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So I'm currently reading the new Marion Keyes book, This Charming Man, and there's four main characters, and the first person switches between the four. One of the main characters, Lola speaks without any pronouns. It's all basically bullet points, not proper sentences. And I keep finding my inner monologue speaking the same way. And it's driving me insane! I don't know why I'm doing it (my inner monologue just went "don't know why I'm doing it" but I have to find a way to stop.

Also, this book is a million pages long and it's only okay, not spectacular (I think it's just Marion Keye's writing style, I've tried to read so many of her books and I've never been blown away by any of them, they're enjoyable enough, but they don't make me squee) and it's taking me forever to finish. One day though....I have other books to read!
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I just finished reading Something Blue by Emily Giffin for the second time. I first read it over the summer while in Hilton Head at the urging of my sister. And I loved it. All of her books are fabulous. It's funny because my sister is the one who urged me to first read the Harry Potter books, which she had also started reading in Hilton Head. The problem both times is I'm a much faster reader than my sister, and I whizzed through the first book, and then have to wait a long time to read the second. But, I eventually get there.

Anyways, Something Blue is Emily Giffin's second novel and my favourite. Probably because it mainly takes place in London. But also because the whole second half of it makes me cry. I cried and cried and cried throughout the whole end of it. I must have used at least five kleenex. And this may sound weird, but there's nothing I love more than a good cry. I love any type of movie or book that can make me bawl.


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