It's mainly when I'm trying to watch some Canadian content and either Youtube, or, or tell me the video I'm trying to watch is not available in my region. Grrr! But I want to catch up on Rick Mercer and So You Think You Can Dance Canada! Thank goodness most of Youtube is not region-censored.

And I've come to the conclusion that British people (at least those in London, I'm hoping in other areas people aren't like this) are very very rude. No one is helpful, polite, or respectful as my fellow Canadians are. If you're in Canada and you see someone coming through a door with a pile of stuff, you will either go hold the door open for them, or at the very least GET OUT OF THE FUCKING WAY. In London? Not so much. At work, I was trying to bring out some shopping carts from the back to the front of the store. Many customers continued to stand in my way and did not move an inch until I said excuse me out loud. Even though they clearly saw me coming. One woman saw me coming and purposefully got in my way. Wtf?? Even work colleagues don't bother to help. They don't hold doors open, they barely move out of the way, they don't bother to assist with anything. It's driving me INSANE. It's common courtesy people! If someone is about to drop a box or something, and you're walking next to them, and you work with said person, pick up the goddamn box! It's not rocket science, it's called being polite and respectful.

And to continue on with my rant. Want to know how much my work sucks?? Cause it truly does. Yesterday I was 5 minutes late for work. I'm never late, I pride myself on not being late, but shit happens and I was late yesterday. Mainly because there were long queues at the bank and in England they don't allow you to deposit money any other way except through a teller (which is foreign to me, because in Canada you can do it through a cashpoint). So I was rushing up the stairs when my manager is walking down them. He looks at me. Looks at his watch. Looks at me again, raises his eyebrows, makes a look of discontent and continues on. He doesn't bother asking me why I'm late or whatever. Which really pissed me off. Fucking ask me, I could have been stuck in traffic for all he knows. Argh. And then around 6:30pm I tell Jose (one of my colleagues who I directly work with) I'm not feeling well and I want to go home. He tells me I need to speak to Pat, who's the manager on duty, fair enough. I go to the information desk, Pat's not there, but Diana (who's a supervisor) is. I ask her where Pat is, apparently she's in a meeting. I tell her I'm not well and want to go home. She says she can't send me home, because she's not a manager. She tells me that Andrew (my manager, the one who raised his eyebrows at me) is still there and I should go talk to him. So I go find him, he tells me he can't help me because he's going home and I have to find Pat. For fucks sake! He's such an asshole. So I go back down, find Diana, tell her, at this point this guy Adnan (who I work with in ops - he's an asshole too) is there too. Their solution, since they can't send me home? Go to the canteen and sit there until Pat's meeting is finished. Wtf? Suppose I was really ill (I wasn't, I was just fed up with working there), all I wanted to do was go home. So I go sit up in the canteen for 20 minutes. Diana comes up, says Pat is back on the floor and I can go home. So I go home. I also called in sick today. I really really can't stand this job. It's time to actively start searching for a new job. Starting now. I need to go get dressed and then hit every single Starbucks near me. I feel working for a Starbucks will be a hell of a lot better than working for M&S.

Okay, so it was like 20 questions to call sick into work. Omg, I just hate this place more and more. I don't understand how people stay there for so long. Maybe they're not used to anything better?? Maybe retail in the UK is always worse than retail is in Canada. Or maybe I've just been lucky. But I don't think so. I really think it's the UK.
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Well, not much has been happening since I last posted. And I didn't get my own room that night. Pity. Some random woman came in around 7pm, and then some other random person came in sometime in the middle of the night. The same thing (another random person in the middle of the night) happened last night too. We'll see what happens tonight! There is someone else who's new though. Another girl from Canada who came through swap/bunac. But she's only staying in London for two nights and then moving on to somewhere cheaper. She seems nice though. Maybe a bit young, I didn't get her age out of her, but I'll try! She brought NOTHING with her though. I'm amazed!! She has a carry-on backpack and that's it. I guess she has a few clothes, minimal toiletries and that's about it. I could never do that. Besides, that would get expensive, having to buy pretty much everything when you get here. I already had to buy a winter coat. Which I did! Yesterday morning I found one at Evans. It was on sale too. £50, originally £70. It's black, with a belt. Typical me. I could have gotten this cute black and white checked one, but it was £75 and not on sale, so I decided to save money! I need to buy gloves now. But I can't find any I like. No where has a good selection. I've seen a lot of leather gloves, but I don't like leather gloves. For one, they're expensive, and two, they're not that warm. Anyways, my pockets are working just fine right now. I also bought a new purse at Dorothy Perkins. This one has a zipper and a flap thing, and it goes over my shoulder, so it's hands free. It's a bit small, but it should do the job!

