Jul. 31st, 2009 05:14 pm
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So I went to my eye exam this morning. It turns out there's no problems with my eyes. No health problems anyways. The bluriness was not all in my head though (though I never though I was imagining blurred vision) and it turns out my prescription has gotten worse. Le sigh. Well, my prescription has stayed roughly the same (it has actually gotten half a degree better) but my astigmatism has gotten noticeably worse. Hence the blurred vision. You know, I never had astigmatism growing up, it's only in the past three years that I developed it. It's annoying, because it means I have to buy new glasses. So I've bought new glasses. And then since they were cheap, I also got prescription sunglasses. I figured they would be good for driving and for the beach. So I spent an extra £230 today that I really wasn't planning to spend. But perhaps I'll be able to see a bit better now.

In other news, I am now officially a tourist in London again. After my eye appointment and subsequent glasses purchase, I went to Leicester Square and bought myself a ticket for Jersey Boys tonight!! Woooo! I've wanted to see it for quite some time, so it should be good. Then I went to the National Gallery and looked around. Saw some nice paintings. I bought myself this bag that I've seen a ton of people carrying about. I also got a calendar for 2010 and one postcard. Then I went tanning and now I'm back at my flat for a bit before I head out again. My glasses aren't supposed to be ready until half 7, but that's when Jersey Boys starts. So I'm going to go there for 7-ish and see if they're done. If they're not, then I'll have to go get them on Sunday.

Tomorrow I'm off to Stonehenge and then Bath! Should be fun!


Apr. 19th, 2009 08:00 pm
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Why are some people such worrywarts?? Sure, it better to be safe than sorry, but there's such a thing as too safe and then not having any fun at all! Some of these people who post to [livejournal.com profile] eurotravel need their priorities straightened! Lighten up people!

So, it's been a long ass time since I last updated. In short: I went to Montpellier, France with [livejournal.com profile] scattydove, had an amazing time! I ate lots of delicious French food, discovered I liked red wine, and met some great people! Right after that I went home, which was also an amazing time! I ate tons of yummy food (not the same as France, but good North American food!), saw tons of people, got to spend quality time with my adorable nephew, and even managed a trip to Buffalo! I've been back over a week now and have been working and not unpacking. Yeah, it's been 10 days, and my suitcase is still full....oops!

This weekend has been really good. Well, today I didn't do anything, but yesterday was amazing! I spent the day by myself out and about in London. In the morning I went to the Borough Market and wandered about. Not to mention eating my weight in food. I ate samples galore and also managed a venison burger and a plate of raclette. Yum! To take home, I bought myself a sausage (reminiscent of the delicious French ones I ate in Montpellier), brownies, and a game pie, oh and a shortbread. Then I went to Leicester Square and bought myself a theatre ticket for that evening (apparently it was treat myself day!) to see Joseph. Then as I was walking to Trafalgar Square I got myself a 99. My favourite British summer treat! At Trafalgar Square there was a Netherlands festival going on (maybe it was Netherlands Day??) and I wandered about the tents selling chips in a cone, Dutch waffles, and beer. I decided to have a beer. It was a lovely day out and drinking beer outside seemed like a good idea! It was kind of a bad idea, not because anything bad happened, but I was full already and the beer just made me fuller. Crazy full. When I got back home I made myself a salad for dinner, and I couldn't even finish it I was so full! (I ate the rest of it today, it wasn't too soggy, it was alright.) After spending a couple of hours at home (and getting my laundry done!) I went back to the Strand and saw Joseph!! It was AMAZING. I've seen it many times before, but I love it, and this is a new Joseph. A new Narrator too, she was a good singer, but she had too many annoying facial expressions. The new Jospeh (Garreth Gates) was really good. No Lee Mead, but good in his own way. Weird hair though, kind of mullet-y. But I highly enjoyed the show. Yay Andrew Lloyd Webber!

Today I've done nothing but eat more and more food. And am once again stuffed. Tomorrow the diet begins. Well, okay, not a diet, but eating in moderation is necessary!

I think that's pretty much it! Oh, my sister is coming to visit me in less than two weeks! Yay! And we're going to Paris for the night!!! I can't wait!
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I had a fun night last night. I went to a play (my friend Rachel works at the theatre and got me a free ticket). It was called 'Fat Pig', it was a comedy...it was only okay. Not super funny. It didn't get good reviews when it opened either. But hey, it was free. Then Rachel and I met her friend Pasquel (he's German) and his friend Oliver and we went to some bar in Kensington and had what they call a 'Flaming Ferrari'. It was VERY potent. Probably like 4-5 ounces of pure alcohol. They pour most of it in a martini glass, light it on fire, you stick a straw in and chug it as they pour another shot of something in. Then I drank tons of water. It made me VERY drunk. Then we did a shot of tequila (luckily Pasquel is rich - according to Rachel - and paid for it all). Then we went in search for food, went to a Morrocan place that had nargillas (hookahs). It's just flavoured tobacco that you smoke through a big bong type thing. We had some wine and some food. It was very fun!! Of course I was crazy drunk by this time...Eventually I stumbled (and I do mean stumble) back to the hostel safe and sound. And I'm not hung over today! So yay for that!!

Tomorrow I'm (finally!) moving into my new flat!! Thank goodness!! I finally found one I hope I'll be happy with. The douwnside it's in Brixton (read: not great area) but it's close to the tube, the place is really nice, and it's on a quiet street. I'm sharing just with one other (the owner) who said she's away a lot. She has a bf in nyc and apparently goes for months at a time. She also has a car and is coming to pick me (and all my crap) tomorrow morning. So that's good!! It's a small (really small) double room, and my closet is outside of the room, because there's no room for a wardrobe in the room - but there is a big thing of shelves. There's also a big lounge with a tv and sky (satellite tv for non-uk folk!) And of course wireless internet. There's two couches which are perfect for overnight guests too! So people can come visit me!! This means you [Bad username or unknown identity: scattydove!! † I'm now going to meet two of my mother's friends who live in the UK and meet in London every so often to catch up. We're going for a drink and then to see Spamalot. Which I've seen in Toronto, but they had†a convenient early evening show time. Alright, hope everyone is well!]
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It's been pouring rain outside all day. Which sucks. But I've made myself feel better by buying an expensive theatre ticket for next May, and then by seeing a movie. Yeah, while I should be working on finding a flat, I go see a movie instead.

But first, omg so much love for my theatre ticket!! Sadly, it's not until May 1st. BUT, it's for a production of Waiting for Godot starring Ian McKellen AND Patrick Stewart!! Squee!!! I am so excited for it! How amazing will it be? No words will be able to describe it. And I have a pretty good seat. In the stalls, row G but on one side. The ticket guy said I would be able to see find though. And I'll have tons of leg room, and no one will be sitting directly in front of me, so that's good. Now I just have to wait until May 1st though!!

I then saw Ghost Town which I've been dying to see, and it did not disappoint. It was very funny and had some romance in it as well.

I keep applying for a zillion jobs, but so far I've heard nothing. Very frustrating, but what's more frustrating is I have no home. I need to unpack my bags and have a regular bed and wifi. Argh. I paid for early bird service to intolondon.co.uk so maybe (hopefully) I'll find something there. I should really be calling people right now.

On the plus side though, I have (almost) free internet. I'm in an internet cafe, and you have to buy a code ticket from a machine, so I start putting in my coins, I'm buying an hour and a half of time (so £3 worth) I'm feeding it tons of coins to use up my small change. It prints me out my ticket, and then out pops £2 from the return coin dispenser. So score!

Alright, that's about it. I'm going to be serious about flat hunting and go call some people.


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