Oct. 23rd, 2008 08:41 pm
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So, I'm in London now! I'd say it's hit me what I'm doing. I'm a bit lonely, but I haven't cried, and I'll certainly survive.

I arrived on Wednesday midday. I made my way to the hostel. Sorted myself out for the remainder of the week (I'd rather stay in a not-so-great hostel, then schlep my luggage on the tube again to a better hostel). I then proceeded to Oxford street to look at the shops. I got myself a UK sim card. I tried to find a winter coat, but to no avail. I tried again today and saw a couple that were okay, but I think I'm still going to look. They're more expensive then I thought they'd be, so I want to actually like it, rather than settle for one! I also went to the Bunac office and re-vamped my resume. Tomorrow I have orientation, so, I think I'll learn a lot more about how to find a place to live and a job.

I'm still pretty tired. That could be because a) I didn't sleep super well last night, b) I'm still jet-lagged, and c) I only slept for two hours on the overnight flight here. Hopefully I'll sleep better tonight. I have to wake up fairly early tomorrow so I can switch rooms and make it the orientation at 10:30am!

I'm seeing a friend from university (Shannon - who first introduced me to livejournal!) on Saturday who's going to be in London for the one night (she was in Paris for two months improving her French and she's going back to Canada from Heathrow). We're going to meet up for dinner! It will be great catching up with her again!

I texted my family friend, Hilary (who's here for university - I stayed with her in February), but she doesn't seem interested in getting together. Which kind of pisses me off. I dunno why. I know she's busy, and I know she already has her own friends, and we're not close or anything, but you think she could suggest a time to meet for coffee or something. Whatever. It's only been a day, and I'm not going to get pissy about it.

I should email my one other friend who lives here. Maybe I'll do that tomorrow. I don't feel like getting any more rejections today!

I'm going to shower, and then try to sleep! Good night!


Oct. 20th, 2008 11:30 pm
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Omg, I have ONE day left at home before I get on a plane and travel to London, England to live and work for the next year. I'm not totally freaked out, because it still hasn't sunk in yet what I'm doing. Maybe it will when I get on the plane. I haven't really cried either, which kind of surprises me. I said goodbye to my sister tonight. It was sad, but not enough to make me cry. Even saying goodbye to Amanda and Erin didn't make me cry. Hmmm, maybe I'm just a cold-hearted person?! Nah. but I have trouble crying at real-life events. Movies, books, fan fiction, no problem. I cry like there's no tomorrow. But real-life?? I just don't. I dunno...

Anyways, so I've been doing lots this past week. Lots of people to see! Lol! Not really, but I have seen everyone I wanted to see and I've had fun doing it! I should move away more often, people have been treating me so well this past week!! Lol!

On Friday I went out for lunch with Faye. We went to the mall. We ate at A&W and then walked around. We saw Michelle Rowen (one of my favourite authors!) in Zellers but I was too shy to go up to her. I should have. Because I think it would have made her excited to be recognized, but I didn't. Oh well. I still saw her!! On Friday night, I was picked up by Philina and Steve and we headed downtown for my goodbye get together (my kind of party!) Amanda, Jen, and Jessie came out and we went for dinner. We were supposed to be going to the Bier Markt, but there was a really long wait so we went next door to the Scotland Yard and ate dinner there. It was okay. Good company anyways! I then (after two beers and I was perhaps a bit tipsy) decided I wanted to go to Jack Astors for some raspberry twisters and apple pie. I dunno why I didn't think of going there for dinner too. Oh well. So we walked in the cold to Jacks. I had two "jack it up" (ie. double the alcohol) raspberry twisters and then I shared apple pie and chocolate cake with Philina and Steve. It was really fun! Amanda bought my food and drinks at Scotland Yard, and Phil and Steve bought my drinks and dessert at Jack Astors. Which was really nice of everyone!

