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I'm back from Greece! Actually I have been since Friday night and have done nothing the past two days. Which is not good. I should be doing stuff not just sitting on my ass watching Beverly Hills 90210 re-runs. On the plus side, I dyed my hair today! Woo! I got rid of the grey!

Greece was very lovely. Hot. But they believe in air conditioning there, so I was pleasantly cool while indoors in both Mykonos and Athens. And I got a very nice tan! I liked Athens more than Mykonos. Mainly because there wasn't much to do in Mykonos and I was all by my lonesome and didn't really have an opportunity to meet anyone. I wandered through the town my first day and made my way to a beach the second day. It was all very beautiful and picture-esque, one day I will post the pics on facebook. Maybe while I'm in Hilton Head. Athens was good though. I don't think I need to go back there though. I didn't fall in love. The hostel was good though, nice and modern, and clean. And I met some nice people there. Athens reminded me of Rome and Spain. Rome because it was fairly dirty with graffiti EVERYWHERE. And of course the ancient ruins on every corner. The buildings and architecture reminded me of Spain. I saw all the sights, some of when are breathtaking, especially taking in consideration they are 4000 years old. The food was good, but not nearly as good as I thought it would be. However, I did definitely eat my fill of feta cheese and gyros. The pita bread there was amazing. Best pita bread I've ever had! However, I like the gyros from Souvlaki Hut more! So methinks I need a trip there when I get home! Care for some lunch Faye??? I did manage to buy a couple of souvenirs for myself too. A pair of leather sandals and some earrings. Oh and I had Mythos beer (it was quite good actually!) and some ouzo! All in all a good trip, but I still like Germany the best! Oh, probably also because I found Greek people (well, the city people anyways, the people in Mykonos were friendly) to be very pushy and they don't queue which is a big pet peeve of mine. However, I'm definitely glad I went and got to Greece! And I'm super tan, so yay!!

I now have four days left. Yikes! Still so much to do! I don't think I'll make it to Thorpe Park which makes me sad. Nor the London Dungeons. I had wanted to go to some museums too, so I'll try to fit some of them in. I want to see two more shows too. I just need to decide what shows. I think Billy Elliot, and then something else. I still need to see work friends one last time too. Why oh why did I do nothing the past two days?? Why must I procrastinate so darn much?!?!? Ah well, some things will never change!

I hope everyone's well!
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I had much fun in Vienna and Munich and Zurich. Mucho fun!! Not surprisingly (since I loved Berlin when I was there too) I fell in love with Munich and wish I had gotten to spend more time there. I still love Zurich. Vienna was good, but not as good as I had thought it would be. It wasn't as pretty or as lovely as I would have thought. But I did still enjoy my time there. Here's a description of what I did as told to Amanda via email:

It's pretty long, so I shall cut you )

And now I'm back. 3 countries in 4 days is like a Contiki trip and it's too much. Too hectic, too exhausting. Obviously it was fun and I had a wonderful time, but I don't think I would do a trip like that again. But I'll be able to rest on the beach in Greece! I leave on Sunday!!! Wooohoooo!!!!! Greece Greece Greece!

However, before that I have three more days in London. Tomorrow I'm going for an eye exam. My right eye has been blurry for quite some time now, and I feel like something is wrong. Not iritis because it's not red nor sensitive to the light, but perhaps my optic nerve is inflammed again? Who knows. It could be all in my head (although the blurriness is not in my head....). It's been over two years since I last went to the eye doctors anyways, so it's time for a check up and see what my prescription is. Also, I feel glasses are cheaper in the UK (than they are in Canada) so maybe I can get some new ones while I'm here. And I have a 50% off voucher for the eye exam, so it won't be too expensive. Anyways, then I'm going to see if I can get tickets to a show tomorrow night. Either Jersey Boys or Billy Elliot or Calendar Girls. I want to see Wicked too, but it's expensive and not at the half priced booth, so I might try and find cheaper tickets through the theatre. I shall go research that next. Then on Saturday I'm going on a day trip to Stonehenge and Bath. I've always wanted to see Stonehenge and never have, and Bunac was doing a daytrip there for only £23 and that includes admission and the coach trip. I'm going to meet Andy and Teresa in Bath for lunch and a drink, so it will be good to see them one more time before I head home. I only have two more weeks in London. So sad!!! I can't believe my time here is coming to an end. Then I have to go home and look for a job. Ugh. But first, Hilton Head!! Oh yeah, and Greece!!!!!

Hope you're all well!
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I had the best time these past few days! So I need to write about it.

First was dinner on Thursday. There was a last minute get-together with myself, Joanna, and Dan. We went out for dinner to Pizza Express by my work. We got to use two vouchers, so it was really reasonable, and we even got dessert! Mmmm, tons of food. But the company and coversations were even better. I love getting together with them, I always have a good time. We planned our trip too!! Which, yay! Even better! They're going to a few countries for about 9-10 days, but I'm going to meet them halfway. I'm going July 25-29 and spending two nights in Vienna, and then two nights in Switzerland (one night in Zurich, and then one night somewhere in the Swiss countryside). I'm excited!! I can eat strudel, fondue, raclette and tons of yummy chocolate!

Friday night I went out with Emma and we went to Mercedes' (a girl from work) gig at a pub nearby. She was really good! It was quite enjoyable until the next band went on. They were called Girls Girls Girls (yes, seriously) and they were HORRID. OMG TERRIBLE. But almost so horrible that they were funny. So it was kind of amusing. And it was a lot of fun to make fun of them during and after! Emma and I got a kebab for dinner before the gig and it was delicious!! Oh, and I discovered a new beer I liked. A wheat beer from Munich called Paulaner. It's delicious! And I just checked, some LCBOs at home carry it, so I will be able to get it! And introduce it to my Dad.

