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So, I'm in the Atlanta airport on my shiny laptop!! I'm now one of those losers with their laptop who can't bear to be unconnected for even the time inbetween flights...however, to be fair to myself, I did have 3.5 hours inbetween. There are a lot of wifi networks to choose from here...there's one from T-Mobile that wants to charge you $9.99/24 hours. However, I was smart enough to keep checking other networks and found one that was free. Why would someone want to pay $10 for internet when there's free internet too?? Anyone who does pay is stupid. Imho anyways!!

So, my vacation is over. So sad. But now I can plan for my next adventure! Moving to London!! And trying not to spend too much money between now and then! I had a really good vacation though...lots of beach, sun, water, good food, a bit of shopping and a really good time!!

I think that's about it....there's two guys sitting near me who are wearing matching
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I got a new latop last night!! Woohoo!! It's my first laptop. It's pretty exciting, although this keyboard will take getting used to. I'm so used to a regular keyboard, I keep hitting random buttons, instead of the letters I want. Like, instead of 'a'I keep hitting the CAPS lock. Maybe it's just me. Also, Vista is going to take time to get used to. And not to mention all the programs and applications I need to download. And I need tol figure out a way to transfer over all my music from my desktop. But seeing as I'm still on vacation (!!!) this will all have to wait until I get home.

My comptuter was a pretty good deal. $449 ( bought it at a Best Buy here in Hilton Head), it's a Compaq, AMD Turion Dual Core, 2.0 ghz, 3gb ram, 200gb hard drive, and a 15.4" screen. Which is actually bigger than I wanted (I only wanted a 14.1" max) but it was too good of a deal. I looked online at all the places as home to see if I should wait and buy something there, but everything was more expensive. They all pretty much started at $599 (plus more tax, it's 13% at home, only 7% here) and for less ram too, all that I saw only had 2gb, plus they were more money! There was one on sale at Best Buy (at home, in Mississauga) that was $399, but it was only an AMD Sepron processor and only 1gb of ram. So, this one is a lot better. Anyways, I'm quite pleased with it! I did pay $30 for an optimization, I'm not sure it was worth it, but too late now. It was supposed to clean up the computer, delete all the trial stuff...I don't know what the computer would look like before the optimization, but meh, it was only $30. I also bought a laptop sleeve (at Staples though), but it's kind of big, and I'm not sure I love it. But I think I'll keep it for now.

In other news, my vacation is pretty good so far! We went out for really good sushi last night! Yum! We discovered this place last year and it's just so good!! I love sushi. Anytime, anywhere. We've been going to the beach every day too. I'm supposed to be getting ready for the beach right now....but obviously I'm not. I'm going to play some tennis with my dad later this afternoon. We went shopping two days ago to Target and the Outlet mall, but I didn't really find anything. I bought a top at Target and a top and a pair of jeans from Old Navy. Oh! And I found the mints I couldn't find in Buffalo!! They're Altoid, sugar free mini mints, I grew addicted to them a few years ago, but I can only find them in the US and last time I was in Buffalo I couldn't find them. Tragic!! But I found them in the Target here! So yay!!

Alright, I'm off to get ready to go to the beach!! Ciao!!!


Aug. 21st, 2008 05:29 pm
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So, my last day of work was on Tuesday. Yay! Good riddance Air Miles!! It wasn't really sad. Maybe a bit, because I won't see most of those people again. But I'm SO glad to not be there now and to have FREEDOM!! Sure, it's a novelty now, and I'm sure in September I'll be super bored. But it's great right now.

On Saturday I leave for Hilton Head for a week. I'm looking forward to it. Good meals out, sitting on the beach, reading a ton of books, and good old American shopping! My grandmother gave me some money to spend on myself for this trip, which was super nice and totally unexpected, but great all the same. So, it means I'm going to try and find Wii Fit and buy it, and maybe do a bit of clothes shopping too.

My sister was over yesterday and started talking about a potential trip to Chicago because her husband might be going there for some training from work. It would be a week and her and my nephew would probably go too. I invited myself along too! I've always wanted to go to Chicago, and I could use my air miles for the plane ticket. I'd have to get my own hotel room, but I think it would be fun. I dunno about spending all that money though. And nothing is set in stone, but it would be great if I could swing it.

I'm also thinking of buying a laptop before I leave for London. I'll need a computer there, and it's not practical to bring my desktop, so I need to find a laptop. I was thinking of getting a Macbook, but I'm not 100% sure. They're definitely more than a laptop, but not much more, and they would come with everything in it. And if I buy it before September 15th, I can get a free iPod touch....not that I need that, but if it's free, why not?! So, I wanted to use some savings bonds to buy my laptop, but argh! I just looked them up online and I can't cash them in until November, which will be impossible, since I already plan to be in London at that time. Stupid me when I was 16 and purchasing these bonds and I stupidly chose ones that could only be cashed once a year (probably because it was higher interest). Grrrr....from doing some research, I can see if I can cash them in before the annual date, but you have to have a specific reason, like buying a house, for education, or to prevent bankruptcy. I wonder if moving out of the country and needing to buy a laptop counts?! I wish the annual date was October 1st and not November. I'm still going to go into a bank and ask though....maybe the banker person won't notice the date or something and give me my money anyways!

So, my plan for today was to do some laundry and go grocery shopping. I have yet to do either. And it's already 5:30pm...oh well. I still need to go laundry though....I can go grocery shopping tomorrow. I just need to make sure I'm productive tomorrow morning!


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