Aug. 18th, 2009 09:41 pm
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Woooooo!!! So You Think You Can Dance Canada has started again! It actually started a while ago (maybe a week or two?) but it's still the city audtions, so I haven't missed a ton. Stupid Leah Miller is still the host. Ugh. But the amazing dancing makes up for her.

So my last day in London was good. I never did make it to Madame Tussauds, but that's okay. I did see Jersey Boys at night which was AWESOME. I am now officially obsessed with it! I listen to the soundtrack all the time. I only wish the London cast would come out with their own version, they're so much better than the Broadway cast!

I finished all my packing in time and Morgan was super nice and helped me to the airport. I never would have made it without her. My flight home was fine. I drank some, watched Star Trek, tried to sleep, listened to some music. My parents met me at the airport and we went home where my siser, Ryan, and Jeremy were waiting and we ate dinner (Jeremy, the cute bugger) went to bed. The past few days I've been seeing my family and friends. It been awesome! Amanda had her Jack and Jill and I got nice and drunk which was fun! Not to mention seeing her again of course! I saw Erin tonight (we got sushi, yum!) which was also fun. And I got to see her new house and puppies (which are adorable - they're labradoodles and only 3 months old). Tomorrow involves some cleaning, some packing, and some more laundry. And then Thursday I leave for Hilton Head!! Woo! I'm supposed to be seeing Rachel Thursday night in Baltimore. We'll see if she cancels on me. Hopefully not! And then it's two weeks in Hilton Head, the ocean, sun, and sand! Yay!

So I've noticed a lack of new fic lately. Well, there's been fic. But nothing that's grabbed my attention. So if anyone wants to rec me some Kirk/Bones (or I'd take Kirk/Spock or Bones/Spock too, or the three of them together!) that would be great!!

Hope everyone's well!!
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I'm back from Greece! Actually I have been since Friday night and have done nothing the past two days. Which is not good. I should be doing stuff not just sitting on my ass watching Beverly Hills 90210 re-runs. On the plus side, I dyed my hair today! Woo! I got rid of the grey!

Greece was very lovely. Hot. But they believe in air conditioning there, so I was pleasantly cool while indoors in both Mykonos and Athens. And I got a very nice tan! I liked Athens more than Mykonos. Mainly because there wasn't much to do in Mykonos and I was all by my lonesome and didn't really have an opportunity to meet anyone. I wandered through the town my first day and made my way to a beach the second day. It was all very beautiful and picture-esque, one day I will post the pics on facebook. Maybe while I'm in Hilton Head. Athens was good though. I don't think I need to go back there though. I didn't fall in love. The hostel was good though, nice and modern, and clean. And I met some nice people there. Athens reminded me of Rome and Spain. Rome because it was fairly dirty with graffiti EVERYWHERE. And of course the ancient ruins on every corner. The buildings and architecture reminded me of Spain. I saw all the sights, some of when are breathtaking, especially taking in consideration they are 4000 years old. The food was good, but not nearly as good as I thought it would be. However, I did definitely eat my fill of feta cheese and gyros. The pita bread there was amazing. Best pita bread I've ever had! However, I like the gyros from Souvlaki Hut more! So methinks I need a trip there when I get home! Care for some lunch Faye??? I did manage to buy a couple of souvenirs for myself too. A pair of leather sandals and some earrings. Oh and I had Mythos beer (it was quite good actually!) and some ouzo! All in all a good trip, but I still like Germany the best! Oh, probably also because I found Greek people (well, the city people anyways, the people in Mykonos were friendly) to be very pushy and they don't queue which is a big pet peeve of mine. However, I'm definitely glad I went and got to Greece! And I'm super tan, so yay!!

I now have four days left. Yikes! Still so much to do! I don't think I'll make it to Thorpe Park which makes me sad. Nor the London Dungeons. I had wanted to go to some museums too, so I'll try to fit some of them in. I want to see two more shows too. I just need to decide what shows. I think Billy Elliot, and then something else. I still need to see work friends one last time too. Why oh why did I do nothing the past two days?? Why must I procrastinate so darn much?!?!? Ah well, some things will never change!

I hope everyone's well!
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I had much fun in Vienna and Munich and Zurich. Mucho fun!! Not surprisingly (since I loved Berlin when I was there too) I fell in love with Munich and wish I had gotten to spend more time there. I still love Zurich. Vienna was good, but not as good as I had thought it would be. It wasn't as pretty or as lovely as I would have thought. But I did still enjoy my time there. Here's a description of what I did as told to Amanda via email:

It's pretty long, so I shall cut you )

And now I'm back. 3 countries in 4 days is like a Contiki trip and it's too much. Too hectic, too exhausting. Obviously it was fun and I had a wonderful time, but I don't think I would do a trip like that again. But I'll be able to rest on the beach in Greece! I leave on Sunday!!! Wooohoooo!!!!! Greece Greece Greece!