Today I went to Alton Towers for the day with [ profile] scattydove, her sister Jacqui, and her brother-in-law Simon. It was AMAZING. I had so much fun!! I love going on rides and roller coasters. I love screaming. And I love the atmosphere of amusement parks. It's so carefree and lively. It was quite busy, but we still got to go on quite a few rides. And the company was so much fun. I always have fun with [ profile] scattydove and her family is lovely. They were so nice and we all got along very well! And they're very funny, Simon especially. I pretty much laughed all day. Even at the end when we couldn't find the car and spent an hour looking for it (seriously). I ended up missing my train and had to buy another ticket which was VERY expensive. £53 expensive. Not impressed with stupid fares like that! Especially since the train was empty! It made me quite mad. Not at anyone specific (well, maybe Virgin) since it was no one's fault, but mad all the same. Oh well. Shit happens. I'll survive, I'll just be poor for the next two weeks! No more going out for me! My mom told me I should have just gotten on the next train without buying a new ticket and tried to use my other one and see what would have happened, and then played dumb. I did think of that. And I do have my Canadian accent to help me seem like a dumb tourist. But I don't have the confidence to pull that off. I would have been terrified of being chucked off the train or a humoungous fine. Ah well.

And that was my fun times. Oh, and I got to see my nephew on Skype this evening while chatting to my parents. He's so adorable. And he kept waving at me. SO cute!!! I can't wait to see him in person again.
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Just as the title states, I am going to Greece!!! I'm so excited! I hope Greece is as wonderful and magical as has been built up in my head. Lol! I'm sure it will though. I'm going August 2-7 (though I won't arrived in Athens until 4am on August 3rd). I'm taking a 7:30am ferry to Mykonos, spending two nights there, lying in the sun on the beautiful beaches! And then on the 5th I'm taking a midday ferry back to Athens and spending two nights there. Then I'm coming back to London on the evening of the 7th. Yes, it's a short trip, but I can't really afford more (I have the time, I do not have the money!) and these four nights (five days!) are already costing me an arm and a leg. Mykonos is one of the most expensive of the Greek islands, but I knew that going in. There's no hostels on the island, and while I could stay in a guest house which would cost at least 100 euros/night, none of the ones coming up get great reviews on trip advisor. Not to mention, that's still really expensive. So I started emailing a bunch of hotels that do get good reviews, and the number one rated hotel (called Hotel Tagoo) emailed me back and said they have a tiny single room (with no view, they boast having great sea views from their place - it's on a hill - which yes, will mean some uphill walking, but meh, it's good exercise!) for 90 euros/night, and it includes breakfast! Done. I emailed the lady back and said I wanted it, she then emailed and said there was a cancellation and they now have a proper single room available with a double bed and a private balcony (with those amazing views) for 140 euros/night. But I was strong and resisted and have just emailed back saying no thanks, the broom closet will be fine for me (don't worry, I didn't actually call it a broom closet). They say all their rooms have ensuites though, so even if it's tiny, meh. I'm only there two nights and it's only me staying in the room. As long as it's clean (which is another thing they boast about - and the reviews all say it's clean) it's fine. And they'll pick me up and drop me off from the port (although all the places I've read about offer that). I'm excited!! Greek Islands! Beach!! Sun! Yummy food!! And they have a rooftop pool!

And then I'm spending the two nights in Athens in a hostel. I could have stayed in a hotel. There's a Best Western that's only 55 euros/night. But it's kind of far from all the touristy sights (you can't walk, I'd have to take the tram/subway/bus). The hostel I'm staying at gets great reviews on and it's only a two minute walk from the Acropolis and the Plaka. And they have free wifi. And so does the hotel, so I'm thinking of bringing my laptop. Oh, the hostel is the Athens Backpackers, in case anyone wants to know. And the hostel is only 57 euros for two nights, in a four bed room with single beds. I think it's air conditioned too. I'm going to Greece!! How exciting!

I just booked the ferry from Athens to Mykonos. It cost 94 euros. The flight cost me £150. Yeah, this is going to be expensive. But sooooo worth it! Oh, and the flight is good because I'm going on Olympic Airlines, which is sched air, which means it's a real airline (not a charter or budget) which means I get free checked baggage (which means I can just bring my regular suitcase, and not have to cram everything into a carry on bag), possibly free food, and it leaves from Heathrow which is cheap and easy to get to. So yay!

Can you tell I'm excited?!?!?! Greece!!!

In other news, I'm going to Alton Towers in two weeks! Well, a week and a half. I'm excited! Amusement parks! Woo! Rollercoasters! And the train ticket was only £21, which is pretty reasonable to me!

Next I just have to plan a day to Thorpe Park. And then to Cambridge. And then York. And then Stonehenge. (Although, some of these can be planned for when I'm done work!) And then I'll be set in everything I wanted to do before I leave the UK.
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I've been meaning to do an update for a while now. My sister has come and gone. :( But I had a lot of fun with her while she was here. Oh, but first, I saw Waiting for Godot starring Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen on the Friday before Jen arrived. It was really good! I totally prefer musical theatre, but the acting was superb and it was done well. Good set too. Waiting for Godot is really absurd and I found myself nodding off at one point, but on the whole, I enjoyed it and am really glad I got to see it! I had a really good seat too. I was in the 7th row (I think the 7th, could have been the 6th) off to one side on the aisle, but it's a smaller theatre, so it wasn't that wide. I could totally see everything, and I had tons of leg room because there was no one in front of me. I was something like 10 feet from the stage, so it was great!