I've extended my stay at the hostel for yet another two nights. So I'm here until Saturday morning, and then apparently there's no more space. So I need to find my own place. I'm looking at a flat tonight, and another one tomorrow. I've left messages at a few places too, but so far, no one has called me back. I saw a place last night which was only okay. Pretty far out, not super nice. The flatmates seemed nice though, easy going, and the double bedroom was a really good size, the single, cheaper one was tiny. Way too small. Not even enough room for someone to sleep on the floor. So that's no good. I hope tonight is better.

I had my first job interview this morning. I don't think it went that well. The interviewer (who was the owner of the company) wasn't that nice. She asked me if I was a good salesperson, and I sadi no. I hate selling. It was the worst part of Air Miles. So then she proceeds to tell me how the job is like selling. you have to convince candidates to sell. And then she was looking at my cv and was asking about the years or something, and I mentioned how I worked two jobs at once, Starbucks and Indigo (because she sounded confused about my dates) and she made a snide comment about how she's not interested in Starbucks, how she wants people to serve her coffee, not make her coffee. Something like that. So whatever, I don't want to work for you anyways. I had an appointment at a recruitment agency this afternoon. That went better. The girl was really nice and hopefully I'll hear from them about a job soon!!

It snowed in London last night. This morning there was snow on cars that parked outdoors overnight. Wtf?? It's October and LONDON. It's not supposed to snow here. I left Canada and its snowy weather behind....or so I thought.


Aug. 21st, 2008 05:29 pm
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So, my last day of work was on Tuesday. Yay! Good riddance Air Miles!! It wasn't really sad. Maybe a bit, because I won't see most of those people again. But I'm SO glad to not be there now and to have FREEDOM!! Sure, it's a novelty now, and I'm sure in September I'll be super bored. But it's great right now.

On Saturday I leave for Hilton Head for a week. I'm looking forward to it. Good meals out, sitting on the beach, reading a ton of books, and good old American shopping! My grandmother gave me some money to spend on myself for this trip, which was super nice and totally unexpected, but great all the same. So, it means I'm going to try and find Wii Fit and buy it, and maybe do a bit of clothes shopping too.

My sister was over yesterday and started talking about a potential trip to Chicago because her husband might be going there for some training from work. It would be a week and her and my nephew would probably go too. I invited myself along too! I've always wanted to go to Chicago, and I could use my air miles for the plane ticket. I'd have to get my own hotel room, but I think it would be fun. I dunno about spending all that money though. And nothing is set in stone, but it would be great if I could swing it.

I'm also thinking of buying a laptop before I leave for London. I'll need a computer there, and it's not practical to bring my desktop, so I need to find a laptop. I was thinking of getting a Macbook, but I'm not 100% sure. They're definitely more than a laptop, but not much more, and they would come with everything in it. And if I buy it before September 15th, I can get a free iPod touch....not that I need that, but if it's free, why not?! So, I wanted to use some savings bonds to buy my laptop, but argh! I just looked them up online and I can't cash them in until November, which will be impossible, since I already plan to be in London at that time. Stupid me when I was 16 and purchasing these bonds and I stupidly chose ones that could only be cashed once a year (probably because it was higher interest). Grrrr....from doing some research, I can see if I can cash them in before the annual date, but you have to have a specific reason, like buying a house, for education, or to prevent bankruptcy. I wonder if moving out of the country and needing to buy a laptop counts?! I wish the annual date was October 1st and not November. I'm still going to go into a bank and ask though....maybe the banker person won't notice the date or something and give me my money anyways!

So, my plan for today was to do some laundry and go grocery shopping. I have yet to do either. And it's already 5:30pm...oh well. I still need to go laundry though....I can go grocery shopping tomorrow. I just need to make sure I'm productive tomorrow morning!
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It's been awhile since I've updated and a lot has been happening!! Mainly all exciting though, so that's good!!