On Saturday I met Erin and Philina for lunch at Astoria's, a Greek restaurant we all love. We went to the Mississauga one because it's much easier to get to then the Danforth. So, we had a good lunch. Erin bought my lunch. We then went to Cloverdale mall for some cookies and Winners. Again, it was a lot of fun. Erin had to go to work, so we went our separate ways. I met Suzie for tea at Starbucks (Suzie treated me but by this point I wasn't feeling too well - I managed to catch a cold on Friday, grrrr....I'm almost better now though). We chatted lots. Eventually I had to go though. I had lots of laundry to do!

Sunday I did more laundry and bummed around. I didn't do as much as I should have. Today I was organizing all my clothes. Tomorrow I have to pack it all. I probably have too much to do tomorrow. I wish I wasn't such a procrastinator. Oh well.

Tonight I went out with my parents, sister, brother-in-law and my nephew. We went to the Keg, yum!! It was so good! And the waiter gave me a free dessert too! Before we got there, they has asked my sister if we were celebrating any kind of occasion, and she told him I was moving away, so I got free dessert! We got a huge slice of Billy Miner Pie which we all shared. We then went back to my sister's for some wine and Skor squares which she had made for me. Even though I was stuffed, I managed to eat two little ones!! I lent my sister my Wii while I'm gone, so we set it up and played some tennis and bowling. I taught my mom how to bowl, and she wasn't too horrible at it! My sister gave me a webcam as a going away gift! She got one too. So now she can hold up my nephew to the computer and I can still see him! And he can see me too. Yay! She also packed me four Skor squares to take with me. Phil had given me some M&Ms too to take with me. So I can eat candy all the way to London!

Alright, it's late and I want to go to bed. One last sleep in my own bed! Goodnight!
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I think I drank too much last night. All day I've been feeling gross and yucky. Blech. Concentrating on anything seems to make me feel sick. Typing this out might be the end of me! No, I'm just kidding. But this will be short. It was Rosh Hashanah (the Jewish New Year) from Monday night to this morning. So, I've been busy with my family. Monday night we went to my sister's for dinner. Tuesday morning we all went to synagogue (even the baby - although he left halfway through and got fed). The service was NOT good. Ugh. It really disappointed me. Our regular Rabbi (who I love) and has just come back from a 6 month sabbatical, did not lead the regular service. Instead he was leading the family service in the tent, unbeknownst to a lot of people, including me. We got some woman, who is the head of some Jewish organization and a teenager who's older brother (who's now in rabbinical college) used to lead some services. The woman rabbi was not a very good singer, and she skipped, which in my opinion was pretty big parts of the service. And I think she's American and not used to how we run services at Solel. Our official designation is reform, but we kind of border on conservative, and she performed the majority of the service in English, which we do a lot more Hebrew (I feel Americans do a lot more in English). (sidenote: I had to pause my entry last night because I started feeling gross - it's now the next day and I feel back to normal!) Anyways, a lot of people hated the service. So I'm not alone, and it sucked. Boourns. On Tuesday night we had our traditional Rosh Hashanah dinner. We had 17 people this year! Myself, my parents, sister and her husband (and their baby - but he went to sleep early so he doesn't count), my grandmother, my aunt and cousin, a family of four and a family of five. So family and family friends! This is being random I know, I dunno why, I just don't feel like typing out everyone's name. Anyways, the dinner was a lot of fun. There was a "kids" table (the youngest was 24, so not exactly kids anymore!) and the "adult" table (all the parents - we think they should be the old people table!), there was good food, lots of alcohol, and good company! I drank too much and paid the consequences the next day, but if was fun the night of!! Also, my visa has been issued for swap! Yay! So everything is all set now. Also, my aunt said she would call her best friend who lives in London and ask if she needs any help (she does something with film - director, producer? Something like that) with her company. I'm crossing my fingers for that to work out! But I'm not holding my breath, but it would be AMAZING if it did! The top 20 was announced for So You Think You Can Dance Canada. THANKFULLY Emanuel Sandhu was not in it! For those not in the know, he was a national figure skating champion. He went to a couple of Olympics, but I don't think he won any medals. Anyways, he auditioned and I HATED him. He is SO stuck up. And thinks he's the shit because he's a good figure skater. And while he had lots of training in ballet (was was good in that) he was NOT good at all in contemporary. So thankfully, not well rounded enough! My favourite is Allie. She's a ballet dancer too, but she ROCKED at all the choreography!! In her final solo, she danced in a tutu and pointe shoes! Love!!! And she was so good in hip hop too! I hope she goes far! Today I've cleaned more of my room. But it's kind of a slow going process. I dunno, I'm trying, but it's uber boring. I need to get it done though. Tomorrow I need to clean all my corners and shelves, so I can out things on them in order!! I need to focus and not slack! Good night!
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This weekend was really good! On Friday we had a family dinner as my sister was staying over again. We had a yummy dinner and then my sister and I convinced my dad to go out and buy my mom a new desk and bookshelf. He had seen one in a Home Depot flyer that was good. We went to the Home Depot nearest to my house, but they didn't have any in stock (and the sale was only on until Sunday). The only Home Depot in the GTA that had them in stock was in Oakville, about a 15 minute highway drive away. My dad didn't want to go, and said we could go the next morning, but my sister and I convinced him (yet again!) So off we went to Oakville (and for those who live in the GTA, this was Burloak Drive in the new plaza thing there, so not close Oakville, far Oakville, almost Burlington) and found the desk and bookshelf. Loaded them into the car and went home.