Then my sister came the next morning. I met her at Victoria and then we came back to my flat to drop off her stuff. Then we went shopping on Oxford street. I bought a couple of tops at Dorothy Perkins, and a couple more at Primark! Then we went to a pub (the same pub my mom fell in love with when they were here - it's in Mayfair and it's fab! The food is really good there) for dinner. Then we headed back. On Sunday we went to Harrods, then the London Eye and the London Aquarium with Rachel. It was pretty good. I liked the aquarium, it was much bigger than I expected it to be too. Oh, and I got two new pairs of shoes from Office. It made my sister jealous because she didn't find any shoes, so then she made me go into EVERY shoe store we passed from then on. Sunday night we cooked dinner and went to bed fairly early because our train to Paris the next morning was EARLY. So Monday morning we woke up really early and caught the Eurostar to Paris. We first went to the Eiffel Tower and queued for an hour to go up it. But I had planned for the queues, so it was alright. I had a crepe while waiting! Yum! The views from the top of the Eiffel Tower are amazing! It was sooo pretty! Although, chilly, super windy. Then we decided to walk to our hotel, because it wasn't too far from the Eiffel Tower. We stopped in a bunch of stores on the way. Yes, still looking for shoes. Also fun clothes. I bought one top for ten euros. Jen, nada. We bought some wine and cheese and checked into our hotel. It was a good pick I thought. I liked the location and it was quite nice. We rested and drank and ate for a bit. Then we went to see Moulin Rouge and we walked around that area and found a place for dinner. It turned out to be a really good place. We shared beef fondue which was huge, and a huge yummy salad. And then we had ice cream for dessert. It was sooo good! Yum! Then I dragged my sister back to the Eiffel tower so I could see the light show and take more pictures. The next morning we went to a cafe next to our hotel for breakfast. Then we checked out and went to the Arc de Triomphe. Then we walked FOREVER until we found a good shopping area (we thought it was a lot closer than it was). But we went to a whole bunch of stores, my sister found some shoes and a few tops. I bought a top too. Then we tried to go this l'Entrecote restaurant for a late lunch, but they were closed, so I was sad. And then we would have had enough time to go to the Musee d'Orsay but we were so tired, I didn't feel like going there, not to mention I didn't feel like spending more money for both the metro and the entrance fee. So we went to the train station and found a restaurant to eat. It was good, but not as good as the dinner the night before. I had mussels and fries. My sister had steak with bernaise sauce. Then we wandered around the train station, bought some chocolate, checked in and waited a bit for our train. We had a good time though. For Jen's last day in London, we went and got theatre tickets in the morning, then went to Primark so she could return a top she decided against. Then we went to Madame Tussauds. Then we went to a pub for a drink. Then we went back to my flat and rested a bit and dressed for the evening. We went to Piccadilly Circus for Jen could see it, then we went to a mexican restaurant in Leicester Square for dinner. We shared nachos and fajitas, yum! I had a margarita too. Yum! Then we saw Spring Awakening which was fab! It's SO good! I love it! My sister enjoyed it too. Then we went home and to bed. The next morning I dropped my sister off at Victoria, said good bye and then I had to go to work. :(

Then on Friday Catherine was in town and I met her and her friend Jane at Waterloo. We went on the London Eye and then I gave them (well tried to give them) a tour of the West End. We walked up to Trafalgar Square and through the Piccadilly Circus so we could take night photos. It was fun! Sadly I had to work the next day, so then I said goodbye after a few hours of hanging out. Then it was work, and more work. I went to Hamleys on Tuesday and bought my nephew a (shoot, I started this last night before my company came, and totally forgot to finish it when they left! So, I started this Saturday afternoon, it's now Sunday morning). Anyways, so I bought my nephew a birthday present for his first birthday. Jeremy is already one year old!!! He's growing up so fast! Lol! Then I worked, luckily I had the weekend off, and it feels like my first real break in quite some time. It's nice.

Yesterday morning (so Saturday) I bummed around a bit, but finally got ready and went to the Broadway market in east London. I've been meaning to go for quite some time, Amanda had sent me a link to a blog of a woman who trades there. She makes cakes and tarts, so I've been wanting to try them. She also makes brownies, which I tried. The brownies were good, but they were expensive (£2.60/brownie, and you can get other ones for 2 for £3 from other places) and I think only just as good as other places, not better. So not worth it. I also bought a chocolate tart to serve as dessert that night. The tart totally saved this woman. And I may go back. Because the tart was TO DIE FOR. It was amazing!! It was dark chocolate with a shortbread crust, and a layer of jam in between. Now normally I don't like jam in dessert, but the jam added a great balance in flavours and was needed. So it was perfect. It wasn't too bitter (as some dark chocolate tarts can be), the jam helped that, it added a great sweetness, but without taking away from the chocolate. It was really really good. I may go back for more tarts. Not brownies though. Here's a link to the blog: Anyways, I also bought a new bag (bad me, I know) and a new wallet. I'm not sure about the wallet, I think it will be too small for me, but it's so cute. I may give it to someone as a gift or something. The bag I love!

