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In light of [ profile] scattydove's post the other week (it might have been a couple of weeks ago, I can't remember, and clearly can't be bothered to go check) I thought I would reiterate in mine. There's not a specific reason, just that it pisses me off to no end. Okay, pisses me off might be too harsh, but definitely annoys me to no end would be accurate.

This is taken from a friend's facebook. Not mine and I am not friends with this person, but here you go:

dnt lie ystrdy at wrk bre peeps wer sayin dey got paid alredy!fank god i neva dun ma online shoppin spree last nyt!lol yeh im on goin weneva!organize it n il b der!

Are you fucking kidding me??????????? That's the worst butchering of the English language EVER. Bar none. Holy SHIT!!!

Here is an example that while it makes me shudder, it does not make me implode like the example above:

I know..... its so long... how are u darling?? M good. M currently working with DELL. so any plans of coming down to india?? wat are you doing these days??

The latter is clearly from a different person. It borders on acceptable. Not quite, but almost. Most importantly, it doesn't make me want to rip my eyes out of my head with a spoon.

Both people (as is my friend who I stole these examples from) are Asian. Why oh why does every single Asian person need to type like that??? Why? Because I've noticed they're the majority of the offenders. They are quite capable of typing normally, they speak normally, they don't speak in shortform or acronyms, so why must they type like that?? Why I ask you??? WHY???



Thanks for listening!!
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Yep, she just texted me. I now have no plans for tonight. All dressed up and no where to go.



Jan. 14th, 2009 11:21 pm
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So I went out with Rachel today. For the most part I had a good time. But omg, some of the things she says...she can be so ditzy and clueless! She took us a crazy long way to her flat from Holborn because she doesn't know her area, because she doesn't explore. Okay, so I don't know my area well, but I live in crap Brixton. She lives in Covent Garden which is non-sketchy and full of lovely places! It's cold out today (okay, not as cold as Toronto which was under an extreme cold alert, but it felt cold!) and she was wearing tights (a lurid hot pink - if I was with Amanda and we saw her on the street we would mock her forever) and a jersey top that she thinks is a dress, but it's not really long enough. And all she did was complain that she was cold. Well, maybe if you dressed warmer...also her visa expires at the end of April and she's talking about trying to stay, etc. And she started talking about an Entertainers visa, which I had never really heard of before. She said it would allow her to audition for things, work as an actor, and live in the UK, etc. And she said she would be able to get it without a sponsor. Little does she know of course. I looked it up and she would need a sponsor, and an offer of work. She also seems to think that she could work at another job while auditioning (although really she can't be auditioning anyways, she already needs a job) and she can, but only 20 hours a week in a related field. Although, she may be able to go around that, because you don't tell anyone that you're working, so I'm sure no one would bother to check that you're sticking to the 20 hours/week. But it just bothers me when she's all high and mightly about things she knows nothing about. It was all bad though. She introduced me to some good Indian food. Which one day I hope to be able to afford! And she invited me to Amsterdam with her and her new boyfriend. But they're going at the end of April, and I don't think I'll be able to afford it, nor get the time off of work. And I've been there before, so I'm not that bothered by it. I want to visit home more!! Speaking of holidays though, I must take time and talk to my manager tomorrow about my vacation time. I need to book off February, March, and April! At some point I need to be able to afford a ticket back to London too. It's expensive right now though...

I heard from my flatmate/landlord (landlady?) yesterday and she's coming back in about a week. :( I've enjoyed having the place to myself! But I guess it's time to get used to sharing again.
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[ profile] scattydove just posted about keeping her journal positive and not using it to whine or rant. Which makes me feel a little bit bad about this post...but only a bit, because it's my journal, used for what I want. I like it as an outpost for my emotions. Anyways, feel free to skip over this post because it's full of rants!!

First off, argh! There are a ton of bad drivers out there. This probably nothing new, but I it really really bugs me! Especially when they're in the passing lane going 105km/hr (and the speed limit is 100km) and the middle lane is completely empty (or there's room anyways) and they don't move over! And what really bugs me is when I'm coming down the road, there's a car I can see wanting to turn right, they SEE me coming, but decide to turn anyways. Causing me to SLAM on my breaks to avoid hitting them!! Argh! It really pisses me off! And yes, this happened to me on my way home from my sister's today. I'm coming along Erin Mills Parkway, I'm in the right turn lane, a car is sitting in the driveway of Petro Canada waiting to turn, I know they see me (because you'd have to be blind not to - there was nothing blocking their view - and if they are blind then they should obviously not be driving, but I digress) and then they decide to turn, while I'm coming. There's a red light at the corner and they don't fit all the way into the lane next to me. Ugh! I slam on my breaks, lean on my horn (hopefully I scared them, because they scared me!), they edge forward, I can get by, I glare at them and gesture angrily, mumble for a bit to myself, and then I'm home. But argh!!! People like that PISS ME OFF.