However, before that I have three more days in London. Tomorrow I'm going for an eye exam. My right eye has been blurry for quite some time now, and I feel like something is wrong. Not iritis because it's not red nor sensitive to the light, but perhaps my optic nerve is inflammed again? Who knows. It could be all in my head (although the blurriness is not in my head....). It's been over two years since I last went to the eye doctors anyways, so it's time for a check up and see what my prescription is. Also, I feel glasses are cheaper in the UK (than they are in Canada) so maybe I can get some new ones while I'm here. And I have a 50% off voucher for the eye exam, so it won't be too expensive. Anyways, then I'm going to see if I can get tickets to a show tomorrow night. Either Jersey Boys or Billy Elliot or Calendar Girls. I want to see Wicked too, but it's expensive and not at the half priced booth, so I might try and find cheaper tickets through the theatre. I shall go research that next. Then on Saturday I'm going on a day trip to Stonehenge and Bath. I've always wanted to see Stonehenge and never have, and Bunac was doing a daytrip there for only £23 and that includes admission and the coach trip. I'm going to meet Andy and Teresa in Bath for lunch and a drink, so it will be good to see them one more time before I head home. I only have two more weeks in London. So sad!!! I can't believe my time here is coming to an end. Then I have to go home and look for a job. Ugh. But first, Hilton Head!! Oh yeah, and Greece!!!!!

Hope you're all well!


Apr. 19th, 2009 08:00 pm
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Why are some people such worrywarts?? Sure, it better to be safe than sorry, but there's such a thing as too safe and then not having any fun at all! Some of these people who post to [livejournal.com profile] eurotravel need their priorities straightened! Lighten up people!

So, it's been a long ass time since I last updated. In short: I went to Montpellier, France with [livejournal.com profile] scattydove, had an amazing time! I ate lots of delicious French food, discovered I liked red wine, and met some great people! Right after that I went home, which was also an amazing time! I ate tons of yummy food (not the same as France, but good North American food!), saw tons of people, got to spend quality time with my adorable nephew, and even managed a trip to Buffalo! I've been back over a week now and have been working and not unpacking. Yeah, it's been 10 days, and my suitcase is still full....oops!

This weekend has been really good. Well, today I didn't do anything, but yesterday was amazing! I spent the day by myself out and about in London. In the morning I went to the Borough Market and wandered about. Not to mention eating my weight in food. I ate samples galore and also managed a venison burger and a plate of raclette. Yum! To take home, I bought myself a sausage (reminiscent of the delicious French ones I ate in Montpellier), brownies, and a game pie, oh and a shortbread. Then I went to Leicester Square and bought myself a theatre ticket for that evening (apparently it was treat myself day!) to see Joseph. Then as I was walking to Trafalgar Square I got myself a 99. My favourite British summer treat! At Trafalgar Square there was a Netherlands festival going on (maybe it was Netherlands Day??) and I wandered about the tents selling chips in a cone, Dutch waffles, and beer. I decided to have a beer. It was a lovely day out and drinking beer outside seemed like a good idea! It was kind of a bad idea, not because anything bad happened, but I was full already and the beer just made me fuller. Crazy full. When I got back home I made myself a salad for dinner, and I couldn't even finish it I was so full! (I ate the rest of it today, it wasn't too soggy, it was alright.) After spending a couple of hours at home (and getting my laundry done!) I went back to the Strand and saw Joseph!! It was AMAZING. I've seen it many times before, but I love it, and this is a new Joseph. A new Narrator too, she was a good singer, but she had too many annoying facial expressions. The new Jospeh (Garreth Gates) was really good. No Lee Mead, but good in his own way. Weird hair though, kind of mullet-y. But I highly enjoyed the show. Yay Andrew Lloyd Webber!

Today I've done nothing but eat more and more food. And am once again stuffed. Tomorrow the diet begins. Well, okay, not a diet, but eating in moderation is necessary!

I think that's pretty much it! Oh, my sister is coming to visit me in less than two weeks! Yay! And we're going to Paris for the night!!! I can't wait!
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I'm on holidays!! Yay! I'm currently in Bristol right now. The rugby (I think a Premiership game - if that makes sense) is on tv and everyone is watching it in the other room. I don't care at all about rugby, so I'm catching up on some emails.