The next morning, at around 9:30am my sister made us put the desk together (she's pretty anal and demanding and obsessive - but of course, I love her!) It was complicated (or we're morons - maybe a bit of both) and took us what seems like forever for three of us to put this thing together. It took two and a half hours. By that time I had to go. I got ready, did a few errands, and picked up Amanda for apple picking!! We went to her mother's friend's orchard in Stouffville. It was HUGE, and so picturesque. We picked tons of apples in no time. I ate a couple as well! Yummy! I love freshly picked apples! We then headed back to her place, picking up some treats and dinner on the way! She has Wii Fit, so I got to try that! I wish I could find it to buy it! We made souvlaki (okay, Amanda made souvlaki) for dinner. It was so yummy! I love greek food. I MUST make my way to Greece in the next year. Amanda and I also watched the Sex and the City movie. Again, SO good!!

This morning I tried to sleep in, I sort of did. I slept until 9:30am. During the day on Saturday, after I left, my dad and sister put together the bookshelf and set up the room. So I admired their work in the morning. The room looks really good now!! I hung around at home, in the afternoon I went to Faye's to drop off/pick up a few things. We chatted about her vacation! I came home, watched some football, Liz stopped by and we were all chatting. We made plans for a Buffalo trip in two weeks. Just for the day! For wings at the Anchor Bar!! Yum!!

This week, I have no plans. Except it's Rosh Hashanah (the Jewish new year) on Monday night and Tuesday. I have have have to start organizing and cleaning my room. I want to get it doneby this weekend. I'm also supposed to be meeting Karina for coffee on Thursday afternoon after she's done work. Hopefully I'll hear from Travel Cuts and them telling me they have my passport with my visa in it and to come pick it all all up! It should be ready this week!

Okay I think that's about all. Hope everyone is doing well!!
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I decided this needs it's own entry, because it's super exciting!!

I booked my ticket to London today!! Yay!! I'll arrive on October 22nd to live and work!! Yayayayayayay!!!!!!!

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I've decided I can be fans of both Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal, and have appropriated icons of both. It all comes down to good tennis and that's what both of these (hot) men bring! I'm currently watching the first Men's semi final at the US Open. It's between Federer and Djokovic (who, although I don't love as a person, is very good looking!!) I've gotten pretty loud at shouting at the tv, which if anyone else was around (which thankfully no one is) might be pretty embarrassing. I used to make fun of my parents who scream at the tv when they watch football (especially my mother when she's watching the Bills!) but now I've realized I do it too when I watch exciting tennis!

In other news, I finally told my grandmother about quitting my job and moving to England. I can't say she's too pleased about it, but at least now I've told her and have done my part.