For dinner last night, Joanna and her husband Dan came over and we played board games and I cooked them dinner. I made salmon (it was alright, they enjoyed it, but I think my measurements of onion soup mix/mayonnaise wasn't quite I'll work on that), twice baked potatoes and grilled asparagus. I actually managed to cook the asparagus perfectly, so I was kind of impressed with myself for that! And the potatoes turned out nice as well. They had brought a bottle of wine which we drank, as well as some really yummy cheese from Amsterdam which we ate first. Then we had the delicious tart for dessert. Oh, I was going to say my only criticism of the tart would be a bit too much cocoa on the top. There was a layer of cocoa done with a bird stencil on top, which made it look pretty, but both I and Joanna managed to breathe in too much cocoa and almost choke. So, less cocoa would be better. We played Monopoly (the British version, which is a novelty for me) and then Cluedo (which yes, is Clue - except Mr. Green in Reverend Green in the Brit version). And then we watched Eurovision, which was my first time watching it (we don't get it in Canada, they do in Australia though). It was.....interesting. I really liked the Denmark song, it was written by Ronan Keating, and it was a song I would totally listen to. They did not win, nor did they come close. Which made me sad. I did like the Iceland song, and they came in second. The winner was Norway and I thought their song was only okay. I think it was because they sang in English, but they had an accent, so it sounded weird to me (and Joanna and Dan). Anyways, they left after the show, and I cleaned up (thank goodness for my dishwasher!!) and went to bed. Now I'm finally watching American Idol from this week. I already know who's in the final two though, I got spoiled before it was even on here by facebook. Oh well. Today I'm going to see the Star Trek movie this evening! Woooooooo! I'm excited! I'm excited for the slashy goodness I've heard is in it. Woo hoo slash in a huge Hollywood blockbuster!


Apr. 19th, 2009 08:00 pm
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Why are some people such worrywarts?? Sure, it better to be safe than sorry, but there's such a thing as too safe and then not having any fun at all! Some of these people who post to [ profile] eurotravel need their priorities straightened! Lighten up people!

So, it's been a long ass time since I last updated. In short: I went to Montpellier, France with [ profile] scattydove, had an amazing time! I ate lots of delicious French food, discovered I liked red wine, and met some great people! Right after that I went home, which was also an amazing time! I ate tons of yummy food (not the same as France, but good North American food!), saw tons of people, got to spend quality time with my adorable nephew, and even managed a trip to Buffalo! I've been back over a week now and have been working and not unpacking. Yeah, it's been 10 days, and my suitcase is still full....oops!

This weekend has been really good. Well, today I didn't do anything, but yesterday was amazing! I spent the day by myself out and about in London. In the morning I went to the Borough Market and wandered about. Not to mention eating my weight in food. I ate samples galore and also managed a venison burger and a plate of raclette. Yum! To take home, I bought myself a sausage (reminiscent of the delicious French ones I ate in Montpellier), brownies, and a game pie, oh and a shortbread. Then I went to Leicester Square and bought myself a theatre ticket for that evening (apparently it was treat myself day!) to see Joseph. Then as I was walking to Trafalgar Square I got myself a 99. My favourite British summer treat! At Trafalgar Square there was a Netherlands festival going on (maybe it was Netherlands Day??) and I wandered about the tents selling chips in a cone, Dutch waffles, and beer. I decided to have a beer. It was a lovely day out and drinking beer outside seemed like a good idea! It was kind of a bad idea, not because anything bad happened, but I was full already and the beer just made me fuller. Crazy full. When I got back home I made myself a salad for dinner, and I couldn't even finish it I was so full! (I ate the rest of it today, it wasn't too soggy, it was alright.) After spending a couple of hours at home (and getting my laundry done!) I went back to the Strand and saw Joseph!! It was AMAZING. I've seen it many times before, but I love it, and this is a new Joseph. A new Narrator too, she was a good singer, but she had too many annoying facial expressions. The new Jospeh (Garreth Gates) was really good. No Lee Mead, but good in his own way. Weird hair though, kind of mullet-y. But I highly enjoyed the show. Yay Andrew Lloyd Webber!

Today I've done nothing but eat more and more food. And am once again stuffed. Tomorrow the diet begins. Well, okay, not a diet, but eating in moderation is necessary!

I think that's pretty much it! Oh, my sister is coming to visit me in less than two weeks! Yay! And we're going to Paris for the night!!! I can't wait!


Mar. 18th, 2009 10:46 pm
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It feels like it's been 6 years and a day since I've updated, and I can't be arsed to check, so let's just assume it's been that long.

Omg, I love this song. I think this may actually be my new favourite musical. It's hard, because I love musicals, and I love most of what I see. But this music is so amazing. I need to see it again. And again, and again. Damn me for being broke!! Thank goodness Spring Awakening has moved the West End, so I should be able to see it again before I leave the UK for good.

Which, segues nicely into my next point. I have an official move home date! I've booked a ticket for London to Toronto (LHR - YYZ - can I still work in the travel business you think??) for August 14th, leaving at 3pm (or 1500 in travel speak!). At that point I will be saying goodbye to London for a loooong time, because I can't come back here for 3 years at least. For the next two years (once I'm home) I've told myself I'm not allowed to go on any major trips, anywhere. I have to save money and buy a condo. Then once I own the condo and I can afford to, I can go on a trip. I hope I'll be able to stick with this. Travelling is my favourite thing to do...but I don't want to live in my parent's house forever (and neither do they want me there forever!) so I have to be serious about not travelling. Weekend trips are okay (because, really. Who am I kidding? I can't not travel AT ALL. I'm only human after all!) so San Francisco is first on my list. With Amanda!! Right now we're planning for family day weekend, so next February. And Hilton Head is okay too, because that doesn't cost me too much.

So I went to Edinburgh two weekends ago. It was mucho fun! I ate haggis! Yum! And tried whiskey! Blech! I walked tons, but ate tons. We found a yummy fudge shop. And a delicious bakery. So, i feel it balanced out. Kind of. I didn't fall in love with the city (which is probably a good thing really) but I definitely enjoyed my time there, and now I've been to Scotland! Wooooo! And I had great travelling companions and we all got along, no fighting! So that's good too! Pictures are on facebook.

