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I had a fun night last night. I went to a play (my friend Rachel works at the theatre and got me a free ticket). It was called 'Fat Pig', it was a was only okay. Not super funny. It didn't get good reviews when it opened either. But hey, it was free. Then Rachel and I met her friend Pasquel (he's German) and his friend Oliver and we went to some bar in Kensington and had what they call a 'Flaming Ferrari'. It was VERY potent. Probably like 4-5 ounces of pure alcohol. They pour most of it in a martini glass, light it on fire, you stick a straw in and chug it as they pour another shot of something in. Then I drank tons of water. It made me VERY drunk. Then we did a shot of tequila (luckily Pasquel is rich - according to Rachel - and paid for it all). Then we went in search for food, went to a Morrocan place that had nargillas (hookahs). It's just flavoured tobacco that you smoke through a big bong type thing. We had some wine and some food. It was very fun!! Of course I was crazy drunk by this time...Eventually I stumbled (and I do mean stumble) back to the hostel safe and sound. And I'm not hung over today! So yay for that!!

Tomorrow I'm (finally!) moving into my new flat!! Thank goodness!! I finally found one I hope I'll be happy with. The douwnside it's in Brixton (read: not great area) but it's close to the tube, the place is really nice, and it's on a quiet street. I'm sharing just with one other (the owner) who said she's away a lot. She has a bf in nyc and apparently goes for months at a time. She also has a car and is coming to pick me (and all my crap) tomorrow morning. So that's good!! It's a small (really small) double room, and my closet is outside of the room, because there's no room for a wardrobe in the room - but there is a big thing of shelves. There's also a big lounge with a tv and sky (satellite tv for non-uk folk!) And of course wireless internet. There's two couches which are perfect for overnight guests too! So people can come visit me!! This means you [Bad username or unknown identity: scattydove!!   I'm now going to meet two of my mother's friends who live in the UK and meet in London every so often to catch up. We're going for a drink and then to see Spamalot. Which I've seen in Toronto, but they had a convenient early evening show time. Alright, hope everyone is well!]
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It's been pouring rain outside all day. Which sucks. But I've made myself feel better by buying an expensive theatre ticket for next May, and then by seeing a movie. Yeah, while I should be working on finding a flat, I go see a movie instead.

But first, omg so much love for my theatre ticket!! Sadly, it's not until May 1st. BUT, it's for a production of Waiting for Godot starring Ian McKellen AND Patrick Stewart!! Squee!!! I am so excited for it! How amazing will it be? No words will be able to describe it. And I have a pretty good seat. In the stalls, row G but on one side. The ticket guy said I would be able to see find though. And I'll have tons of leg room, and no one will be sitting directly in front of me, so that's good. Now I just have to wait until May 1st though!!

I then saw Ghost Town which I've been dying to see, and it did not disappoint. It was very funny and had some romance in it as well.

I keep applying for a zillion jobs, but so far I've heard nothing. Very frustrating, but what's more frustrating is I have no home. I need to unpack my bags and have a regular bed and wifi. Argh. I paid for early bird service to so maybe (hopefully) I'll find something there. I should really be calling people right now.

On the plus side though, I have (almost) free internet. I'm in an internet cafe, and you have to buy a code ticket from a machine, so I start putting in my coins, I'm buying an hour and a half of time (so £3 worth) I'm feeding it tons of coins to use up my small change. It prints me out my ticket, and then out pops £2 from the return coin dispenser. So score!

Alright, that's about it. I'm going to be serious about flat hunting and go call some people.


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