Okay, moving on. I hear on the radio today (on my way to my sister's) about some vandalism that happened in mid-Toronto. People supporting the Liberal candidate in that riding had vandalism done to their house (apparently people spray-painted their house) and graffitied the Liberal lawn signs and knocked them over. Which is bad enough. However, some people also found their brake-lines cut in their car. Yeah, like someone severed the brakes in people's cars because they didn't agree with their political affiliation. I don't think there was any accidents because of that (thank goodness!) and it's been in the news and apparently anyone who had a lawn sign for that candidate was being notified, so they could check for any damage. But, oh my god!! Could you imagine having a relatively new car, not thinking anything could possibly be wrong, get in your car, get to the stop sign at the end of your street and not being able to stop?!?!?! Going right through the stop sign into oncoming traffic?!?! It's CRAZY!!! And not to mention the monetary loss that would be. I don't know how much it would cost to fix the brakes, but I imagine it's not cheap.

And my last one. So the other day I was saying how Suzie expects rides from me, and how much I resented that. But I realized last night, it's not that she expects rides, it's that she's not afraid to ask for one. What also bugs me, is she never ever offers gas money. I can't remember a time when she has. She may have before, but I can tell you right now it's been a loooong time if she has. Oh she has. When we went to Niagara, but I also asked for it. Not sure if she would have willingly. Hopefully she would have. Everyone else I've driven places offers me gas money. It's honestly more the gesture...I don't take the money (unless I've driven far - like Buffalo) but it's nice to offer. I'm sure I've complained about this before. But I was lying in bed last night, thinking about this, and it was bothering me. The good: I pick up Philina on the way to Erin's or something (and Phil's totally on the way) and she tried to offer me gas money. Amanda always tries to give me money. As did Erin before she got her car. The annoying: When Suzie came back from Australia I offered to pick her up from the airport, so she could tell me about her trip, we could catch up, it would save her the taxi fare, etc. So I did. The flight was late (which is no fault of hers) and I was parked at the (expensive!) airport for two hours. She finally arrives, we make our way to my car. She does NOT offer to pay for the parking (or part of the parking), we maek our way to her place in mid-Toronto (which, being at the airport already isn't as big of a deal as it is from my place), I drop her off. We stand chatting for quite some time. It's crazy late and I'm exhausted and I have to work the next morning, so I say goodbye and come home. She does NOT offer any gas money. Even though I went out of my way for her, she couldn't even offer me $10. I saved her $50 in taxi fare, but apparently she just took that as I'm loaded, I don't need money. Which is so not true. And I understand she just came from from being away for 5 weeks, she doesn't have a lot of money, but it was her decision to travel, it was for pleasure, it's not like she was working somewhere far to make more money or something. And maybe she didn't have any Canadian cash on her, but then shew could have stuck her credit card into the parking machine thing to pay for the parking. It was something like $14. I think that's a pretty good bargain rather than $50. It really bothered me then, and it still bothers me now to think about it. Maybe I could have asked her for something, but I'm not bold enough to do that. So argh! It bugs me! However it's not like I brood about this everyday. I do have better things to think about it! Like London!!

Okay, aaaaannnnnd, end rant!
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I've spent the majority of my evening searching different German Christmas Markets and tours and flights that go there. I want to go!!! They all look so pretty and festive. I LOVE festive! Even though I don't celebrate Christmas, I love the festive season! It's so pretty and everyone is (usually) so happy. Lights are twinkling, the snow looks all crisp and clean.

In other news, I made an apple pie today! It turned out pretty good if I do say so myself! It probably needed a little more flour, and the crust (Pilsbury refridgerated crusts) wasn't the best I've ever had, but it was still good!! I'm going to make it again for Thanksgiving next week.