Next week (wooooooo! So soon now!) I'm going to Montpellier with [ profile] scattydove (who was one of my awesome travelling companions in Edinburgh!). I'm so excited for France! And the Med! The beach! The sun and warmth! Not to mention all the croissants and pain au chocolats I'm going to cram into my mouth! Vive le France! Oui, je parle francais. Mais, seulement un peu. Ou a les toilets? Je voudrais un pain au chocolat. C'est combien? Merci beaucoup! See, I can survive. Heh. Oh! The most important! Je voudrais la boite de vin blanc.

After France I'm going HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yay! For a week and a half only though. I've been busy making plans. Lots and lots of plans! I'm going to be so busy! I'm seriously tired just thinking about it! (Although, it is time for bed too, so that could be the tiredness!) It should be fun though!

I think that's about all. Almost time for bed! Good night!
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I'm on holidays!! Yay! I'm currently in Bristol right now. The rugby (I think a Premiership game - if that makes sense) is on tv and everyone is watching it in the other room. I don't care at all about rugby, so I'm catching up on some emails.

To update:

My birthday day was good. I went to Shazia's house after work and we ate lots of junk food, watched a movie, and chatted. It was a good time!

My parents arrived on Thursday and I had the day off of work. I met them super early at the airport. We met friends (the same ones we're staying with in Bristol) at the train station, then went and met other friends in South Kensington. We drank lots, ate some, went to the V&A for a bit, drank some more, and then said goodbye. My parents went to Bristol for a couple of nights while I worked for two days. But I arrived last night, after work.

We're heading back to London tomorrow morning and are going to tour around a bit. See some sights. Watch a show. Eat some good food. And then on Thursday we're off to Benidorm, Spain for three nights! Yay!! Hopefully it will be warm and sunny and I can wear the sandals my parents brought me!

I think that's pretty much it. I'm sure I'll have lots more to update about in a few days times!
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So I've finally figured out how to download movies. I know. Took me long enough huh? Oh well, better late than never!! So I downloaded Bride Wars earlier. It was cute, but kind of dumb. So I'm glad I didn't pay for it.

Okay, sidenote: Why is movies being underlined as incorrect??? How does the dictionary not know the word movies??? It's suggestion are monies or moves.

Anyways, so I watched Bride Wars. I enjoyed it though, as a dumb movie. But it won't be on my list of dvds to purchase. Now I'm waiting for P.S. I Love You to finish downloading. I can't go too crazy with downloading though, my internet is limited to 40gb/month. I kind of want to ask my landlord to upgrade to Sky Max because it's unlimited, but we'll see! This isn't going to be as fun in Canada though, because internet speeds aren't as fast there. It's pretty fast here, and that's on mid. Max would be awesome for downloading speeds!

I booked a train ticket for a weekend in Edinburgh!! Yay Scotland! I'm going with Jen C. and [ profile] scattydove. I'm really excited! Jen and I are taking an overnight train (which kind of sucks, but we waited two days to book our tickets and the daytime train went from £24/person to over £100!! Crazy!) but this way we get an extra day there! I want to eat haggis, go to a Scotch Whiskey brewery place tour thing, and other Scottish things...I clearly need to do some research!

I'm also hoping all my holidays get approved at work, I should find out tomorrow. I need to book a flight home too. And then try to change my return flight to September. Air Canada is pretty reasonable right now. Under $600, and I would really love to get it for that price. So as soon as I find out about my holidays, I think I'm just going to buy it. I just need to decide what flight times I want. Mainly for the return flight. Anyways, hopefully it will all work out!! If it does, then I'm going to Spain in two weeks, then Edinburgh two weeks after that, then Montpellier three weeks after that, then Toronto immediately after that!! And then I won't have any vacation time until the summer, but that's okay! I'll have to plan Wimbledon for a day off, or just take the one day off, but that should be doable too. It's an exciting next few months!!


Jan. 7th, 2009 12:57 am
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I don't think I ever posted here but I got the job at Madame Tussauds! I start on Friday. I'm pretty excited about it. I'm also excited about having some money again! Well, I will once I get my first paycheque anyways.

So this week has been pretty uneventful. My friend Rachel lost her full time job at B (which is a make-up store owned by Lush). Sorry [ profile] scattydove, no more discounts at Lush! Which sucks for her. But I dunno, I don't feel super bad for her. This is going to sound completely horrible but I kind of even feel..well not happy that she lost her job...but kind of not unhappy...does that make sense? I know. I'm a horrible horrible person. But she makes me angry when I see her! I always feel second fiddle to her and like I'm her sloppy seconds. And it annoys me. So I feel maybe it's kind of karma something. I don't know. But mostly I do feel bad for her. The excuse she got from B was that they were only keeping people who wanted to stay for the indefinite future with the company. Because her visa only allows her to stay and work until April, she was one of the people they let go. They fired a whole bunch of people, not just her. They hired waaay too many people over Christmas and they never defined how long they were hiring them for, and now they're firing left, right, and centre. They need to learn the words Christmas temp. She still has her job at the theatre, but it's only about 20 hours per week and it's minimum wage. And she lives in Covent Garden and pays mucho rent. However, she comes from a wealthy family and she has lots of money. So maybe that stems the not unhappiness for me. But, it will be hard for her to find a new job. Not only is her visa only good until April, hardly any stores are going to be hiring now. The Christmas rush is over, the credit crunch thing is still on, and any people stores would want to hire, they'll just keep on their Christmas help. So she's going to need to lie lie lie about her visa status, say she can get it extended or something and hand out tons and tons of cvs. Madame Tussauds is still hiring for my position, so I told her to apply there.