The main news first. In a nutshell: I quit my job and I've decided to move to England for a year. Woo hoo!!

I tried to get a leave of absence (well really just unpaid time off) for a vacation that I'm going on in a week, and they wouldn't give it to me, so I decided to quit. I've been wanting to quit for quite some time, I really really hate my job, so I really do not feel down about it at all. When I was arguing about whether I should quit or not with my friend Karina (who I work with - she didn't want me to quit - more about that later) she wanted to know what I would do instead. This is a few weeks ago. On a whim I said, "I dunno, maybe I'll move to London." And that idea stuck with me. It's something I've wanted to do for a number of years, and I feel I'm ready now to take the plunge and do it. So when I get back from my Hilton Head vacation in two weeks, I will start the visa process. It takes 7 weeks to get the visa, and then I have to wait until after the Jewish holidays, so I should be there by the third week in October.

A lot of people have said they'll come and visit me, I really hope some of them do come.

In other happenings. I saw Avenue Q last week here in Toronto. I didn't think it would be as good as it was in London. But it was AMAZING!! I got a good deal on a ticket ($30!!) from a travel website and decided to go by myself. I'm really glad I decided to go, it was fairly last minute....the cast was so amazing! I loved it. Loved it. Loved it!!

Today was an amazing day. Very busy, and I'm exhausted now and need to go to bed. But a quick rundown. I woke up early this morning (after going to bed pretty late last night - I was busy partying at Amanda's!) and I picked up Suzy (who's back from Oz!) at Yorkdale and we went to my sister's because she's having a stamping sale. She's selling off a lot of her stamp sets, ones that are retired, or extra ones that she had, and some other accessories and cards. So you'd be buying her used stuff (for the most part - there were some new things too) and with the money you spent on her things, you could pick out free product from the new catalogue. So, basically you're placing new orders and getting her old stuff for free, but it was set up the other way. Anyways, so she was getting rid of a couple of stamp sets and stamps that I use all the time and love. But since she won't have them anymore, I had to buy them for myself! So, I got two of her stamp sets, some ribbon, some single stamps, and some cards. Then from the catalogue, I got a new Christmas stamp set, gold ink and paper, a pen and a circle punch (1 and 3/4"). My Christmas cards are going to look so nice this year!! I can't wait to get the new things! Hmmm, I guess I'll have to make all my cards before I leave.

After the sale, I drove downtown and met Erin and Philina. We went to Centre Island and had a picnic lunch. It was amazing. We had a ton of good food, we tried to fly a kite, we went pedal-boating (well they did, I sat on a blanket and listened to music!) I would write more about it, but I am getting REALLY tired.

After the Island, I met Amanda (I was right by her place) and we hung out for a bit. We played Dance Dance Revolution, ate lots of food, watched the Olympics. Chatted. It was really good.

And the best part? Canada has (finally) won some medals! Including a swimming bronze about 2 hours ago. I saw it live and it was so exciting! Go Canada!!!

Good night!
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I've had a pretty boring long weekend (today is a holiday - which means, yay! Short work for me!) It started off well enough, but then I did nothing exciting Saturday or Sunday. And today, so far I've done nothing, but I do have plans ot go run some errands in a bit. I want to go buy some things. I want the new Alanis Morrissette cd, I want the season 5 dvd of Las Vegas, and I need to go buy some things for my swap package, because I have yet to do that. But I figure if I get everything ready today and tomorrow, I'm fine for time.

Anyways, Friday night was really good. Our old next door neighbours (the Dooleys) were here for a visit so we all went out for dinner to this really good Italian place near my sisters. I had so much fun. The daughter, Sarah, and I used ot be best friends growing up. And we see them every once in awhile (they live in Altanta now but they're from here and all their family is still here, so they come up periodically). Every time I see them though we have the best time, like we've been close friends this whole time even though we barely talk anymore. I laughed so hard I cried, on numerous occasions. I have two three hour layovers in Atlanta on my flight to Hilton Head in a few weeks (one each way). I met them at the airport last year during a layover, so I hope to see them again (there's Sarah, and her older brother Brian). It's always fun to catch up. One of these days I should make a trip to Atlanta. We used to go a lot when I was younger (and we were closer to them - plus my dad used to be able to do a lot of business in Atlanta) and they had just moved there (they moved in the summer of 1993), but the last time I was there was in 1997. So I should probably plan a short trip there at some point. Anyways, it was a good night!

