Apr. 30th, 2009 12:22 am
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Okay, so I was hit on today by a guy who works in the canteen at work (read: he's a low-paid cafeteria worker, who I don't think is even one of the cooks, he washes dishes), now not to knock menial labour, because I, myself, partake in low-end labour, but I feel I'm better than that. This guy is from Nigeria and whenever I'm chatted up by an African male my defenses immediately go up. Maybe this is unfair, maybe it's being racist, but I feel these guys here the North American accent and it doesn't matter if I'm from Canada or America, they see it as an opportunity. Maybe this is just me. I find the whole flirting thing really fake. For example, this guy says to me, can I get to know you better and he wants to add me to facebook. I say sure, because there's nothing on there that's really confidential. He sends me a pm and starts off saying "Hey sexy". Ummm, hello? I am not sexy. Pretty perhaps, cute maybe, but not sexy. I'm overweight and dumpy looking, especially since he's only ever seen me in my unflattering Madame Tussauds red t-shirt and black trousers. Anyways, this kind of interaction creeps me out. I have not added him back to facebook yet, and am debating whether I should.

That part aside, I've had a lot of fun with work people the past few days! Oh! Before I get into that...so the guy I like at work (who doesn't creep me out) totally flirted with me today...well, at least it could be construed as flirting. I like to think it's flirting. It made me happy! :)

Again, the top part of this post aside, I am so thankful for getting the Madame Tussauds job. It's allowed me to make real friends in London, and without I would be a thousand times more lonely!

This past Saturday I went to a girl at work's (Emma) housewarming/birthday party at her new flat. Since I had to work the next morning, I had planned on having two glasses of wine max and then heading home around 11-11:30pm. And then we started playing this drinking game which consisted of us moving a game piece around a board and taking tons of shots. So then I got quite drunk (there's evidence of this on facebook!) and ended up crashing at her flat and getting next to no sleep and being EXHAUSTED whilst working the next day! Oh well! It was totally worth it. I had an amazing time!!

Tonight, I went to a pub in Camden to hear a guy's band. The guy is Al who I also work with (he's young though, only 19! Although you wouldn't know it by talking to him, he seems pretty mature - and he's quite cute!!) I knew he was in a band and I wanted to see one of his gigs, so I've asked him before to tell me when his next London one is. Well, he told me today it was tonight. But it wasn't until 9:40pm, so I had time to go home after work and change and then still make it in plenty of time. I met Rachel there (yes, I called her, it seemed like her kind of thing, and I felt guilty because I semi-cancelled on her on Monday - semi because we never had definite plans, and never followed through, but cancelled because I never told her I was doing something else) anyways, it was fine, we didn't hang out for long since I have to work tomorrow morning. But Al's band was really good! Not really my kind of music (a bit too hard rock for my tastes) but they are talented, and I did enjoy them. So I would listen to their album because I know Al, but I would never buy it in a shop. But regardless, I had fun and am really glad I went! Plus, Al's so cute!! It's funny seeing him on stage though. Plus, him (and all of his bandmates) get REALLY into the songs and it's funny! Another guy from work, Jason, was also there with his girlfriend.

Tomorrow night I told Rachel I would go see a show at the Globe theatre with her. It's Romeo and Juliet, it's only £5 but it's standing room only. So I'd be at the back, standing. I don't know if I'm going to go. I want to go because I've never been to the Globe before, and I want to go see a show there, but I'm pretty tired and kind of want to spend the evening at home, watching American Idol. I don't know! What do you think???

Oh! And my sister is arriving on Saturday for her visit! Yayayayay! I'm really excited! I've been planning out our time together!!

ETA: Yeah, I could barely open my eyes this morning, so there's no way I can go to work and then STAND for 2.5 hours watching Shakespeare. Lazy night at home it is! I'll go to the Globe some other time and stand and watch a play.
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I had a fun night last night. I went to a play (my friend Rachel works at the theatre and got me a free ticket). It was called 'Fat Pig', it was a comedy...it was only okay. Not super funny. It didn't get good reviews when it opened either. But hey, it was free. Then Rachel and I met her friend Pasquel (he's German) and his friend Oliver and we went to some bar in Kensington and had what they call a 'Flaming Ferrari'. It was VERY potent. Probably like 4-5 ounces of pure alcohol. They pour most of it in a martini glass, light it on fire, you stick a straw in and chug it as they pour another shot of something in. Then I drank tons of water. It made me VERY drunk. Then we did a shot of tequila (luckily Pasquel is rich - according to Rachel - and paid for it all). Then we went in search for food, went to a Morrocan place that had nargillas (hookahs). It's just flavoured tobacco that you smoke through a big bong type thing. We had some wine and some food. It was very fun!! Of course I was crazy drunk by this time...Eventually I stumbled (and I do mean stumble) back to the hostel safe and sound. And I'm not hung over today! So yay for that!!

