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I'm a bit disgusted with the Canadian media at the moment. They do not give recognition where recognition is due. It's annoying, and sad. Daniel Nestor (with his partner Nenad Zimonjic) won the Men's Doubles at Wimbledon this year. They won last year too. I only got to see some of the match (stupid work) but what I saw was good! I saw more of their semi-final match, where they fought back from being down two sets to love and went on to win the match in five sets. Amazing! Daniel Nestor is Canadian (he grew up in Toronto). He's been the world number one (in doubles), he's currently number two (although, maybe he'll be no.1 again on Monday?? I'll have to check), he's won all the Slams, and yet TSN (Canada's sports channel) doesn't even bother showing the match. The papers barely make mention of him. And while there are some articles today, it took winning Wimbledon for them to mention him. He's Canada's greatest tennis player ffs!!! Give him more credit!Are we so enamoured with love for the Americans that we forget about our own???

Anyways, moving is the Men's final at Wimbledon!!! Federer vs. Roddick. This will be the third time Roddick has faced Federer in the final at Wimbledon. The previous times being in 2004 and 2005, both of which Federer won. Federer is 18-2 against Roddick. So I'm not too worried. Although Roddick has been amazing these past two weeks. So I hope Federer isn't feeling too cocky or confidant, but I doubt he is. He's too much of a gentleman to be cocky. I'm sure he's preparing to just play his best. Which will (knock on wood) win him his 6th Wimbledon final, and 15th Grand Slam, making him the absolute best ever in Men's tennis. Even my mother (who is one of those enamoured for the Americans - she's a wannabee) roots for Roger. And she likes Roddick. But she loves Roger more. The fact that's he's completely fluent in English and speaks with only the slightest accent helps (for her). Yeah, she's prejudiced. But she's my mother and I love her. Anyways, I will of course be rooting for Roger today. I have wine chilling in the fridge, and I'm going to go to Tesco's soon to pick up some snacks. And possibly a donut. Because even though it's not Tims, it's tradition, and I can't break with tradition!!

It's funny, but when Nadal dropped out of Wimbledon I thought there would be a huge gap missing these past two weeks. And while I've missed watching him for sure, I haven't felt like I've missed out. If that makes sense. There's been some amazing tennis these past two weeks. Wimbledon has always been my favourite of the Grand Slams, and it's been just as great as ever.

In other news I've spent the morning downloading music. The website I normally download from is letting people download all of Michael Jackson's music for free as a tribute. Which is amazing on two parts. Because one, awww, that's sweet. And two, free music!! Lots of free music! So I downloaded it all. Then I wanted some more Canadian content on my mp3 player so (the original reason for me going to the download site to begin with) I downloaded some Amanda Marshall and Stabilo (I own the cds, but they're in Canada and I want to listen to them now!) The site actually didn't have anything by Stabilo (though I would have been surprised if they did) and very little by Amanda Marshall, so I found some torrents. Amanda Marshall is funny to listen to these days. Because her music sounds very 90s (mainly because it is) and not like the music you hear today. It sounds very pop. I still enjoy it though. Stabilo has held up better imo. I still love them. I wish both of them would come with new material. I want more!! Aw man, I just found out that Amanda Marshall performed in Brampton on Canada Day! I so would have gone to that, despite it being Brampton, lol!
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In light of [ profile] scattydove's post the other week (it might have been a couple of weeks ago, I can't remember, and clearly can't be bothered to go check) I thought I would reiterate in mine. There's not a specific reason, just that it pisses me off to no end. Okay, pisses me off might be too harsh, but definitely annoys me to no end would be accurate.

This is taken from a friend's facebook. Not mine and I am not friends with this person, but here you go:

dnt lie ystrdy at wrk bre peeps wer sayin dey got paid alredy!fank god i neva dun ma online shoppin spree last nyt!lol yeh im on goin weneva!organize it n il b der!

Are you fucking kidding me??????????? That's the worst butchering of the English language EVER. Bar none. Holy SHIT!!!

Here is an example that while it makes me shudder, it does not make me implode like the example above:

I know..... its so long... how are u darling?? M good. M currently working with DELL. so any plans of coming down to india?? wat are you doing these days??