To update:

My birthday day was good. I went to Shazia's house after work and we ate lots of junk food, watched a movie, and chatted. It was a good time!

My parents arrived on Thursday and I had the day off of work. I met them super early at the airport. We met friends (the same ones we're staying with in Bristol) at the train station, then went and met other friends in South Kensington. We drank lots, ate some, went to the V&A for a bit, drank some more, and then said goodbye. My parents went to Bristol for a couple of nights while I worked for two days. But I arrived last night, after work.

We're heading back to London tomorrow morning and are going to tour around a bit. See some sights. Watch a show. Eat some good food. And then on Thursday we're off to Benidorm, Spain for three nights! Yay!! Hopefully it will be warm and sunny and I can wear the sandals my parents brought me!

I think that's pretty much it. I'm sure I'll have lots more to update about in a few days times!
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My trip to Bruges as told to Amanda:

So my trip to Bruges. It was really good, but the ending sucked. The day started out fine. I woke up super early to catch the bus by 6am. The bus ride was cramped and uncomfortable (and since I've been working at M&S my knees have been hurting so sitting for long times without being able to stretch my legs hurts, so the bus hurts. They get better when I'm not working, so I just need to rest them, but anyways, the bus was annoying for that). We got to Dover and onto the ferry. Seeing the white cliffs was neat, although apparently they whitewash them so they stay white. The ferry was good though. We got some overpriced food and I took some pictures from the boat of Dover that look nice (I'll upload them soon). We wandered around the boat, went through the duty free (I didn't buy anything then, but planned out things to buy on my way back!) and eventually we were arriving in Calais. Which did not look as nice as Dover. Apparently it's all industrial around there, so it's not nice to look at. We got back on the bus and drive on to Bruges. Which was also uncomfortable. But after sitting in some traffic (apparently we went on the busiest day of the year) we arrived in the car park! We walked into the center of town as a group (we could have gone ahead, but this way we didn't get lost!) We ended up at the Christmas market. Rachel had to pee (she has the tiniest bladder ever, it's quite annoying) and so I waited and then waited. And then I thought she had left already and didn't care to find me, so I went off on my own. Turns out there were big lines at the washroom and she was still waiting. After I went through the Market (which consisted of food, mulled wine, and socks - ie, not good at all) I found Rachel standing in line for the atm. So we went through the market and got some bratwurst and mulled wine (both yummy!) and then walked around the town. We went into a few souvenir shops (I sent you a postcard, but I had to send it from England - sorry, I didn't get to write it until the ferry back to England!) we went to a beer store and bought some fun beers. We walked some more. I was trying to find this little alley where apparently there are good chocolate shops, but I didn't find it. Eventually I just picked a chocolate shop (I swear there was one every third store) and bought some chocolates. Which are delicious btw! I've eaten my weight in chocolate the past week. I bought a big box to bring to Bristol and then a small box for myself. And some chocolate espresso beans. Then Rachel and I went to a pub and had a fruit beer. I had peach, it was really good! The alcohol content was really low though, more like a wine cooler, but it tasted good and I wasn't looking to get drunk, so it was fine. Then while waiting for Rachel to pee (yet again) I went to another chocolate shop and bought some seashells which are my favourite. And they were really good too! I want to go back to Bruges so I can buy more chocolate! Then we found the group and walked back to the bus. Oh and we got a waffle on the way back, although it wasn't super great. Not bad, but not as good as I wanted. We were in Bruges for about 3.5 hours, but I managed to do pretty much everything I wanted to do, so it was good. When we got back to the bus, there were two people missing, so they decided to wait for them, they never showed up, so we got on the road. There was traffic and we managed to miss our ferry by 5 minutes. Which SUCKED big time. We had to wait over an hour in the freezing cold (well we were on the bus, but we went to the bathroom and had to walk outside) for the next one. Eventually we got on the ferry. I walked around, got a drink, went to the duty free. I bought two cheap bottles of wine (and brought them to Bristol). I was going to buy Baileys but I didn't want to spend any more money. I kind of regret it now, but oh well. I'll survive. I got into a spiff with Rachel and was on my own. After a (slow) ferry ride we arrived back in Dover. Got back on the uncomfortable bus and made our way back to London. We arrived back after midnight and the tube had stopped running. So I had to take the bus home and didn't get back until 1:30am. It sucked. I was so tired. It was way too long of a day. But I had fun in Bruges. I made up with Rachel eventually. And I got some really good chocolate out of the day!