Tomorrow I'm (finally!) moving into my new flat!! Thank goodness!! I finally found one I hope I'll be happy with. The douwnside it's in Brixton (read: not great area) but it's close to the tube, the place is really nice, and it's on a quiet street. I'm sharing just with one other (the owner) who said she's away a lot. She has a bf in nyc and apparently goes for months at a time. She also has a car and is coming to pick me (and all my crap) tomorrow morning. So that's good!! It's a small (really small) double room, and my closet is outside of the room, because there's no room for a wardrobe in the room - but there is a big thing of shelves. There's also a big lounge with a tv and sky (satellite tv for non-uk folk!) And of course wireless internet. There's two couches which are perfect for overnight guests too! So people can come visit me!! This means you [Bad username or unknown identity: scattydove!! † I'm now going to meet two of my mother's friends who live in the UK and meet in London every so often to catch up. We're going for a drink and then to see Spamalot. Which I've seen in Toronto, but they had†a convenient early evening show time. Alright, hope everyone is well!]


Nov. 1st, 2008 11:29 am
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I can't believe how cold it is in London. Last night, around 3am-ish, I woke up and my face was FREEZING. I had to put the covers over my head to keep my teeth from chattering. It doesn't help that there was NO heat in my hostel room (I'm moving today to a new hostel - hopefully it will have heat!!) At home, in comparison, it was 19 degrees C yesterday. And it's going to be warm there all week. Boo urns. I need to find a cheap hat and gloves. I keep saying that, but I haven't been to anywhere cheap lately.

So, I went out last night to the Bunac Halloween party. It was at a Walkabout pub....enough said right? Ugh, now I know why they have bad reputations. It was full of gross people. And it was playing REALLY bad music. I only stayed for about an hour, and then my roommate (who came with me) and I went to this pub she had found the night before and had become friendly with the bartender. And he gave us free beer! Yay! They closed early though (at 11pm) so then we went back to the hostel.

Today I'm just bumming around Charing Cross, waiting for Rachel to be done her interview, and then she's supposed to help me move all my crap to the new hostel (I'm moving to the Globetrotter) where I'm staying for two weeks. And then (hopefully) moving into my new flat.

Have I mentioned I found a place I want to live?? It's in Greenwich and it's a single room in a 3 bedroom townhouse. It's reasonably affordable, I really liked the housemates, and the house itself was pretty nice. I really want it. I hope they choose me. I'll find out Monday-ish. It's not available until November 15th though, so I've booked into the hostel for two weeks. I'm just crossing my fingers that it will be the last two weeks of hostel living for me for a long time.

Alright, I think that's about all. I hope everyone is doing well!


Oct. 20th, 2008 11:30 pm
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Omg, I have ONE day left at home before I get on a plane and travel to London, England to live and work for the next year. I'm not totally freaked out, because it still hasn't sunk in yet what I'm doing. Maybe it will when I get on the plane. I haven't really cried either, which kind of surprises me. I said goodbye to my sister tonight. It was sad, but not enough to make me cry. Even saying goodbye to Amanda and Erin didn't make me cry. Hmmm, maybe I'm just a cold-hearted person?! Nah. but I have trouble crying at real-life events. Movies, books, fan fiction, no problem. I cry like there's no tomorrow. But real-life?? I just don't. I dunno...

Anyways, so I've been doing lots this past week. Lots of people to see! Lol! Not really, but I have seen everyone I wanted to see and I've had fun doing it! I should move away more often, people have been treating me so well this past week!! Lol!

On Friday I went out for lunch with Faye. We went to the mall. We ate at A&W and then walked around. We saw Michelle Rowen (one of my favourite authors!) in Zellers but I was too shy to go up to her. I should have. Because I think it would have made her excited to be recognized, but I didn't. Oh well. I still saw her!! On Friday night, I was picked up by Philina and Steve and we headed downtown for my goodbye get together (my kind of party!) Amanda, Jen, and Jessie came out and we went for dinner. We were supposed to be going to the Bier Markt, but there was a really long wait so we went next door to the Scotland Yard and ate dinner there. It was okay. Good company anyways! I then (after two beers and I was perhaps a bit tipsy) decided I wanted to go to Jack Astors for some raspberry twisters and apple pie. I dunno why I didn't think of going there for dinner too. Oh well. So we walked in the cold to Jacks. I had two "jack it up" (ie. double the alcohol) raspberry twisters and then I shared apple pie and chocolate cake with Philina and Steve. It was really fun! Amanda bought my food and drinks at Scotland Yard, and Phil and Steve bought my drinks and dessert at Jack Astors. Which was really nice of everyone!