The latter is clearly from a different person. It borders on acceptable. Not quite, but almost. Most importantly, it doesn't make me want to rip my eyes out of my head with a spoon.

Both people (as is my friend who I stole these examples from) are Asian. Why oh why does every single Asian person need to type like that??? Why? Because I've noticed they're the majority of the offenders. They are quite capable of typing normally, they speak normally, they don't speak in shortform or acronyms, so why must they type like that?? Why I ask you??? WHY???



Thanks for listening!!


Jan. 14th, 2009 11:21 pm
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So I went out with Rachel today. For the most part I had a good time. But omg, some of the things she says...she can be so ditzy and clueless! She took us a crazy long way to her flat from Holborn because she doesn't know her area, because she doesn't explore. Okay, so I don't know my area well, but I live in crap Brixton. She lives in Covent Garden which is non-sketchy and full of lovely places! It's cold out today (okay, not as cold as Toronto which was under an extreme cold alert, but it felt cold!) and she was wearing tights (a lurid hot pink - if I was with Amanda and we saw her on the street we would mock her forever) and a jersey top that she thinks is a dress, but it's not really long enough. And all she did was complain that she was cold. Well, maybe if you dressed warmer...also her visa expires at the end of April and she's talking about trying to stay, etc. And she started talking about an Entertainers visa, which I had never really heard of before. She said it would allow her to audition for things, work as an actor, and live in the UK, etc. And she said she would be able to get it without a sponsor. Little does she know of course. I looked it up and she would need a sponsor, and an offer of work. She also seems to think that she could work at another job while auditioning (although really she can't be auditioning anyways, she already needs a job) and she can, but only 20 hours a week in a related field. Although, she may be able to go around that, because you don't tell anyone that you're working, so I'm sure no one would bother to check that you're sticking to the 20 hours/week. But it just bothers me when she's all high and mightly about things she knows nothing about. It was all bad though. She introduced me to some good Indian food. Which one day I hope to be able to afford! And she invited me to Amsterdam with her and her new boyfriend. But they're going at the end of April, and I don't think I'll be able to afford it, nor get the time off of work. And I've been there before, so I'm not that bothered by it. I want to visit home more!! Speaking of holidays though, I must take time and talk to my manager tomorrow about my vacation time. I need to book off February, March, and April! At some point I need to be able to afford a ticket back to London too. It's expensive right now though...

I heard from my flatmate/landlord (landlady?) yesterday and she's coming back in about a week. :( I've enjoyed having the place to myself! But I guess it's time to get used to sharing again.

Money woes

Dec. 14th, 2008 03:29 pm
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Maybe I shouldn't complain about this, but yet I am anyways. So...I got some money for Hanukkah from my grandmothers. $100 from one, $200 from the other. The one who gave me $100 gave everyone $100, so nice and fair right? The one who gave me $200 gave my sister and brother-in-law $500, and my parents $500. Which, is kind of not fair. She really should have given me $250 to be fair. And it bugs me. More than it probably should. This grandmother also gave me nothing when I came to England. Nada. The other grandmother gave me $200. Not that it's a contest between the two of them, but the grandmother who gave me nothing has a lot more money than they other. So in theory she should have given me something, if not more than the other. I was hoping for more Hanukkah money from her to be honest. I was hoping she would give me like $500. Especially since she never gave me anything when I moved here. And I've always felt slighted from this grandmother. I've always felt (and it's true, not just me feeling jealous) that she's given my sister more than what she's given me. Like she bought my sister bedroom furniture when she bought her house. She gives them tons of money on their anniversary, and I'm sure they got tons of money at their wedding. There's a Sex and the City episode that addresses this. Why do single people get left out? Argh, it bothers me. Especially because it's grandparents. It should be fair between the grandchildren. Especially between those that talk about how much money they get!

And I have like no money. It's a good thing I have a return ticket home, because I could not afford to buy one right now. Who knows how I'm going to afford a plane ticket back to London. I guess I have some time before I need to worry about that though.

Alright, off to find some food!


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