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Here are my thoughts on American Idol this year (I'm currently watching the finale now, but I know who won - stupid facebook):

I loved Adam, I really did. But I'm certainly not surprised that he didn't win. He's amazing. No doubt about it. He can sing many styles, I enjoyed him a lot. However, I can see why people wouldn't vote for him. For one, well there's the whole gay thing. He's probably gay (I saw probably because he hasn't confirmed it, but he hasn't denied it, I'm sure he'll come out publicly when the season is like any time now). A lot of America still has a huge problem with that. Stupid, I know. This contest isn't about your sexuality, it's about your talent. But try telling that to all the homophobic Americans out there. But even Adam's sexuality aside, there's his singing style. He can be scream-y, as in hard rock/metal scream-y and a lot of people wouldn't like that. I don't love the scream-y, but he can do "regular" rock as well, which I do enjoy, very much so!

Now, versus Kris. Who's this nice, white guy from Arkansas. more importantly he's straight. However, he's more of soft rock/pop singer (yes, with a slightly country feel - but he can definitely do mainstream extremely well), which appeals to the masses a lot more. Obviously Kris is talented, I think he's really good too. I didn't have a favourite this year, so I'm not upset by the results. And we all know Adam is definitely going to be signed and will come out with an album and will do really really well. Probably better than Kris.

Anyways, I did enjoy this season and am so glad I got to watch it! Yay ITV2!!! And this finale is really good! So many amazing guest stars!!

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For those of you who watch American Idol, you will know what I'm talking about, for those who don't watch it, you won't know, but just be amused by the fact that I'm annoyed!! So at the beginning when Ryan Seacrest is introducing the episode. And then he says: "This (pause, pause pause) is American Idol!" and he does this bouncy thing. Ugh! Annoys the heck out of me!!! And he does this EVERY SINGLE WEEK of American Idol. SO annoying!! I mock him every single time.

On the other hand! Yay Hollywood week!! One of the best weeks of the show. I love Hollywood week!!
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Yay! American Idol has started and I get to watch it!! It's so exciting, because I had resigned myself to missing it this year, but I don't have to! Thank you ITV2!!!! Although right now it's the auditions, and I find them boring and tedious. Bring me the live shows!

Crap, I was going to say something else, but now I can't remember! Argh! I hate when that happens!


Jan. 12th, 2009 09:34 pm
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Woo hoo! ITV2 shows American Idol!! I won't have to miss it! And it's on only two days later than it is in Canada/USA. So, as long as my mother keeps her mouth shut, I won't know who made it to the finals/who got kicked off. It starts Thursday!!

I'm currently watching an abbreviated Golden Globes on Sky1. The Golden Globes are my favourite awards show. Love them! So I'm glad to see a small part of them. I'm missing all the shticks that the presenters do, but I get to see the outfits and acceptance speeches. Alright, well it's over now. Why is there a +1 (also known as time shifting by one hour) of every station BUT Sky??? Grrr. I missed the beginning, but I guess it's so sad too bad for me.

So, I had my first real shift today. It was alright. People are relatively nice. People actually say hi when you pass them in the hall (which I find SO weird since this is LONDON. But it is a nice change!) However, one thing, and maybe I just need to get over it. I started at 8:30am. I got there around 8:20am, found Jason (who was a guy in my induction who's working in retail with me) who got there the same time. We went to security and they said they would call someone. We waited. Then we waited some more. After about 15 minutes some guy comes down and leads us upstairs to the canteen. We wait for another 10 minutes or so, and then the trainer (her name is Ann) comes and finds us. We get started, get uniforms, etc. We learn how to use the tills and spend the rest of the day there. Ann is okay as a trainer, kind of flakey, and rambly and could be better. But she's nice and friendly. The thing that bothered me (muchly, because I can't seem to let it go) was she said since we technically didn't start until 9am, we would stay until 5:40pm (shifts are 8 hours 40 minutes). Which was SO NOT FAIR! It's not my fault they were disorganized and left us waiting. Why should I suffer for their disorganization??? I tried to say this and still be off at 5:10pm, but she disagreed with me. And wouldn't budge. I dropped it, but continued to fume silently. I guess I could have pursued it further, but I decided since it was my first shift, new job, I'd just let it go. But it still bothers me. That's like telling someone who was at work that since their computer went down for half an hour and they couldn't do work (even though it was no fault of their own) they would have to stay an extra half hour to make it up. I just need to let it go through, right??

So I was thinking this morning that I kind of want to go home. Is that bad?? I was thinking maybe I should just go home in April. I'm not doing what I thought I'd be doing (ie. an office job). I'm working a crap job here, so I feel I might as well work at a crap job at home and not have to pay £500/month in rent. That maybe I'm just not cut out for international living. I've been here for three months (well, almost) and by the time April comes, it will have been 5 and a half months of me living here. Is that enough time do you think?? I don't know. I just miss home A LOT. I miss my family, I miss my friends. I'm missing seeing my nephew grow up, and I'm sad I'm not able to hold him and cuddle with him. I'm going to miss his first birthday!! Maybe I should stick it out and go home in August, in time for Hilton Head! That's the wrong way to think about it, I know. But I could totally go to Hilton Head! I might have to share a room with my sister. But that would be fine. And I would have to drive with my parents. But I figure I could handle that! Anyways...I'll stop rambling/fantasizing.

Alright, time to go do something else.
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American Idol was love this week. It was Andrew Lloyd Webber week on American Idol. I loved loved loved it. There is nothing I love more than musical theatre. And anything by Andrew Lloyd Webber is my favourite. I <3 him. I was sad about Carly leaving though, I didn't think she deserved to go, her performance was phenomenal, but this show is totally a popularity contest, and she just wasn't popular enough. I thought Jason should have gone, he really sucked this week, and compared to either of the Davids he's just not as strong vocally, or so I think. Anyways, so I've now downloaded two of the songs from American Idol this week. I have David Cook singing Music of the Night from Phantom, and Carly Smithson singing Superstar from Jesus Christ Superstar. I also got two fo the Beatles performances, Carly again, sining Come Together, and Brooke White singing Let It Be. This was all free. I got four free downloads after I purchased the Alicia Keys tickets from Ticketmaster so I figured I might as get something I couldn't download from somewhere else. So American Idol it is!! My mother wants to go see the tour when it comes to Toronto, I said I would go with her!! I'm really enjoying it this year, I love (most) everyone! But I want David Cook to win!


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