On Saturday I met Erin and Philina for lunch at Astoria's, a Greek restaurant we all love. We went to the Mississauga one because it's much easier to get to then the Danforth. So, we had a good lunch. Erin bought my lunch. We then went to Cloverdale mall for some cookies and Winners. Again, it was a lot of fun. Erin had to go to work, so we went our separate ways. I met Suzie for tea at Starbucks (Suzie treated me but by this point I wasn't feeling too well - I managed to catch a cold on Friday, grrrr....I'm almost better now though). We chatted lots. Eventually I had to go though. I had lots of laundry to do!

Sunday I did more laundry and bummed around. I didn't do as much as I should have. Today I was organizing all my clothes. Tomorrow I have to pack it all. I probably have too much to do tomorrow. I wish I wasn't such a procrastinator. Oh well.

Tonight I went out with my parents, sister, brother-in-law and my nephew. We went to the Keg, yum!! It was so good! And the waiter gave me a free dessert too! Before we got there, they has asked my sister if we were celebrating any kind of occasion, and she told him I was moving away, so I got free dessert! We got a huge slice of Billy Miner Pie which we all shared. We then went back to my sister's for some wine and Skor squares which she had made for me. Even though I was stuffed, I managed to eat two little ones!! I lent my sister my Wii while I'm gone, so we set it up and played some tennis and bowling. I taught my mom how to bowl, and she wasn't too horrible at it! My sister gave me a webcam as a going away gift! She got one too. So now she can hold up my nephew to the computer and I can still see him! And he can see me too. Yay! She also packed me four Skor squares to take with me. Phil had given me some M&Ms too to take with me. So I can eat candy all the way to London!

Alright, it's late and I want to go to bed. One last sleep in my own bed! Goodnight!
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This weekend was really good! On Friday we had a family dinner as my sister was staying over again. We had a yummy dinner and then my sister and I convinced my dad to go out and buy my mom a new desk and bookshelf. He had seen one in a Home Depot flyer that was good. We went to the Home Depot nearest to my house, but they didn't have any in stock (and the sale was only on until Sunday). The only Home Depot in the GTA that had them in stock was in Oakville, about a 15 minute highway drive away. My dad didn't want to go, and said we could go the next morning, but my sister and I convinced him (yet again!) So off we went to Oakville (and for those who live in the GTA, this was Burloak Drive in the new plaza thing there, so not close Oakville, far Oakville, almost Burlington) and found the desk and bookshelf. Loaded them into the car and went home.

The next morning, at around 9:30am my sister made us put the desk together (she's pretty anal and demanding and obsessive - but of course, I love her!) It was complicated (or we're morons - maybe a bit of both) and took us what seems like forever for three of us to put this thing together. It took two and a half hours. By that time I had to go. I got ready, did a few errands, and picked up Amanda for apple picking!! We went to her mother's friend's orchard in Stouffville. It was HUGE, and so picturesque. We picked tons of apples in no time. I ate a couple as well! Yummy! I love freshly picked apples! We then headed back to her place, picking up some treats and dinner on the way! She has Wii Fit, so I got to try that! I wish I could find it to buy it! We made souvlaki (okay, Amanda made souvlaki) for dinner. It was so yummy! I love greek food. I MUST make my way to Greece in the next year. Amanda and I also watched the Sex and the City movie. Again, SO good!!

This morning I tried to sleep in, I sort of did. I slept until 9:30am. During the day on Saturday, after I left, my dad and sister put together the bookshelf and set up the room. So I admired their work in the morning. The room looks really good now!! I hung around at home, in the afternoon I went to Faye's to drop off/pick up a few things. We chatted about her vacation! I came home, watched some football, Liz stopped by and we were all chatting. We made plans for a Buffalo trip in two weeks. Just for the day! For wings at the Anchor Bar!! Yum!!

This week, I have no plans. Except it's Rosh Hashanah (the Jewish new year) on Monday night and Tuesday. I have have have to start organizing and cleaning my room. I want to get it doneby this weekend. I'm also supposed to be meeting Karina for coffee on Thursday afternoon after she's done work. Hopefully I'll hear from Travel Cuts and them telling me they have my passport with my visa in it and to come pick it all all up! It should be ready this week!

