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So remember how I said the other day how I wanted to talk about New!Spock vs. Old!Spock. Well the time has come my friends. Put on your geek hats and follow me to the land of the future. Heh. Okay, I'm just kidding. Oh, but let me say this first, I watched Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home this morning. And OMG, I can totally see why many people keep saying that this movie is their favourite in the Star Trek universe. It is amazing!! So very funny! I loved it. It was great!! Still not better than the new movie (which I saw in the theatre again on Saturday night - again, so awesome!!) I think I liked it even better the second time. I understood a lot more about the Kirk/Spock dynamic and I understood so much more of the back story (or should I say future story??) During the first time I saw it, I had read some people's reviews and I understood them to mean there was real slash in the movie. So I kept looking for it. And I didn't see any. And I was confused. I re-read those reviews and finally got they just meant a whole lot of pre-slash. So the second time, I was just squeeing the whole time. It was awesome.

Oh, another sidenote. My dad (who finally saw the movie on Friday) and I had a long discussion on the movie last night. It was pretty cool. And I totally blame him for this new obsession, because he started it many years ago when he introduced me to TNG.

Anyways, onto my Spock thoughts: I shall cut this for interests sake! Also some movie spoilers! )
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Here are my thoughts on American Idol this year (I'm currently watching the finale now, but I know who won - stupid facebook):

I loved Adam, I really did. But I'm certainly not surprised that he didn't win. He's amazing. No doubt about it. He can sing many styles, I enjoyed him a lot. However, I can see why people wouldn't vote for him. For one, well there's the whole gay thing. He's probably gay (I saw probably because he hasn't confirmed it, but he hasn't denied it, I'm sure he'll come out publicly when the season is like any time now). A lot of America still has a huge problem with that. Stupid, I know. This contest isn't about your sexuality, it's about your talent. But try telling that to all the homophobic Americans out there. But even Adam's sexuality aside, there's his singing style. He can be scream-y, as in hard rock/metal scream-y and a lot of people wouldn't like that. I don't love the scream-y, but he can do "regular" rock as well, which I do enjoy, very much so!

Now, versus Kris. Who's this nice, white guy from Arkansas. more importantly he's straight. However, he's more of soft rock/pop singer (yes, with a slightly country feel - but he can definitely do mainstream extremely well), which appeals to the masses a lot more. Obviously Kris is talented, I think he's really good too. I didn't have a favourite this year, so I'm not upset by the results. And we all know Adam is definitely going to be signed and will come out with an album and will do really really well. Probably better than Kris.

Anyways, I did enjoy this season and am so glad I got to watch it! Yay ITV2!!! And this finale is really good! So many amazing guest stars!!

The confessions of me: )
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So I am totally and addicted to Star Trek. I am well on my way to being completely immersed in a new fandom. Good bye Harry Potter, hello Star Trek. Okay, no. Not really. I can't ever say good bye to Harry Potter. But I can definitely say hello to Star Trek!!

So I've downloaded the movie and have been watching it over and over again! Squee!! I want to see the movie in the theatre again, and will do so once I have a bit more money (ie. after pay day).

I've been reading Star Trek fan fiction and it's making me squee. Even incredibly Mary-Sue fan fic makes me squee. It's quite sad.

What's even sadder is I've started writing my own fan fic, something I've only ever attempted twice before. Harry Potter-verse previously, and both times I never got beyond the first two pages. This one being completed seems a little bit more likely. It's slash of course. Kirk/Spock because what could be better than mind images of Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto together?? Nothing I tell you. Nothing. Writing this has kept me quite occupied at work.

I've gotten myself a few new Star Trek icons and will continue to search for more.

I am utterly in love with Spock and am now downloading a bunch of Original Series (OS) and TNG episodes that are Spock-centric. And The Trouble with Tribbles, because I remember that episode and love it!

I have started watching OS episodes on the Sci-Fi channel (it's perfect, they're on in the morning as I get ready for work). I watch TNG episodes on Virgin, but that's not new, I've watched them before. I tried to watch a Voyager episode too, but it didn't hold my attention. We'll keep it to OS and TNG for now. I might try to catch some Enterprise episodes too.