In other news, I booked the car rental and hotel gift cards for my trip to Benidorm with my parents! My mother booked the flights yesterday, as well as the easybus to the airport. And then she re-booked the hotel, because it went down in price! So we're all set! We're going Feb 19-22. Hopefully it will be unseasonably warm and I can wear sandals!! Either way, I've never been to Spain, so I'm excited to see what it's like! The food, the drinks, the shopping! Plus I'll be with my parents so it won't cost too much! And I get to stay in a hotel (albeit in the same room as my parents) which is a plus for me since I'm so used to hostels! I love hotels. Although, my parents are staying at the Grosvenor House while in London and that's a JW Marriott 5 star plus hotel on Park Lane (my mother got an awesome travel agents rate) so I know nothing will compare to that. But hopefully our Best Western in Benidorm will be nice, it gets good reviews on tripadvisor.

Also, I think I'm going to go Edinburgh!! Which means another country can be crossed off my list! Scotland!! I need to find out my work schedule and find a time when I can go, but hopefully it will work out. I want to try haggis!

Okay, I have more to say...but I'm tired, it's late and I need to go to bed! Hope everyone is well!
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My trip to Bruges as told to Amanda:

So my trip to Bruges. It was really good, but the ending sucked. The day started out fine. I woke up super early to catch the bus by 6am. The bus ride was cramped and uncomfortable (and since I've been working at M&S my knees have been hurting so sitting for long times without being able to stretch my legs hurts, so the bus hurts. They get better when I'm not working, so I just need to rest them, but anyways, the bus was annoying for that). We got to Dover and onto the ferry. Seeing the white cliffs was neat, although apparently they whitewash them so they stay white. The ferry was good though. We got some overpriced food and I took some pictures from the boat of Dover that look nice (I'll upload them soon). We wandered around the boat, went through the duty free (I didn't buy anything then, but planned out things to buy on my way back!) and eventually we were arriving in Calais. Which did not look as nice as Dover. Apparently it's all industrial around there, so it's not nice to look at. We got back on the bus and drive on to Bruges. Which was also uncomfortable. But after sitting in some traffic (apparently we went on the busiest day of the year) we arrived in the car park! We walked into the center of town as a group (we could have gone ahead, but this way we didn't get lost!) We ended up at the Christmas market. Rachel had to pee (she has the tiniest bladder ever, it's quite annoying) and so I waited and then waited. And then I thought she had left already and didn't care to find me, so I went off on my own. Turns out there were big lines at the washroom and she was still waiting. After I went through the Market (which consisted of food, mulled wine, and socks - ie, not good at all) I found Rachel standing in line for the atm. So we went through the market and got some bratwurst and mulled wine (both yummy!) and then walked around the town. We went into a few souvenir shops (I sent you a postcard, but I had to send it from England - sorry, I didn't get to write it until the ferry back to England!) we went to a beer store and bought some fun beers. We walked some more. I was trying to find this little alley where apparently there are good chocolate shops, but I didn't find it. Eventually I just picked a chocolate shop (I swear there was one every third store) and bought some chocolates. Which are delicious btw! I've eaten my weight in chocolate the past week. I bought a big box to bring to Bristol and then a small box for myself. And some chocolate espresso beans. Then Rachel and I went to a pub and had a fruit beer. I had peach, it was really good! The alcohol content was really low though, more like a wine cooler, but it tasted good and I wasn't looking to get drunk, so it was fine. Then while waiting for Rachel to pee (yet again) I went to another chocolate shop and bought some seashells which are my favourite. And they were really good too! I want to go back to Bruges so I can buy more chocolate! Then we found the group and walked back to the bus. Oh and we got a waffle on the way back, although it wasn't super great. Not bad, but not as good as I wanted. We were in Bruges for about 3.5 hours, but I managed to do pretty much everything I wanted to do, so it was good. When we got back to the bus, there were two people missing, so they decided to wait for them, they never showed up, so we got on the road. There was traffic and we managed to miss our ferry by 5 minutes. Which SUCKED big time. We had to wait over an hour in the freezing cold (well we were on the bus, but we went to the bathroom and had to walk outside) for the next one. Eventually we got on the ferry. I walked around, got a drink, went to the duty free. I bought two cheap bottles of wine (and brought them to Bristol). I was going to buy Baileys but I didn't want to spend any more money. I kind of regret it now, but oh well. I'll survive. I got into a spiff with Rachel and was on my own. After a (slow) ferry ride we arrived back in Dover. Got back on the uncomfortable bus and made our way back to London. We arrived back after midnight and the tube had stopped running. So I had to take the bus home and didn't get back until 1:30am. It sucked. I was so tired. It was way too long of a day. But I had fun in Bruges. I made up with Rachel eventually. And I got some really good chocolate out of the day!


Oct. 20th, 2008 11:30 pm
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Omg, I have ONE day left at home before I get on a plane and travel to London, England to live and work for the next year. I'm not totally freaked out, because it still hasn't sunk in yet what I'm doing. Maybe it will when I get on the plane. I haven't really cried either, which kind of surprises me. I said goodbye to my sister tonight. It was sad, but not enough to make me cry. Even saying goodbye to Amanda and Erin didn't make me cry. Hmmm, maybe I'm just a cold-hearted person?! Nah. but I have trouble crying at real-life events. Movies, books, fan fiction, no problem. I cry like there's no tomorrow. But real-life?? I just don't. I dunno...

Anyways, so I've been doing lots this past week. Lots of people to see! Lol! Not really, but I have seen everyone I wanted to see and I've had fun doing it! I should move away more often, people have been treating me so well this past week!! Lol!