Okay I think that's about all. Hope everyone is doing well!!


Sep. 20th, 2008 11:15 pm
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I seriously have no idea why I'm still up. I had quite the day and it made me exhausted! Plus, my feet really hurt. :(

I went to the zoo today! Yay zoo! I went with Erin, Philina, and Steve. It was mucho fun! We packed a picnic (but alas, no wine this time) and went for the afternoon. The weather was perfect(not too hot, but sunny and warm), it wasn't too crowded and we saw animals!! We didn't see the elephants (they didn't seem to be out when we walked by their home), which made me sad, nor the polar bears (their home is actually closed and they're not on display for the near future - they're getting a new home and it's still under contruction). But we saw lions, tigers, and bears (oh my!), cheetahs (baby cheetahs too!!), giraffes, hippos, and more! It was fun!! Sadly, we didn't get to take many pictures. Philina's camera battery died, I forgot my camera, and Erin can't find her camera. We took a few cellphone camera pics, but they usually don't turn out well. They're on Erin's blackberry, and I'm pretty sure she doesn't know how to upload them either. Oh well. The memories will live on in my head! Lol!
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I went out last night to celebrate Philina's 26th birthday. I dressed up, put on make-up and wore my contacts, a rare occasion for sure!! Lol!! There was myself, Philina, her boyfriend Steve, Erin, and her (new) boyfriend Dave (this was the first time we were all meeting him). We went to the Red Tomato downtown for dinner and then we went to a club, Dirty Martini's afterwards and we met up with a few of Steve's friends. Dinner was really good. I had never been to the Red Tomato before, but I've been to Fred's Not Here, which is on the main floor (Red Tomato is in the basement - some menu items are the same). I think everyone enjoyed the food...and the company was awesome! I really liked Dave, he was really nice and was good at keeping the conversation flowing. Erin's picked well!! ;-) He's really into sports (which Erin totally isn't, but they're cute together) and him, Steve and I were talking about baseball, football, and tennis. I was able to hold my own, and I think I impressed the boys (men?)! I can thank my parents for my sports upbringing! Lol! After dinner we went to Dirty Martini's, a 25+ club nearby. I'm not a club person, but I did have fun! I didn't drink too much because I had to drive home. We danced a bit, but it was really crowded there (apparently it's really crowded there all the time) and most of us weren't really club people (Erin is, and I think Dave is, but they didn't seem super into it last night). Philina and Steve scored a couch so we sat for a bit and chatted. Philina was pretty drunk (which was cute!) and we gossiped about Erin and Dave, nothing bad of course! I left around 12:30am with Erin and Dave, we cabbed it back to our cars and said good night! I had a lot of fun (even the club part!) I'm really really going miss Erin and Phil when I leave. They're my best friends and we ALWAYS have a lot of fun when we hang out. But they both have promised to visit (possibly more than once - but we'll see money-wise) and I know we'll keep in touch.

A few pics from the club! )

In other new, my desktop is not working. My dad hired some computer guy to come to our house and set up a network (because my dad couldn't figure it out) and it could be a coincidence, but now my computer's not working. I got the blue screen of death twice, once yesterday and then again this morning. I restarted it both times and it seemed fine, but now it won't even turn on. I turn it on, but it seems the hard drive won't turn over and start. I dunno. Maybe it will be better in the morning. I don't want to lose everything on it!! I'm crossing my fingers. However, it's good I have my laptop in the meantime so I can check my email, lj and facebook!!

Alright, it's taken 6 years to type this out (the tv was distracting!!) and I have to wake up early in the morning, so it's time for bed!! Goodnight all!
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I've decided I can be fans of both Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal, and have appropriated icons of both. It all comes down to good tennis and that's what both of these (hot) men bring! I'm currently watching the first Men's semi final at the US Open. It's between Federer and Djokovic (who, although I don't love as a person, is very good looking!!) I've gotten pretty loud at shouting at the tv, which if anyone else was around (which thankfully no one is) might be pretty embarrassing. I used to make fun of my parents who scream at the tv when they watch football (especially my mother when she's watching the Bills!) but now I've realized I do it too when I watch exciting tennis!

In other news, I finally told my grandmother about quitting my job and moving to England. I can't say she's too pleased about it, but at least now I've told her and have done my part.