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I had a very lovely Christmas this year! Not that it's ever not good, but it was different this year and I was a tad apprehensive about it. I went to Bristol to some family friends. I went late on Christmas Eve, I arrived around 11pm and Andy and Teresa (the friends I was staying with - they're my parents age) were there waiting for me at the train station! We went back to their house, sat around for a little bit and then went to bed. Their oldest son (they have three - 24, 26, and 28) was there and he had spent the entire day at the pub and was more than a little wasted. We chatted, but then he asked me the same questions the next morning, so clearly he remembered nothing from the night before! Lol! Christmas morning I woke up around 9-ish, got dressed and ate some toast. Chatted with Brian (the eldest son) until other people arrived. Richard (the youngest son - the middle one is in Thailand on holidays) and his girlfriend Becky arrived with Teresa's mother. The her next door neighbour (who's 91 and AMAZING, I want to be like her if I live that long!) and her grandson and his fiance (who are here on holiday from Australia) came and we opened gifts and drank champagne. I got a scarf and some hair products from Andy and Teresa. A bath set from Teresa's mother, and a box of chocolates from her neighbour. It was very nice of them all! Then we went to the pub for a couple of pints, which is totally a British thing and something people would never do in Canada, so it was very fun for me to do! Then we went back and stuffed ourselves on Christmas dinner. It was all very very good, except for the pudding which I found gross. I didn't say that, and I tried to choke most of it down, but I blech, yuck! Christmas dinner consisted of turkey, stuffing, sausages, gammon (that's just ham right? It tasted like just ham), two different types of potatoes, and lots of veg. Very yummy! Then came Christmas pudding, and let me reiterate, yuck! I guess I can now say I've had traditional British Christmas pudding. But I think I could have lived without it. I prefer something chocolate-y thanks, no weird fruitcake-type thing for me. Although, it's not fruitcake, but I imagine it's what fruitcake would taste like, except this was warmer. With a strong brandy sauce. I guess it's an acquired taste, because they all loved it! By this time I was also really drunk. I was drunk after the pub where I had two pints of beer (after my two glasses of champagne beforehand). I then had two glasses of white wine during dinner. After pudding we had cheese and biscuits and some yummy chocolates too. MUCH better than the pudding! Although I was close to bursting by this point. We sat around the table for awhile and chatted. Eventually everyone went home and I watched tv for the rest of the evening. Around 9pm I was no longer full and had a turkey sandwich. Yum! I went to bed eventually and woke up again around 9-ish. I read for awhile, then showered and got dressed. Teresa cooked a very yummy full breakfast. Eggs, sausages, bacon, mushrooms and toast. So good! She cooked everything in a vat of butter, so perhaps that's why everything tasted so delicious! But yum! We then sat around the tv and watched movies and ate chocolate (the chocolate I brought from Bruges - more on that trip later - the chocolate was SO good. I want to go back and buy more!) We had a late lunch/early dinner before I had to catch my coach back to London. Some cold turkey, ham, sausage rolls, marinated artichokes, coleslaw, salad, and cheese. Again, so good! I now need to not eat for a week to work off my two days in Bristol! Then I caught a Megabus back to London. The train in infinitely more comfortable than the bus. Remind me not to take one again. It's too cramped and I couldn't stretch my legs. Plus it was full and there was someone next to me. But I'm back now, and I've spoken to my family and am ready to go to bed!

I was reading online before people moaning about their crap Christmas and crap gifts they got (really they're just selfish and ungrateful) and I was reminded about what a great holiday season I've had despite not being near my family! They sent really nice gifts. I have one at the post office waiting for me to pick up too (I think it's from Amanda, which makes me super excited to get!) My parents got me the Narnia dvd, a DS game I asked for, and gloves for Hannukah. They also then sent me Hanukkah gelt separately because they forgot it in the first package. So they paid $7 in postage to send me $2 worth of gelt. But I did appreciate it! Although the first ones I tried (there were two brands of gelt) were not good chocolate. I haven't eaten the other ones yet, hopefully they'll be better. It's still Hanukkah, so I have time! My sister sent me a gift card to Dorothy Perkins which made me completely happy and touched! Because we don't have the store in Canada and she thought enough ahead to order it online and had it sent to her and then she mailed it to me! And she sent me this Stampin' Up calendar thing I had said I wanted. Now I just have to put it together!

Alright, I'm tired and off to bed! Happy Holidays everyone!!


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