I met Suzie for dinner last night. We agreed on sushi after discovering that downtown would be crazy because of the film festival. So we went to Sushi on Bloor. It takes me FOREVER (and a day) to get there. Which really really annoys me. I hate traffic!! It should take me about 35-40 minutes to get there (it's pretty midtown, so kind of annoying to get to, but I like the area), however last night there were accidents and traffic causing major delays and it literally took me 75 minutes to get there. Which is INSANE. First there was an accident on my way down to the highway, causing me not to be able to go through an intersection I needed to go through, so I had to turn around and go down to a different road and get on the highway that way....then once I got to the highway there was traffic the entire way. Then I'm winding through city streets and missing every light and there's traffic because it's Friday night and everyone and their dog is heading downtown, however, I finally get there and find parking at my preferred lot. Then I get to eat sushi which always makes me happy. Also, who should be sitting at two tables away from? It's my aunt and cousin and what appears to be a bunch of my cousin's friends. So we chatted for a bit.

Apparently my sister is on her way over...and the kitchen is a mess....oops!
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I'm kind of bored right now. And it's mainly because I've felt like doing NOTHING all day. What's wrong with me? Why am I not more motivated to go out and DO something. I get like this when there's no one around to bother me. I guess I don't do well without people (read: my mother) nagging me. I should have mowed the lawn today, I should have called my grandmother, I should have gotten dressed, and yet, I've done none of that. We all deserve a day off now and then though, right? Although, I probably take waaaay more of my share of those.

Yesterday was good though. I woke up relatively early. I went and dropped of my swap application at Travel Cuts (I got an email from them today and now I have a TON of forms to fill out) and then I went to my sister's and I picked up lunch for us at Quiznos. I had a chicken mesquite sub and it was SO good. I don;t know why this one was so good, but it was. Anyways, my sister and I did some stamping. I designed my Christmas card for this year (I need to get them done early this year because I won't be bringing my stamping stuff with me to England) and I cut all of it. Next time I need to stamp it all and then put it together, but it's all planned (I made two of what I wanted - now only 15 more to go!) I figure I also need to make a few Hanukkah cards this year too. What with having to mail everything. Although, maybe I can just buy them??? We'll see. Anyways, I left around 6pm and came home.

I ate pizza (I also eat eat pretty poorly when no one else is around) and baked brownies (yum!!) and then watched the new 90210. I though it would be horrible, but it was actually pretty good!

I guess I should cut for spoilers... )
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It's been awhile since I've updated and a lot has been happening!! Mainly all exciting though, so that's good!!

The main news first. In a nutshell: I quit my job and I've decided to move to England for a year. Woo hoo!!

I tried to get a leave of absence (well really just unpaid time off) for a vacation that I'm going on in a week, and they wouldn't give it to me, so I decided to quit. I've been wanting to quit for quite some time, I really really hate my job, so I really do not feel down about it at all. When I was arguing about whether I should quit or not with my friend Karina (who I work with - she didn't want me to quit - more about that later) she wanted to know what I would do instead. This is a few weeks ago. On a whim I said, "I dunno, maybe I'll move to London." And that idea stuck with me. It's something I've wanted to do for a number of years, and I feel I'm ready now to take the plunge and do it. So when I get back from my Hilton Head vacation in two weeks, I will start the visa process. It takes 7 weeks to get the visa, and then I have to wait until after the Jewish holidays, so I should be there by the third week in October.

A lot of people have said they'll come and visit me, I really hope some of them do come.

In other happenings. I saw Avenue Q last week here in Toronto. I didn't think it would be as good as it was in London. But it was AMAZING!! I got a good deal on a ticket ($30!!) from a travel website and decided to go by myself. I'm really glad I decided to go, it was fairly last minute....the cast was so amazing! I loved it. Loved it. Loved it!!