I met Suzie for dinner last night. We agreed on sushi after discovering that downtown would be crazy because of the film festival. So we went to Sushi on Bloor. It takes me FOREVER (and a day) to get there. Which really really annoys me. I hate traffic!! It should take me about 35-40 minutes to get there (it's pretty midtown, so kind of annoying to get to, but I like the area), however last night there were accidents and traffic causing major delays and it literally took me 75 minutes to get there. Which is INSANE. First there was an accident on my way down to the highway, causing me not to be able to go through an intersection I needed to go through, so I had to turn around and go down to a different road and get on the highway that way....then once I got to the highway there was traffic the entire way. Then I'm winding through city streets and missing every light and there's traffic because it's Friday night and everyone and their dog is heading downtown, however, I finally get there and find parking at my preferred lot. Then I get to eat sushi which always makes me happy. Also, who should be sitting at two tables away from? It's my aunt and cousin and what appears to be a bunch of my cousin's friends. So we chatted for a bit.

Apparently my sister is on her way over...and the kitchen is a mess....oops!
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It's been awhile since I've updated and a lot has been happening!! Mainly all exciting though, so that's good!!

The main news first. In a nutshell: I quit my job and I've decided to move to England for a year. Woo hoo!!

I tried to get a leave of absence (well really just unpaid time off) for a vacation that I'm going on in a week, and they wouldn't give it to me, so I decided to quit. I've been wanting to quit for quite some time, I really really hate my job, so I really do not feel down about it at all. When I was arguing about whether I should quit or not with my friend Karina (who I work with - she didn't want me to quit - more about that later) she wanted to know what I would do instead. This is a few weeks ago. On a whim I said, "I dunno, maybe I'll move to London." And that idea stuck with me. It's something I've wanted to do for a number of years, and I feel I'm ready now to take the plunge and do it. So when I get back from my Hilton Head vacation in two weeks, I will start the visa process. It takes 7 weeks to get the visa, and then I have to wait until after the Jewish holidays, so I should be there by the third week in October.

A lot of people have said they'll come and visit me, I really hope some of them do come.

In other happenings. I saw Avenue Q last week here in Toronto. I didn't think it would be as good as it was in London. But it was AMAZING!! I got a good deal on a ticket ($30!!) from a travel website and decided to go by myself. I'm really glad I decided to go, it was fairly last minute....the cast was so amazing! I loved it. Loved it. Loved it!!

Today was an amazing day. Very busy, and I'm exhausted now and need to go to bed. But a quick rundown. I woke up early this morning (after going to bed pretty late last night - I was busy partying at Amanda's!) and I picked up Suzy (who's back from Oz!) at Yorkdale and we went to my sister's because she's having a stamping sale. She's selling off a lot of her stamp sets, ones that are retired, or extra ones that she had, and some other accessories and cards. So you'd be buying her used stuff (for the most part - there were some new things too) and with the money you spent on her things, you could pick out free product from the new catalogue. So, basically you're placing new orders and getting her old stuff for free, but it was set up the other way. Anyways, so she was getting rid of a couple of stamp sets and stamps that I use all the time and love. But since she won't have them anymore, I had to buy them for myself! So, I got two of her stamp sets, some ribbon, some single stamps, and some cards. Then from the catalogue, I got a new Christmas stamp set, gold ink and paper, a pen and a circle punch (1 and 3/4"). My Christmas cards are going to look so nice this year!! I can't wait to get the new things! Hmmm, I guess I'll have to make all my cards before I leave.

After the sale, I drove downtown and met Erin and Philina. We went to Centre Island and had a picnic lunch. It was amazing. We had a ton of good food, we tried to fly a kite, we went pedal-boating (well they did, I sat on a blanket and listened to music!) I would write more about it, but I am getting REALLY tired.

After the Island, I met Amanda (I was right by her place) and we hung out for a bit. We played Dance Dance Revolution, ate lots of food, watched the Olympics. Chatted. It was really good.

And the best part? Canada has (finally) won some medals! Including a swimming bronze about 2 hours ago. I saw it live and it was so exciting! Go Canada!!!

Good night!
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I've had a pretty boring long weekend (today is a holiday - which means, yay! Short work for me!) It started off well enough, but then I did nothing exciting Saturday or Sunday. And today, so far I've done nothing, but I do have plans ot go run some errands in a bit. I want to go buy some things. I want the new Alanis Morrissette cd, I want the season 5 dvd of Las Vegas, and I need to go buy some things for my swap package, because I have yet to do that. But I figure if I get everything ready today and tomorrow, I'm fine for time.