On Friday I went out for lunch with Faye. We went to the mall. We ate at A&W and then walked around. We saw Michelle Rowen (one of my favourite authors!) in Zellers but I was too shy to go up to her. I should have. Because I think it would have made her excited to be recognized, but I didn't. Oh well. I still saw her!! On Friday night, I was picked up by Philina and Steve and we headed downtown for my goodbye get together (my kind of party!) Amanda, Jen, and Jessie came out and we went for dinner. We were supposed to be going to the Bier Markt, but there was a really long wait so we went next door to the Scotland Yard and ate dinner there. It was okay. Good company anyways! I then (after two beers and I was perhaps a bit tipsy) decided I wanted to go to Jack Astors for some raspberry twisters and apple pie. I dunno why I didn't think of going there for dinner too. Oh well. So we walked in the cold to Jacks. I had two "jack it up" (ie. double the alcohol) raspberry twisters and then I shared apple pie and chocolate cake with Philina and Steve. It was really fun! Amanda bought my food and drinks at Scotland Yard, and Phil and Steve bought my drinks and dessert at Jack Astors. Which was really nice of everyone!

On Saturday I met Erin and Philina for lunch at Astoria's, a Greek restaurant we all love. We went to the Mississauga one because it's much easier to get to then the Danforth. So, we had a good lunch. Erin bought my lunch. We then went to Cloverdale mall for some cookies and Winners. Again, it was a lot of fun. Erin had to go to work, so we went our separate ways. I met Suzie for tea at Starbucks (Suzie treated me but by this point I wasn't feeling too well - I managed to catch a cold on Friday, grrrr....I'm almost better now though). We chatted lots. Eventually I had to go though. I had lots of laundry to do!

Sunday I did more laundry and bummed around. I didn't do as much as I should have. Today I was organizing all my clothes. Tomorrow I have to pack it all. I probably have too much to do tomorrow. I wish I wasn't such a procrastinator. Oh well.

Tonight I went out with my parents, sister, brother-in-law and my nephew. We went to the Keg, yum!! It was so good! And the waiter gave me a free dessert too! Before we got there, they has asked my sister if we were celebrating any kind of occasion, and she told him I was moving away, so I got free dessert! We got a huge slice of Billy Miner Pie which we all shared. We then went back to my sister's for some wine and Skor squares which she had made for me. Even though I was stuffed, I managed to eat two little ones!! I lent my sister my Wii while I'm gone, so we set it up and played some tennis and bowling. I taught my mom how to bowl, and she wasn't too horrible at it! My sister gave me a webcam as a going away gift! She got one too. So now she can hold up my nephew to the computer and I can still see him! And he can see me too. Yay! She also packed me four Skor squares to take with me. Phil had given me some M&Ms too to take with me. So I can eat candy all the way to London!

Alright, it's late and I want to go to bed. One last sleep in my own bed! Goodnight!
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I've spent the majority of my evening searching different German Christmas Markets and tours and flights that go there. I want to go!!! They all look so pretty and festive. I LOVE festive! Even though I don't celebrate Christmas, I love the festive season! It's so pretty and everyone is (usually) so happy. Lights are twinkling, the snow looks all crisp and clean.

In other news, I made an apple pie today! It turned out pretty good if I do say so myself! It probably needed a little more flour, and the crust (Pilsbury refridgerated crusts) wasn't the best I've ever had, but it was still good!! I'm going to make it again for Thanksgiving next week.

This is a weekend full of stamping (and cleaning of course!) Tomorrow, Suzie is having a stamping party at my sister's house (she doesn't have room in her apartment) and so I'm going to that. It's turned pretty much into my party, because the only people who are coming are MY friends, but whatever. It's not like I need any stamping anything, so I don't need the hostess benefits. Then on Sunday I'm going back to my sister's because she having a class (Designer Paper series) and I said a long time ago I wanted to go. Suzie wants to go to that one too, but I refuse to pick her up two days in a row at Yorkdale, which is fair I think. Ugh, it's so annoying when people don't have cars and they live in the MIDDLE of Toronto and is NOT easy to get to. I hate driving more than half an hour to get to someone's place. Of course there are always exceptions to that. But when people EXPECT me to pick them up (which Suzie does) it grates on my nerves.

Anyways, I'm off to bed. I'm going to Cora's tomorrow morning! Yum!!
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I had a great weekend!! It's sad to be home (and ugh, I had to go to work today, but I guess that's life right??) I went to Ottawa for a wedding on Friday. Well, the wedding wasn't actually in Ottawa. It was at a place called Bean Town Ranch near this tiny town called Plantagenet, which is about an hour east of Ottawa. It's near the Ottawa river, and it's very French (as is that whole area). We stayed in this dinky motel (which wasn't horrible - it had been renovated 6 years ago - so it was pretty normal). But the wedding place was really nice. Very picture-esque. And the food was really really good (especially for wedding food!) The first dance is done in this island thing, with the bride and groom lit up with lights and candles, and then there's fireworks too, while they're dancing. So very cheesy, but so very lovely too! And I LOVE fireworks, so yay! The only part that sucked about the place is the way they did their open bar. Now I don't know the total bill, but apparently they charge per drink. Not per hour, or per bottle, PER SINGLE DRINK. And it was something like $5/drink. Which is ridiculous. And crazy expensive. I hope to find out the total cost....just to see how much it was. The groom is the son of close family friends, and the parents are pretty open, so maybe they'll tell my parents, and then I can find out!! I did drink quite a bit (as did most everyone there!) and I danced and had a lot of fun!!