So yeah, can we say obsessed?? If I start planning trips to Comic-con or a Trekkie convention, please, someone intervene!!
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Yeah, so apparently I decided to fool around with my photobucket account (this was a few weeks ago when I was uploading pictures) and moved a whole bunch of pictures around. Meanwhile, forgetting and not realizing that my mood theme is on there, and moving those pictures around would cause the mood theme to no longer work. Then for the past few days when I've been looking at my livejournal, I can't figure out why my mood theme no longer works. Why am I getting random photobucket messages and not my pretty London pictures?? Yeah, well I've figured it out now and moved all the pictures back to their previous links, so all is better now! But I still feel like a moron....

I haven't updated in a while....well except to say I was drunk, but I don't think that it's time for a random update.

Let's talk about my weekend so far. So Friday night I got to go to the Blue Jay game. It was the home opener and my cousins were singing the national anthem with their choir, so they asked me if I could take them. Heck yes! I'm not a huge baseball fan, but I like the Blue Jays (go Jays!!) and I love going to their games and being part of the action. So I met them downtown and found out we were in a box. Which might sound like fun, but it wasn't as much fun as if we were in regular seats. Mainly because I hadn't eaten, I had come straight from work, and I (stupidly) didn't stop for any food because I thought I could get something at the Skydome Rogers Centre. But there was no food in this box. There was some chips and dip which I had a bit of, but that's not dinner. I really wanted a hot dog and ice cream (they have twist cones at the Dome! Yum!)....but when you're in a box there's nowhere to go to buy food. So that kind of sucked. Plus because we in a box with kids and teenagers and their parents who most weren't into or watching the game, people weren't cheering, and I love cheering, especaially at Blue Jay games, so I didn't get to scream either. But the game was good. And we won!!! Yay! Playing the Red Sox too, which is good on two levels. One they're the World Series champs, so tehcnically they're supposed to be the better team, and two they're in the same division, so it's important we can win against them so we can win the division and go to the playoffs this year! Oh, and I got a towel, a Blue Jay towel, and I love free stuff, so that's fun!

Today I had to go to work, which kind of sucked...actually it really sucked, and I got out late too. But it wasn't that big of a deal because I had no where to go except home, but it was busy all day which sucks. However I now get a day off (as tomorrow, oh wait, it's midnight, so as today is Sunday) and then Monday is a short shift, I'm off early, so that will be good.

I watch Star Trek Nemesis tonight, it was on tv. I've seen it before, a few times, and I own it...but I love seeing things over and over again. It was really good! And I tears totally started running down my face when Data died, actually I started tearing up when he tried to go in Picard's place, and then how he went anyways, and sacrificed himself for Picard. I'm such a wuss. But I'll always love Star Trek: TNG, it will hold a special place in my heart always!! Lol! But it's true, because I always watched with my dad, he started me on it, so it's something we liked together, just the two if us, my mother does not enjoy it when we still watch the reuns when they're on!

Okay, well I think it's time for bed...I'm getting sleepy! Later gators!
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I just finished reading Something Blue by Emily Giffin for the second time. I first read it over the summer while in Hilton Head at the urging of my sister. And I loved it. All of her books are fabulous. It's funny because my sister is the one who urged me to first read the Harry Potter books, which she had also started reading in Hilton Head. The problem both times is I'm a much faster reader than my sister, and I whizzed through the first book, and then have to wait a long time to read the second. But, I eventually get there.

Anyways, Something Blue is Emily Giffin's second novel and my favourite. Probably because it mainly takes place in London. But also because the whole second half of it makes me cry. I cried and cried and cried throughout the whole end of it. I must have used at least five kleenex. And this may sound weird, but there's nothing I love more than a good cry. I love any type of movie or book that can make me bawl.
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Look what I made: (Faye got this for me for Hanukkah! Thanks Faye!!)


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