Anyways, Friday night was really good. Our old next door neighbours (the Dooleys) were here for a visit so we all went out for dinner to this really good Italian place near my sisters. I had so much fun. The daughter, Sarah, and I used ot be best friends growing up. And we see them every once in awhile (they live in Altanta now but they're from here and all their family is still here, so they come up periodically). Every time I see them though we have the best time, like we've been close friends this whole time even though we barely talk anymore. I laughed so hard I cried, on numerous occasions. I have two three hour layovers in Atlanta on my flight to Hilton Head in a few weeks (one each way). I met them at the airport last year during a layover, so I hope to see them again (there's Sarah, and her older brother Brian). It's always fun to catch up. One of these days I should make a trip to Atlanta. We used to go a lot when I was younger (and we were closer to them - plus my dad used to be able to do a lot of business in Atlanta) and they had just moved there (they moved in the summer of 1993), but the last time I was there was in 1997. So I should probably plan a short trip there at some point. Anyways, it was a good night!

I still don't know if I'm quitting my job or not next week. I asked for a leave of absence to go away on vacation to Hilton Head. My supervisor was really nice and receptive about it. But it's not up to her. She asked her manager and he's supposed to ask someone else (I guess in hr) and then they'll get back to me. She wasn't working on Friday, so I think I'll find out tomorrow. In a way I kind of want to quit...but I guess it's easier if I don't. I don't like my job, but it is a job, and I've been there for over two and a half years already, so maybe I should stick it out. But I've been entertaining the idea of moving to London again. Although since the last time I've looked at doing SWAP, the price has gone waaaaay up. It used to be about $350, it's now $750. But I looked into getting the visa by myself and it seems like a big hassle....so it's probably better if I go through them, plus then when I get there I would have access to the BUNAC resources. I'm just worried that I wouldn't be able to find a good enough job. I don't have a university education and I feel that would hinder me. I dunno...sure I could work retail or food-related, but i don't think that would pay enough money. And the main thing is, I don't know if I'm brave enough to love halfway around the world by myself and start over with no support, no friends, no nothing. So I'm all conflicted.

Alright, time to go spend some money!
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I had a great weekend!! It's sad to be home (and ugh, I had to go to work today, but I guess that's life right??) I went to Ottawa for a wedding on Friday. Well, the wedding wasn't actually in Ottawa. It was at a place called Bean Town Ranch near this tiny town called Plantagenet, which is about an hour east of Ottawa. It's near the Ottawa river, and it's very French (as is that whole area). We stayed in this dinky motel (which wasn't horrible - it had been renovated 6 years ago - so it was pretty normal). But the wedding place was really nice. Very picture-esque. And the food was really really good (especially for wedding food!) The first dance is done in this island thing, with the bride and groom lit up with lights and candles, and then there's fireworks too, while they're dancing. So very cheesy, but so very lovely too! And I LOVE fireworks, so yay! The only part that sucked about the place is the way they did their open bar. Now I don't know the total bill, but apparently they charge per drink. Not per hour, or per bottle, PER SINGLE DRINK. And it was something like $5/drink. Which is ridiculous. And crazy expensive. I hope to find out the total cost....just to see how much it was. The groom is the son of close family friends, and the parents are pretty open, so maybe they'll tell my parents, and then I can find out!! I did drink quite a bit (as did most everyone there!) and I danced and had a lot of fun!!

The next day (Saturday) I ate breakfast and then said goodbye to my parents (who are at Mont Tremblant for a few nights - they come back on Wednesday) and drove myself to Ottawa for the night. I had a great time in Ottawa. I didn't see anyone, but I walked around, reminicsed about my time at uni there. I walked around the Byward Market, went through Parliament, walked through Sparks street, went to the Rideau Centre, I even made time and went to Chapters (what can I say, I'm addicted!) I also went to the National Gallery, which used to be free to get in to (back in my day....okay that makes me sound old!) but now costs $9. Well, I paid it anyways. I wanted to see all the http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Group_of_Seven_(artists) art. I love the Group of Seven. They (and their art) is my all-time favourite. Sure I like some of the classics, there is this one Van Gogh (the Almond Blossom tree) that I love love love. But nothing compares to the Group of Seven. I don't know anything about art, but I fell in love with the style of the Group of Seven a long time ago. Lawren Harris is my favourite. One day I would like to own an original painting from one of them. When I'm a gazillionaire and I can collect art.

Anyways, Sunday, I woke up, checked out and went to buy some of the best bagels ever (Kettleman's bagels - yum!) to bring home and that was it! I headed home and a loooong drive later (there was cottage traffic when I hit Oshawa) I was finally home. It was a great weekend though!!