The next day (Saturday) I ate breakfast and then said goodbye to my parents (who are at Mont Tremblant for a few nights - they come back on Wednesday) and drove myself to Ottawa for the night. I had a great time in Ottawa. I didn't see anyone, but I walked around, reminicsed about my time at uni there. I walked around the Byward Market, went through Parliament, walked through Sparks street, went to the Rideau Centre, I even made time and went to Chapters (what can I say, I'm addicted!) I also went to the National Gallery, which used to be free to get in to (back in my day....okay that makes me sound old!) but now costs $9. Well, I paid it anyways. I wanted to see all the art. I love the Group of Seven. They (and their art) is my all-time favourite. Sure I like some of the classics, there is this one Van Gogh (the Almond Blossom tree) that I love love love. But nothing compares to the Group of Seven. I don't know anything about art, but I fell in love with the style of the Group of Seven a long time ago. Lawren Harris is my favourite. One day I would like to own an original painting from one of them. When I'm a gazillionaire and I can collect art.

Anyways, Sunday, I woke up, checked out and went to buy some of the best bagels ever (Kettleman's bagels - yum!) to bring home and that was it! I headed home and a loooong drive later (there was cottage traffic when I hit Oshawa) I was finally home. It was a great weekend though!!
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Another update! I figure one more before I'm home, which is in two days. :(  But it will be nice to be home again (and for everything to stop costing so much!!)

London has pretty much been good. There was an incident Saturday night that sort of soured it for me, but in the long run it's not that big of a deal.

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Wow. I am like an updating machine lately! I should always go away on vacation so I can update this thing more! Heh, I wish!!

So I'm back in London now. I arrived back on Wednesday. So now my vacation is more than half over, and I only have four more days left before I have to go home. :(  So sad...

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SO I've made it here to Prague and I had a wild night (well wild for me anyways) last night so I just wanted to post about it before I forget what happened!!

So when I got to Prague yesterday afternoon, I found my hostel okay (it's really nice as well) and then went out to explore a bit. It was quite cold here. I wandered, wandered, wandered. I found the National Museum and they were doing a String Concert later that night, so i decided to go. It was quite good. I recognized some of the pieces, but I don't know which ones they were, I just recognized the tunes! All classical music, Vivaldi, Bach, Mozart, etc.


Feb. 16th, 2008 10:05 pm
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So I'm here in Berlin. This is my last night here. Tomorrow morning I'll be on my way to Prague. Berlin has been fun. I've enjoyed my time here. I might have enjoyed it slightly more had I been with someone else. (I find evenings hard to fill, I'm not a joining person, and I haven't felt like going on a pub crawl - it's just really not my thing, but other than that it's been good.

Iäm going to cut this because itäs going to be long...

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I'm in London right now!! Yay!!!!!! Tomorrow I leave for Berlin, then Prague, and then I'll be back in London on the 20th to spend a week here. I am so tired right now though, I've been up since yesterday (I can't sleep on planes), I've walked around all day, and I'm going out for dinner tomorrow. I'm going to sleep well tonight though!!

I wanted to post about my birthday and what I did, and then concert I went to last week.

So, I got to go to the Spice Girls concert last Monday!!!!!!!! It was AMAZING!!!! Totally a last minute thing, but Amanda's father was able to score us (really good) tickets. So we went! They did all their old songs, the one new one (which I like!) and then they each did a solo. Well Posh didn't sing, but she had this (kind fo dumb) thing. It was so much fun. My ears were ringing for the whole of the next day, and my voice went all hoarse.

Then I had my birthday on Saturday. On Friday I went out with Erin and and Philina. We went out for dinner and then I made them go bowling with me. Which I enjoyed. It was fun! And I bowled pretty well!!

Saturday I slept in, went out for lunch with Faye (which is always fun) and then went out for dinner with my parents and sister. Which was really good.

Sunday I went out for dinner with Amanda. We went to this amazing French-Canadian restaurant downtown and had onion soup and split a crepe, yum!! They were out of sugar pie (which was sad) but the waiter suggested this other dessert, I forge tthe name of it, but it was warm cake drenched in caramel sweetness and served with ice cream. It was really good!!

It was a crazy long weekend. But lots of fun! I saw everything, no one would let me pay so in terms of my wallet (and sort of budget) that was good too!!

Anyways, I'm getting tired sitting here, I better start walking around to wake up!

More soon!!
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Well, another year has past. I can't believe it's already 2008, it's crazy. My New Years was fun, it was fairly reminiscent of last year. I again went to the Bier Markt with Erin and Philina. This year had the addition of Phil's boyfriend, Steve, who is wickedly funny. This was the first chance I got to really get to know him, and I really like him. And then there was anither 15 people at our table too, but we never really mingled. Which was fine, I still had fun. A few pictures will be posted in the next few days, I promise!!

This morning, I slept in until around 11am, got up and had a delicious breakfast!! My mother had bought us turkey bacon to make (my dad doesn't allow us to cook the real stuff in our house) and I made that, my dad made scramble eggs with cheese, and we had these yummy cheese croissants too. It was SO good! We never have that good of a breakfast in my house, I think the turkey bacon (which was pretty good for a substitute) made the breakfast. We'll have to do it again sometime.

After breakfast I had to go shovel the snow, which was wet and heavy. But then when I came back in, I got my mother to book my ticket to England!! Yay!! So I'm going February 11-27th, flying into London. I'm also going to Berlin and Prague for a few days each. I'm so excited!! Also, I booked Club class seats on Air Transat, which yes, was more money, but is soooo worth the comfort. It's all booked now, so I can't change my mind anyways, and I've already pre-booked my seats!

Now I'm off to go watch a movie and eat snacks!! I hope everyone had a safe and fun New Years!!


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