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I often wonder about some of the people who add me to facebook. Sometimes I think I've gone through life invisible to a lot of people. And then they add me to facebook. Which is funny because obviously we were never actually friends. But yet, they must know who I am or else they wouldn't have added me. Right??

Case one: Russ Rogers. I knew him (who knows if I ever really talked to him though) during youth group in high school. He recently added me. I confirmed him of course (I usually don't deny people, I don't care enough to do that! There's nothing private on there anyways) but I wasn't aware he actually ever knew my name during my NFTY (Nfty being the name of my youth group) years.

Case two: Kelly Mendoca (or whatever her last name is - I can't be bothered to check right now). Someone I knew from high school. I think. Well I'm pretty positive I knew her from high school (our mutual friends are high school people). Not sure I actually knew her. Because I can't place her. Unless she's the Kelly who used to go by Skye (I'm so not even shitting you here). She randomly adds me the other day.

There's a couple people on there I can't place at all. Tania Patterson doesn't ring any kind of bell. Like at all. Clearly she's someone I went to high school with (because again, our mutual friends are from high school) but I have absolutely NO recognition of her. She added me a long time ago, and I still have no clue who she is. That's bad huh? I have a pretty good memory too. Oh well.


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