Movie fun!

Jun. 1st, 2008 07:23 pm
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This weekend has been a lot of fun!

First off, I saw Sex and the City movie on Saturday afternoon. Amanda had a party and a bunch of us (9 girls seeing the movie, 10 for the party part!) went to see the movie and then we all went back to her place for some drinking and eating and gabbing. It was quite fun! We drank cosmos and then ate appetizers. And talked about how fabulous the movie was!!! I won't give anything away or spoil anyone who hasn't seen it yet, but OMG. It was AMAZING!!! I laughed, I cried, and I smiled the entire way through!! I had really high expectations for this movie and it exceeded them which made me ecstatic. I can't wait to see it again!!!

Today I went and saw The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian. Now, since I haven't read the book (I know, I should, one day...I swear!) I didn't know what was going to happen, or the story (although it's pretty self explanatory from the trailer: the four Pevensie are called back to Narnia to help save it from evil once again.) This movie didn't get the most favourable reviews either, some were good, but some were pretty bad, so I wasn't sure what to expect. Except, I loved loved loved the first one and was very excited for the second, and most of the time I don't agree with movie reviews, so I was pretty sure I would love it. And love it I did. I was on the edge of my seat for most of it and I was so enthralled! I want to go to Narnia!!

Yay movies!! I love movies. And the summer is great because so many good movies are coming out!! And I found out if you go to an AMC theatre on Saturday or Sunday morning before noon, it's only $6 to get it! (Versus $12 any other time.) So I saw Narnia at 10:30am this morning. And it's great too because it wasn't crowded. So, I think I may see more movies in the morning on a weekend.

On my way home from the movie, I went to Best Buy and bought myself a new mp3 player. I had been thinking of getting one for quite some time now, and while I wanted to get an ipod, I didn't want to spend the money (because really I wanted the 80 gb classic, but it's $240). So I got a Sony Walkman 4gb mp3 player instead for $99. I figure it's more space than the 512 mb ipod shuffle I have now, and this has a screen so I can see what I'm listening to and search for songs, and it has a built-in radio (which the ipod is lacking - and then if you want radio, you have to buy (ie spend even mroe money) and buy the accessory). And it has a higher battery life. 33 hours of play or so it claims. Anyways, so I'm pleased with it. And I got it in black, so yay!

Tomrrow morning is Jeremy's brit milah. I hope he doesn't scream and that the infant tylenol really does knock him out. I have to "present" him and carry him down the stairs, then pass him to his other godmother (I'm going to be one, and Christine, my sister's sister-in-law is the other) who will pass him to Ryan's brother who is the godfather. Then porr Jeremy gets diced and sliced, and then we all eat breakfast!! I have to wake up crazy early tomorrow though...at 4:30am!!! Insane I tell you!! I better be able to nap in the afternoon before I have to go to work!

Oh, and I have to say, I LOVE this song. So good!!

I hope everyone is doing well!


May. 25th, 2008 11:12 am
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Which Fantasy/SciFi Character Are You?

And an update! )
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Yeah, so apparently I decided to fool around with my photobucket account (this was a few weeks ago when I was uploading pictures) and moved a whole bunch of pictures around. Meanwhile, forgetting and not realizing that my mood theme is on there, and moving those pictures around would cause the mood theme to no longer work. Then for the past few days when I've been looking at my livejournal, I can't figure out why my mood theme no longer works. Why am I getting random photobucket messages and not my pretty London pictures?? Yeah, well I've figured it out now and moved all the pictures back to their previous links, so all is better now! But I still feel like a moron....

I haven't updated in a while....well except to say I was drunk, but I don't think that counts...so it's time for a random update.

Let's talk about my weekend so far. So Friday night I got to go to the Blue Jay game. It was the home opener and my cousins were singing the national anthem with their choir, so they asked me if I could take them. Heck yes! I'm not a huge baseball fan, but I like the Blue Jays (go Jays!!) and I love going to their games and being part of the action. So I met them downtown and found out we were in a box. Which might sound like fun, but it wasn't as much fun as if we were in regular seats. Mainly because I hadn't eaten, I had come straight from work, and I (stupidly) didn't stop for any food because I thought I could get something at the Skydome Rogers Centre. But there was no food in this box. There was some chips and dip which I had a bit of, but that's not dinner. I really wanted a hot dog and ice cream (they have twist cones at the Dome! Yum!)....but when you're in a box there's nowhere to go to buy food. So that kind of sucked. Plus because we in a box with kids and teenagers and their parents who most weren't into or watching the game, people weren't cheering, and I love cheering, especaially at Blue Jay games, so I didn't get to scream either. But the game was good. And we won!!! Yay! Playing the Red Sox too, which is good on two levels. One they're the World Series champs, so tehcnically they're supposed to be the better team, and two they're in the same division, so it's important we can win against them so we can win the division and go to the playoffs this year! Oh, and I got a towel, a Blue Jay towel, and I love free stuff, so that's fun!