Today was an amazing day. Very busy, and I'm exhausted now and need to go to bed. But a quick rundown. I woke up early this morning (after going to bed pretty late last night - I was busy partying at Amanda's!) and I picked up Suzy (who's back from Oz!) at Yorkdale and we went to my sister's because she's having a stamping sale. She's selling off a lot of her stamp sets, ones that are retired, or extra ones that she had, and some other accessories and cards. So you'd be buying her used stuff (for the most part - there were some new things too) and with the money you spent on her things, you could pick out free product from the new catalogue. So, basically you're placing new orders and getting her old stuff for free, but it was set up the other way. Anyways, so she was getting rid of a couple of stamp sets and stamps that I use all the time and love. But since she won't have them anymore, I had to buy them for myself! So, I got two of her stamp sets, some ribbon, some single stamps, and some cards. Then from the catalogue, I got a new Christmas stamp set, gold ink and paper, a pen and a circle punch (1 and 3/4"). My Christmas cards are going to look so nice this year!! I can't wait to get the new things! Hmmm, I guess I'll have to make all my cards before I leave.

After the sale, I drove downtown and met Erin and Philina. We went to Centre Island and had a picnic lunch. It was amazing. We had a ton of good food, we tried to fly a kite, we went pedal-boating (well they did, I sat on a blanket and listened to music!) I would write more about it, but I am getting REALLY tired.

After the Island, I met Amanda (I was right by her place) and we hung out for a bit. We played Dance Dance Revolution, ate lots of food, watched the Olympics. Chatted. It was really good.

And the best part? Canada has (finally) won some medals! Including a swimming bronze about 2 hours ago. I saw it live and it was so exciting! Go Canada!!!

Good night!
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I've had a pretty boring long weekend (today is a holiday - which means, yay! Short work for me!) It started off well enough, but then I did nothing exciting Saturday or Sunday. And today, so far I've done nothing, but I do have plans ot go run some errands in a bit. I want to go buy some things. I want the new Alanis Morrissette cd, I want the season 5 dvd of Las Vegas, and I need to go buy some things for my swap package, because I have yet to do that. But I figure if I get everything ready today and tomorrow, I'm fine for time.

Anyways, Friday night was really good. Our old next door neighbours (the Dooleys) were here for a visit so we all went out for dinner to this really good Italian place near my sisters. I had so much fun. The daughter, Sarah, and I used ot be best friends growing up. And we see them every once in awhile (they live in Altanta now but they're from here and all their family is still here, so they come up periodically). Every time I see them though we have the best time, like we've been close friends this whole time even though we barely talk anymore. I laughed so hard I cried, on numerous occasions. I have two three hour layovers in Atlanta on my flight to Hilton Head in a few weeks (one each way). I met them at the airport last year during a layover, so I hope to see them again (there's Sarah, and her older brother Brian). It's always fun to catch up. One of these days I should make a trip to Atlanta. We used to go a lot when I was younger (and we were closer to them - plus my dad used to be able to do a lot of business in Atlanta) and they had just moved there (they moved in the summer of 1993), but the last time I was there was in 1997. So I should probably plan a short trip there at some point. Anyways, it was a good night!

I still don't know if I'm quitting my job or not next week. I asked for a leave of absence to go away on vacation to Hilton Head. My supervisor was really nice and receptive about it. But it's not up to her. She asked her manager and he's supposed to ask someone else (I guess in hr) and then they'll get back to me. She wasn't working on Friday, so I think I'll find out tomorrow. In a way I kind of want to quit...but I guess it's easier if I don't. I don't like my job, but it is a job, and I've been there for over two and a half years already, so maybe I should stick it out. But I've been entertaining the idea of moving to London again. Although since the last time I've looked at doing SWAP, the price has gone waaaaay up. It used to be about $350, it's now $750. But I looked into getting the visa by myself and it seems like a big it's probably better if I go through them, plus then when I get there I would have access to the BUNAC resources. I'm just worried that I wouldn't be able to find a good enough job. I don't have a university education and I feel that would hinder me. I dunno...sure I could work retail or food-related, but i don't think that would pay enough money. And the main thing is, I don't know if I'm brave enough to love halfway around the world by myself and start over with no support, no friends, no nothing. So I'm all conflicted.

Alright, time to go spend some money!


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