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So, I've recently been watching a lot of Star Trek interviews, mainly on You Tube. Ones done during the junkets and premieres, and a few of the talk shows. Mostly of Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto. I've also wanted to see what else these two have done. So I've downloaded Just My Luck, a Lindsay Lohan movie which also stars Chris Pine. It's not bad. I remember when it came out in theatres, I had thought it looked cute. Well, it was cute. And Chris Pine becomes very hot in it! So the eye candy is quite good! The Lindsay Lohan, not so much. For Zachary Quinto, I've watched some episodes of Heroes. And to my surprise, I really like the show! I think I need to watch more of it, and read up more on it. Because I only have a loose understanding of the premise of the show and I'm sure I'm missing plot points. I really like Sylar (Zachary Quinto's character). Sure he's evil, but in a quiet calm sort of way. I love it! So I need to watch more of it. From the beginning.

Anyways, in my many watching of things that are Zachary Quinto, he's reminded me more and more of my cousin, Alex. His voice, his inflections, his mannerisms. He is SO much like Alex it's crazy.

In the fandom aspect of Star Trek, I've totally become a Kirk/McCoy fangirl. Kirk/Spock seems like it should have been my otp. And I have read stuff with them that I really enjoy, but I'm loving the Kirk/McCoy even more. They are quickly becoming my otp in this fandom. I think because they seem more real, more believable in my 21st century mind. The alien-esque of Spock's Vulcan heritage just doesn't seem to want to mesh well with Kirk, in my head anyways.

In non-fandom news, Roger Federer completed his Grand Slam! He won the French Open!!!!! Woooooooooooooooo! I knew he could do it!

I will hopefully be seeing him in THIRTEEN DAYS! Because in TWELVE DAYS I will be camping out at Wimbledon to get Centre Court tickets for some first round action at Wimbledon! This has been a dream of mine since forever (to go to Wimbledon) and this year the dream is coming true!!! I cannot wait! I am so excited! I am also weirdly excited for the camping bit too. We can have pizza delivered to our tent!! How cool is that?!?!? My sister and brother-in-law have dubbed the camping, extreme tailgating. I think it's an appropriate name!

There is a 48 hour tube strike that started today at 7pm. It SUCKED getting home. I was off at 6pm so I did manage to catch the tube home, but it took forever. And tomorrow and the next day I have to take the bus. Which isn't that big of a deal, but with no tube running AT ALL, the bus is going to be UBER crowded. I start work at 10:20am tomorrow, and I plan to leave before 8:30am for work. Which will give me an extra hour for delays/full buses driving by me. Argh, I hate strikes. So annoying!
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Tennis <3

Jun. 5th, 2009 11:06 pm
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Federer Federer Federer!!! Goooooooooo Federer!!

I can't even imagine the pressure he must be feeling right now. And will be feeling tomorrow and the next day, right until he steps onto the court. I hope he is able to tune out that pressure and just plays his very best, irregardless of his chance to make history. And history he will make. I feel confident that this is his year to (finally) win the French Open. Although, I don't want to add any pressure, I'll still love you regardless Roger!!

17 more days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I can't seem to stop downloading things. Movies, tv shows, audio books. Ugh, it's bad. But so so good. Downloading stuff might just be even better than Youtube and Wikipedia. Okay, maybe not. But damn close! Lol!

So I finally watched the series finale of ER. I had downloaded it quite some time ago (right after whenever it aired - so April or something?) but never got around to watching it. So I just did. And oh my god did I cry. And I didn't even watch the whole thing in it's entirety. I skipped parts of it. I only wanted to see the old cast! Now I need to watch the entire thing, so I can cry some more. But first, I'm downloading the George Clooney episode, so I shall watch that first.

And I may or may not also be downloading Trekkies. Because I seriously cannot get enough. And I heard it's funny.
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Okay, after having seen both the Futurama Star Trek spoof and the Family Guy Star Trek's hard to say which one I liked better. I liked them both and they both made me squee and giggle. On one hand, I've always liked Family Guy better than Futurama. And Family Guy featured TNG cast which was my first Star Trek love. Not to mention it also had a Rob Lowe cameo, which even more squee!! But on the other hand, it wasn't just Star Trek-centric, it also featured a Meg story-line that dealt with her being "reborn" as a Christian. And while it was funny, I would have liked to see more Star Trek!! The Futurama episode featured TOS cast (minus Scotty (because apparently he said "No way" to doing it) and Bones (because DeForest Kelley had already passed away) - although Bones was in it, he just never said anything) which is my new love and it was sole-y Star Trek, no other plot line interfered. So it's kind of a toss up. Let's just say I enjoyed them both. A lot. That is all.