Today I had to go to work, which kind of sucked...actually it really sucked, and I got out late too. But it wasn't that big of a deal because I had no where to go except home, but it was busy all day which sucks. However I now get a day off (as tomorrow, oh wait, it's midnight, so as today is Sunday) and then Monday is a short shift, I'm off early, so that will be good.

I watch Star Trek Nemesis tonight, it was on tv. I've seen it before, a few times, and I own it...but I love seeing things over and over again. It was really good! And I tears totally started running down my face when Data died, actually I started tearing up when he tried to go in Picard's place, and then how he went anyways, and sacrificed himself for Picard. I'm such a wuss. But I'll always love Star Trek: TNG, it will hold a special place in my heart always!! Lol! But it's true, because I always watched with my dad, he started me on it, so it's something we liked together, just the two if us, my mother does not enjoy it when we still watch the reuns when they're on!

Okay, well I think it's time for bed...I'm getting sleepy! Later gators!
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I'm in London right now!! Yay!!!!!! Tomorrow I leave for Berlin, then Prague, and then I'll be back in London on the 20th to spend a week here. I am so tired right now though, I've been up since yesterday (I can't sleep on planes), I've walked around all day, and I'm going out for dinner tomorrow. I'm going to sleep well tonight though!!

I wanted to post about my birthday and what I did, and then concert I went to last week.

So, I got to go to the Spice Girls concert last Monday!!!!!!!! It was AMAZING!!!! Totally a last minute thing, but Amanda's father was able to score us (really good) tickets. So we went! They did all their old songs, the one new one (which I like!) and then they each did a solo. Well Posh didn't sing, but she had this (kind fo dumb) thing. It was so much fun. My ears were ringing for the whole of the next day, and my voice went all hoarse.

Then I had my birthday on Saturday. On Friday I went out with Erin and and Philina. We went out for dinner and then I made them go bowling with me. Which I enjoyed. It was fun! And I bowled pretty well!!

Saturday I slept in, went out for lunch with Faye (which is always fun) and then went out for dinner with my parents and sister. Which was really good.

Sunday I went out for dinner with Amanda. We went to this amazing French-Canadian restaurant downtown and had onion soup and split a crepe, yum!! They were out of sugar pie (which was sad) but the waiter suggested this other dessert, I forge tthe name of it, but it was warm cake drenched in caramel sweetness and served with ice cream. It was really good!!

It was a crazy long weekend. But lots of fun! I saw everything, no one would let me pay so in terms of my wallet (and sort of budget) that was good too!!

Anyways, I'm getting tired sitting here, I better start walking around to wake up!

More soon!!
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Look what I made: (Faye got this for me for Hanukkah! Thanks Faye!!)


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Well, another year has past. I can't believe it's already 2008, it's crazy. My New Years was fun, it was fairly reminiscent of last year. I again went to the Bier Markt with Erin and Philina. This year had the addition of Phil's boyfriend, Steve, who is wickedly funny. This was the first chance I got to really get to know him, and I really like him. And then there was anither 15 people at our table too, but we never really mingled. Which was fine, I still had fun. A few pictures will be posted in the next few days, I promise!!

This morning, I slept in until around 11am, got up and had a delicious breakfast!! My mother had bought us turkey bacon to make (my dad doesn't allow us to cook the real stuff in our house) and I made that, my dad made scramble eggs with cheese, and we had these yummy cheese croissants too. It was SO good! We never have that good of a breakfast in my house, I think the turkey bacon (which was pretty good for a substitute) made the breakfast. We'll have to do it again sometime.

After breakfast I had to go shovel the snow, which was wet and heavy. But then when I came back in, I got my mother to book my ticket to England!! Yay!! So I'm going February 11-27th, flying into London. I'm also going to Berlin and Prague for a few days each. I'm so excited!! Also, I booked Club class seats on Air Transat, which yes, was more money, but is soooo worth the comfort. It's all booked now, so I can't change my mind anyways, and I've already pre-booked my seats!

Now I'm off to go watch a movie and eat snacks!! I hope everyone had a safe and fun New Years!!


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