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Woooooo!!! So You Think You Can Dance Canada has started again! It actually started a while ago (maybe a week or two?) but it's still the city audtions, so I haven't missed a ton. Stupid Leah Miller is still the host. Ugh. But the amazing dancing makes up for her.

So my last day in London was good. I never did make it to Madame Tussauds, but that's okay. I did see Jersey Boys at night which was AWESOME. I am now officially obsessed with it! I listen to the soundtrack all the time. I only wish the London cast would come out with their own version, they're so much better than the Broadway cast!

I finished all my packing in time and Morgan was super nice and helped me to the airport. I never would have made it without her. My flight home was fine. I drank some, watched Star Trek, tried to sleep, listened to some music. My parents met me at the airport and we went home where my siser, Ryan, and Jeremy were waiting and we ate dinner (Jeremy, the cute bugger) went to bed. The past few days I've been seeing my family and friends. It been awesome! Amanda had her Jack and Jill and I got nice and drunk which was fun! Not to mention seeing her again of course! I saw Erin tonight (we got sushi, yum!) which was also fun. And I got to see her new house and puppies (which are adorable - they're labradoodles and only 3 months old). Tomorrow involves some cleaning, some packing, and some more laundry. And then Thursday I leave for Hilton Head!! Woo! I'm supposed to be seeing Rachel Thursday night in Baltimore. We'll see if she cancels on me. Hopefully not! And then it's two weeks in Hilton Head, the ocean, sun, and sand! Yay!

So I've noticed a lack of new fic lately. Well, there's been fic. But nothing that's grabbed my attention. So if anyone wants to rec me some Kirk/Bones (or I'd take Kirk/Spock or Bones/Spock too, or the three of them together!) that would be great!!

Hope everyone's well!!
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I'm currently catching up on So You Think You Can Dance Canada. I'm so sad I've missed a lot of the show. Thank goodness for YouTube!! I'm sooooooo glad Allie is in the final four. She is AMAZING and I LOVE her ballet solos!! I really only remember her and Nico well. I don't know the other two, so I'm catching up!!

I love it! I so wish I was going to be in Canada for the tour. :( I suppose I'll survive though in London!!
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I'm watching the top 20 perform their first live show on So You Think You Can Dance Canada. Well, it was live on Wednesday and I missed it. Thankfully MuchMusic likes to overplay this show, so I get to watch it now! I love it so far!!

Except for Leah Miller. She has gotten shouty and annoying. Argh! This is exactly what I don't like about her!! She gets loud and screechy.

Oooh, Allie (my favourite! She's a ballerina!) is up next after the commercial. I hope she does well!

ETA: She did a jive and she was AMAZING!! I loved it!

I still hate Leah Miller though...
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I think I drank too much last night. All day I've been feeling gross and yucky. Blech. Concentrating on anything seems to make me feel sick. Typing this out might be the end of me! No, I'm just kidding. But this will be short. It was Rosh Hashanah (the Jewish New Year) from Monday night to this morning. So, I've been busy with my family. Monday night we went to my sister's for dinner. Tuesday morning we all went to synagogue (even the baby - although he left halfway through and got fed). The service was NOT good. Ugh. It really disappointed me. Our regular Rabbi (who I love) and has just come back from a 6 month sabbatical, did not lead the regular service. Instead he was leading the family service in the tent, unbeknownst to a lot of people, including me. We got some woman, who is the head of some Jewish organization and a teenager who's older brother (who's now in rabbinical college) used to lead some services. The woman rabbi was not a very good singer, and she skipped, which in my opinion was pretty big parts of the service. And I think she's American and not used to how we run services at Solel. Our official designation is reform, but we kind of border on conservative, and she performed the majority of the service in English, which we do a lot more Hebrew (I feel Americans do a lot more in English). (sidenote: I had to pause my entry last night because I started feeling gross - it's now the next day and I feel back to normal!) Anyways, a lot of people hated the service. So I'm not alone, and it sucked. Boourns. On Tuesday night we had our traditional Rosh Hashanah dinner. We had 17 people this year! Myself, my parents, sister and her husband (and their baby - but he went to sleep early so he doesn't count), my grandmother, my aunt and cousin, a family of four and a family of five. So family and family friends! This is being random I know, I dunno why, I just don't feel like typing out everyone's name. Anyways, the dinner was a lot of fun. There was a "kids" table (the youngest was 24, so not exactly kids anymore!) and the "adult" table (all the parents - we think they should be the old people table!), there was good food, lots of alcohol, and good company! I drank too much and paid the consequences the next day, but if was fun the night of!! Also, my visa has been issued for swap! Yay! So everything is all set now. Also, my aunt said she would call her best friend who lives in London and ask if she needs any help (she does something with film - director, producer? Something like that) with her company. I'm crossing my fingers for that to work out! But I'm not holding my breath, but it would be AMAZING if it did! The top 20 was announced for So You Think You Can Dance Canada. THANKFULLY Emanuel Sandhu was not in it! For those not in the know, he was a national figure skating champion. He went to a couple of Olympics, but I don't think he won any medals. Anyways, he auditioned and I HATED him. He is SO stuck up. And thinks he's the shit because he's a good figure skater. And while he had lots of training in ballet (was was good in that) he was NOT good at all in contemporary. So thankfully, not well rounded enough! My favourite is Allie. She's a ballet dancer too, but she ROCKED at all the choreography!! In her final solo, she danced in a tutu and pointe shoes! Love!!! And she was so good in hip hop too! I hope she goes far! Today I've cleaned more of my room. But it's kind of a slow going process. I dunno, I'm trying, but it's uber boring. I need to get it done though. Tomorrow I need to clean all my corners and shelves, so I can out things on them in order!! I need to focus and not slack! Good night!
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Clearly I know nothing about dancing, because I'm currently watching So You Think You Can Dance Canada and I'm totally disagreeing with the judges on the a lot of the dancers. They think people are phenomenal, I think they're meh. We do agree on who we think is spectacular. They just seem to think a lot more people are spectacular than I do.

However, the host, Leah Miller, whom I normally despise, isn't too horrible. (Sidenote: Are there too many commas in that last sentence?? Oh well.) Leah Miller is a VJ on MuchMusic (similar to Mtv, but they actually play music videos) and she is UBER annoying and obnoxious. I can't stand her. On SYTYCDC she seems to be toned down. They must have told her not to be obnoxious, because she's pretty tolerable. Which is good news to me, because it means it won't annoy me to watch this show!


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