Only 18 more days until WIMBLEDON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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So, I've spent the past hour and a half amusing myself with reading old entries of mine from 2003-2005. Wow, I was lame back then. I'm sure I'm still lame now, but it's very very funny to read old entries. And half the stuff I wrote about I TOTALLY don't remember. It's quite entertaining. I sure spent a lot of money back then. Those years are full of entries of how I spent oodles of money at Banana Republic (I was quite obsessed for a number of years) or on Benefit makeup (again, obsessed). How did I afford it all??? There was one entry where I talked about spending $600 on clothes?!?! Crazy!!



Jun. 2nd, 2009 10:16 pm
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Wow! It's June already. Holy crap this year has gone by quickly. Although I think I say this every year (maybe not out loud though). I always think time flies by. I guess that means I'm having fun?!?

Anyways, so on Monday I went to Brighton for the day. Talk about regrets...not going to Brighton, I enjoyed it there. I could have spent more time there. And I should have. Except I went with my friend Shazia and on the weekend when we were deciding on plans (before I bought the train tickets - first regret) she texted me and said her dad would drive us if we paid for the petrol. How do you really say no to that? Well I should have. Because not only did it cost the exact same in petrol as it would have on the train, it took twice as long. It's an hour on the train, it took two hours going (there was traffic) and an hour and a half on the way back. So we only spent about 2.5 hours in Brighton. And half of that was spent in SeaLife. So I barely got any time to tan, and I barely got to see the Pier, and none of the boardwalk or town. And while Shaz's dad was nice enough, he was typically Asian and (imho) bordered on rude. I don't think he meant to be rude, I think it's just a cultural thing. But still. So really, I should have said no to the ride, I should have thought of the fact that there would be tons of traffic, and said how the train would be faster, but I didn't. And hindsight is 20-20. Foresight is 140-300 (or whatever my regular bad vision is). I spent the night before at Shazia's house, which was fine. We went to Flirtease which is a sheesha/dessert bar near her house that she goes to all the time. She keeps asking me to go (but it's far from me, so I've always said no) but I finally got there this time. It was good. Expensive though...well, not expensive, but we had two sheesha's and that adds to the cost. But it was fun and I liked going, and I had this really yummy chocolate brownie cake thing for dessert and it was really good! Oh, so my impressions of Brighton? It seemed nice. But like a typical coastal beach town. Tacky pier filled with games and rides. Tons of places with food and ice cream. I had gone to Weston-Super-Mare (sp?) when I was younger, and it reminded me of there. Oh and the beach is rocky, not sandy...there were lots of people lying on the rocks, but that did not seem like my idea of a good time. I need soft sand to lie on thank you. I bought some Brighton rock, which is really just candy sticks that aren't anything to write home about. But they weren't expensive, so that's good. I think that's about it.

Tomorrow is a day off again. Yay! I should go somewhere and do something. But it might rain and really? I'm pretty lazy and don't want to go anywhere. Although, I've been meaning to take this walking tour of London since I came back in October, and I have yet to do it....maybe I should tomorrow?? Probably not though. I don't have a travel card this week, so if I do go anywhere (if it's sunny) will either be to the communal garden which apparently is behind my building (I just found out about this place - apparently it's quite nice back there, I'll explore tomorrow) or I'll walk to Clapham...good exercise and a chance to sit in the sun! Regardless I do want to go to the grocery store to buy some bagels for the morning. And possibly a baguette (maybe I should make a picnic for my lunch in Clapham??)

I hope everyone is well! (Amanda, you owe me an email...I'm bored...please email me!!!)

ETA: I meant to say that Shazia's father drives like a fucking lunatic. For most of the time he was going over 100mph (that 160km/h folks) and zooming up to other cars and coming quite close to smashing into the back of them. The speed limit varied, but was between 50-70mph. The rest of the time he was driving well under the limit going at what felt like a snails pace (but that could just be in comparison to the zooming fast he went the rest of the time). He also did not know how to read/pay attention to road signs, and more than once I had to pipe up from the backseat saying what lane he should be in. Seriously. From the backseat. And sometimes I felt bad for piping up (though I should have) and we exited when we weren't supposed to. I seriously wanted him to pull over so I could drive.


May. 30th, 2009 11:57 pm
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Zachary Quinto does crazy accents while narrating Star Trek, the tie-in novel from the movie. And yes, and I am listening to the audio book.