This is a weekend full of stamping (and cleaning of course!) Tomorrow, Suzie is having a stamping party at my sister's house (she doesn't have room in her apartment) and so I'm going to that. It's turned pretty much into my party, because the only people who are coming are MY friends, but whatever. It's not like I need any stamping anything, so I don't need the hostess benefits. Then on Sunday I'm going back to my sister's because she having a class (Designer Paper series) and I said a long time ago I wanted to go. Suzie wants to go to that one too, but I refuse to pick her up two days in a row at Yorkdale, which is fair I think. Ugh, it's so annoying when people don't have cars and they live in the MIDDLE of Toronto and is NOT easy to get to. I hate driving more than half an hour to get to someone's place. Of course there are always exceptions to that. But when people EXPECT me to pick them up (which Suzie does) it grates on my nerves.

Anyways, I'm off to bed. I'm going to Cora's tomorrow morning! Yum!!

Quick rant

Aug. 22nd, 2008 09:26 am
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Why do people who don't have a car always assume you'll come to them??? Maybe I don't want to drive for 40 minutes to the middle of Toronto (and the most inconvenient place for me to get to from my house), have to pay for parking, to meet you for dinner. Why don't you make an effort and come out to my neighbourhood? Yes it's a long way for you with no car, but how is that my fault? And it is very very possible to do. That's why there's such a thing called public transportation. You say you want to see me before I leave, but you don't seem to want to make any effort.


Okay, now I feel better!
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It's been awhile since I've updated and a lot has been happening!! Mainly all exciting though, so that's good!!

The main news first. In a nutshell: I quit my job and I've decided to move to England for a year. Woo hoo!!

I tried to get a leave of absence (well really just unpaid time off) for a vacation that I'm going on in a week, and they wouldn't give it to me, so I decided to quit. I've been wanting to quit for quite some time, I really really hate my job, so I really do not feel down about it at all. When I was arguing about whether I should quit or not with my friend Karina (who I work with - she didn't want me to quit - more about that later) she wanted to know what I would do instead. This is a few weeks ago. On a whim I said, "I dunno, maybe I'll move to London." And that idea stuck with me. It's something I've wanted to do for a number of years, and I feel I'm ready now to take the plunge and do it. So when I get back from my Hilton Head vacation in two weeks, I will start the visa process. It takes 7 weeks to get the visa, and then I have to wait until after the Jewish holidays, so I should be there by the third week in October.

A lot of people have said they'll come and visit me, I really hope some of them do come.

In other happenings. I saw Avenue Q last week here in Toronto. I didn't think it would be as good as it was in London. But it was AMAZING!! I got a good deal on a ticket ($30!!) from a travel website and decided to go by myself. I'm really glad I decided to go, it was fairly last minute....the cast was so amazing! I loved it. Loved it. Loved it!!

Today was an amazing day. Very busy, and I'm exhausted now and need to go to bed. But a quick rundown. I woke up early this morning (after going to bed pretty late last night - I was busy partying at Amanda's!) and I picked up Suzy (who's back from Oz!) at Yorkdale and we went to my sister's because she's having a stamping sale. She's selling off a lot of her stamp sets, ones that are retired, or extra ones that she had, and some other accessories and cards. So you'd be buying her used stuff (for the most part - there were some new things too) and with the money you spent on her things, you could pick out free product from the new catalogue. So, basically you're placing new orders and getting her old stuff for free, but it was set up the other way. Anyways, so she was getting rid of a couple of stamp sets and stamps that I use all the time and love. But since she won't have them anymore, I had to buy them for myself! So, I got two of her stamp sets, some ribbon, some single stamps, and some cards. Then from the catalogue, I got a new Christmas stamp set, gold ink and paper, a pen and a circle punch (1 and 3/4"). My Christmas cards are going to look so nice this year!! I can't wait to get the new things! Hmmm, I guess I'll have to make all my cards before I leave.

After the sale, I drove downtown and met Erin and Philina. We went to Centre Island and had a picnic lunch. It was amazing. We had a ton of good food, we tried to fly a kite, we went pedal-boating (well they did, I sat on a blanket and listened to music!) I would write more about it, but I am getting REALLY tired.

After the Island, I met Amanda (I was right by her place) and we hung out for a bit. We played Dance Dance Revolution, ate lots of food, watched the Olympics. Chatted. It was really good.

And the best part? Canada has (finally) won some medals! Including a swimming bronze about 2 hours ago. I saw it live and it was so exciting! Go Canada!!!

Good night!


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