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I've spent the majority of my evening searching different German Christmas Markets and tours and flights that go there. I want to go!!! They all look so pretty and festive. I LOVE festive! Even though I don't celebrate Christmas, I love the festive season! It's so pretty and everyone is (usually) so happy. Lights are twinkling, the snow looks all crisp and clean.

In other news, I made an apple pie today! It turned out pretty good if I do say so myself! It probably needed a little more flour, and the crust (Pilsbury refridgerated crusts) wasn't the best I've ever had, but it was still good!! I'm going to make it again for Thanksgiving next week.

This is a weekend full of stamping (and cleaning of course!) Tomorrow, Suzie is having a stamping party at my sister's house (she doesn't have room in her apartment) and so I'm going to that. It's turned pretty much into my party, because the only people who are coming are MY friends, but whatever. It's not like I need any stamping anything, so I don't need the hostess benefits. Then on Sunday I'm going back to my sister's because she having a class (Designer Paper series) and I said a long time ago I wanted to go. Suzie wants to go to that one too, but I refuse to pick her up two days in a row at Yorkdale, which is fair I think. Ugh, it's so annoying when people don't have cars and they live in the MIDDLE of Toronto and is NOT easy to get to. I hate driving more than half an hour to get to someone's place. Of course there are always exceptions to that. But when people EXPECT me to pick them up (which Suzie does) it grates on my nerves.

Anyways, I'm off to bed. I'm going to Cora's tomorrow morning! Yum!!


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