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I'm kind of bored right now. And it's mainly because I've felt like doing NOTHING all day. What's wrong with me? Why am I not more motivated to go out and DO something. I get like this when there's no one around to bother me. I guess I don't do well without people (read: my mother) nagging me. I should have mowed the lawn today, I should have called my grandmother, I should have gotten dressed, and yet, I've done none of that. We all deserve a day off now and then though, right? Although, I probably take waaaay more of my share of those.

Yesterday was good though. I woke up relatively early. I went and dropped of my swap application at Travel Cuts (I got an email from them today and now I have a TON of forms to fill out) and then I went to my sister's and I picked up lunch for us at Quiznos. I had a chicken mesquite sub and it was SO good. I don;t know why this one was so good, but it was. Anyways, my sister and I did some stamping. I designed my Christmas card for this year (I need to get them done early this year because I won't be bringing my stamping stuff with me to England) and I cut all of it. Next time I need to stamp it all and then put it together, but it's all planned (I made two of what I wanted - now only 15 more to go!) I figure I also need to make a few Hanukkah cards this year too. What with having to mail everything. Although, maybe I can just buy them??? We'll see. Anyways, I left around 6pm and came home.

I ate pizza (I also eat eat pretty poorly when no one else is around) and baked brownies (yum!!) and then watched the new 90210. I though it would be horrible, but it was actually pretty good!

I guess I should cut for spoilers... )


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