I still don't know if I'm quitting my job or not next week. I asked for a leave of absence to go away on vacation to Hilton Head. My supervisor was really nice and receptive about it. But it's not up to her. She asked her manager and he's supposed to ask someone else (I guess in hr) and then they'll get back to me. She wasn't working on Friday, so I think I'll find out tomorrow. In a way I kind of want to quit...but I guess it's easier if I don't. I don't like my job, but it is a job, and I've been there for over two and a half years already, so maybe I should stick it out. But I've been entertaining the idea of moving to London again. Although since the last time I've looked at doing SWAP, the price has gone waaaaay up. It used to be about $350, it's now $750. But I looked into getting the visa by myself and it seems like a big it's probably better if I go through them, plus then when I get there I would have access to the BUNAC resources. I'm just worried that I wouldn't be able to find a good enough job. I don't have a university education and I feel that would hinder me. I dunno...sure I could work retail or food-related, but i don't think that would pay enough money. And the main thing is, I don't know if I'm brave enough to love halfway around the world by myself and start over with no support, no friends, no nothing. So I'm all conflicted.

Alright, time to go spend some money!


May. 25th, 2008 11:12 am
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Which Fantasy/SciFi Character Are You?

And an update! )
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Yeah, so apparently I decided to fool around with my photobucket account (this was a few weeks ago when I was uploading pictures) and moved a whole bunch of pictures around. Meanwhile, forgetting and not realizing that my mood theme is on there, and moving those pictures around would cause the mood theme to no longer work. Then for the past few days when I've been looking at my livejournal, I can't figure out why my mood theme no longer works. Why am I getting random photobucket messages and not my pretty London pictures?? Yeah, well I've figured it out now and moved all the pictures back to their previous links, so all is better now! But I still feel like a moron....

I haven't updated in a while....well except to say I was drunk, but I don't think that it's time for a random update.

Let's talk about my weekend so far. So Friday night I got to go to the Blue Jay game. It was the home opener and my cousins were singing the national anthem with their choir, so they asked me if I could take them. Heck yes! I'm not a huge baseball fan, but I like the Blue Jays (go Jays!!) and I love going to their games and being part of the action. So I met them downtown and found out we were in a box. Which might sound like fun, but it wasn't as much fun as if we were in regular seats. Mainly because I hadn't eaten, I had come straight from work, and I (stupidly) didn't stop for any food because I thought I could get something at the Skydome Rogers Centre. But there was no food in this box. There was some chips and dip which I had a bit of, but that's not dinner. I really wanted a hot dog and ice cream (they have twist cones at the Dome! Yum!)....but when you're in a box there's nowhere to go to buy food. So that kind of sucked. Plus because we in a box with kids and teenagers and their parents who most weren't into or watching the game, people weren't cheering, and I love cheering, especaially at Blue Jay games, so I didn't get to scream either. But the game was good. And we won!!! Yay! Playing the Red Sox too, which is good on two levels. One they're the World Series champs, so tehcnically they're supposed to be the better team, and two they're in the same division, so it's important we can win against them so we can win the division and go to the playoffs this year! Oh, and I got a towel, a Blue Jay towel, and I love free stuff, so that's fun!

Today I had to go to work, which kind of sucked...actually it really sucked, and I got out late too. But it wasn't that big of a deal because I had no where to go except home, but it was busy all day which sucks. However I now get a day off (as tomorrow, oh wait, it's midnight, so as today is Sunday) and then Monday is a short shift, I'm off early, so that will be good.

I watch Star Trek Nemesis tonight, it was on tv. I've seen it before, a few times, and I own it...but I love seeing things over and over again. It was really good! And I tears totally started running down my face when Data died, actually I started tearing up when he tried to go in Picard's place, and then how he went anyways, and sacrificed himself for Picard. I'm such a wuss. But I'll always love Star Trek: TNG, it will hold a special place in my heart always!! Lol! But it's true, because I always watched with my dad, he started me on it, so it's something we liked together, just the two if us, my mother does not enjoy it when we still watch the reuns when they're on!

Okay, well I think it's time for bed...I'm getting sleepy! Later gators!


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