*dies of glee*
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In light of [ profile] scattydove's post the other week (it might have been a couple of weeks ago, I can't remember, and clearly can't be bothered to go check) I thought I would reiterate in mine. There's not a specific reason, just that it pisses me off to no end. Okay, pisses me off might be too harsh, but definitely annoys me to no end would be accurate.

This is taken from a friend's facebook. Not mine and I am not friends with this person, but here you go:

dnt lie ystrdy at wrk bre peeps wer sayin dey got paid alredy!fank god i neva dun ma online shoppin spree last nyt!lol yeh im on goin weneva!organize it n il b der!

Are you fucking kidding me??????????? That's the worst butchering of the English language EVER. Bar none. Holy SHIT!!!

Here is an example that while it makes me shudder, it does not make me implode like the example above:

I know..... its so long... how are u darling?? M good. M currently working with DELL. so any plans of coming down to india?? wat are you doing these days??

The latter is clearly from a different person. It borders on acceptable. Not quite, but almost. Most importantly, it doesn't make me want to rip my eyes out of my head with a spoon.

Both people (as is my friend who I stole these examples from) are Asian. Why oh why does every single Asian person need to type like that??? Why? Because I've noticed they're the majority of the offenders. They are quite capable of typing normally, they speak normally, they don't speak in shortform or acronyms, so why must they type like that?? Why I ask you??? WHY???



Thanks for listening!!
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Movie spoilers )
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So remember how I said the other day how I wanted to talk about New!Spock vs. Old!Spock. Well the time has come my friends. Put on your geek hats and follow me to the land of the future. Heh. Okay, I'm just kidding. Oh, but let me say this first, I watched Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home this morning. And OMG, I can totally see why many people keep saying that this movie is their favourite in the Star Trek universe. It is amazing!! So very funny! I loved it. It was great!! Still not better than the new movie (which I saw in the theatre again on Saturday night - again, so awesome!!) I think I liked it even better the second time. I understood a lot more about the Kirk/Spock dynamic and I understood so much more of the back story (or should I say future story??) During the first time I saw it, I had read some people's reviews and I understood them to mean there was real slash in the movie. So I kept looking for it. And I didn't see any. And I was confused. I re-read those reviews and finally got they just meant a whole lot of pre-slash. So the second time, I was just squeeing the whole time. It was awesome.

Oh, another sidenote. My dad (who finally saw the movie on Friday) and I had a long discussion on the movie last night. It was pretty cool. And I totally blame him for this new obsession, because he started it many years ago when he introduced me to TNG.

Anyways, onto my Spock thoughts: I shall cut this for interests sake! Also some movie spoilers! )
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Here are my thoughts on American Idol this year (I'm currently watching the finale now, but I know who won - stupid facebook):

I loved Adam, I really did. But I'm certainly not surprised that he didn't win. He's amazing. No doubt about it. He can sing many styles, I enjoyed him a lot. However, I can see why people wouldn't vote for him. For one, well there's the whole gay thing. He's probably gay (I saw probably because he hasn't confirmed it, but he hasn't denied it, I'm sure he'll come out publicly when the season is like any time now). A lot of America still has a huge problem with that. Stupid, I know. This contest isn't about your sexuality, it's about your talent. But try telling that to all the homophobic Americans out there. But even Adam's sexuality aside, there's his singing style. He can be scream-y, as in hard rock/metal scream-y and a lot of people wouldn't like that. I don't love the scream-y, but he can do "regular" rock as well, which I do enjoy, very much so!

Now, versus Kris. Who's this nice, white guy from Arkansas. more importantly he's straight. However, he's more of soft rock/pop singer (yes, with a slightly country feel - but he can definitely do mainstream extremely well), which appeals to the masses a lot more. Obviously Kris is talented, I think he's really good too. I didn't have a favourite this year, so I'm not upset by the results. And we all know Adam is definitely going to be signed and will come out with an album and will do really really well. Probably better than Kris.

Anyways, I did enjoy this season and am so glad I got to watch it! Yay ITV2!!! And this finale is really good! So many amazing guest stars!!

The confessions of me: )
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So I am totally and addicted to Star Trek. I am well on my way to being completely immersed in a new fandom. Good bye Harry Potter, hello Star Trek. Okay, no. Not really. I can't ever say good bye to Harry Potter. But I can definitely say hello to Star Trek!!

So I've downloaded the movie and have been watching it over and over again! Squee!! I want to see the movie in the theatre again, and will do so once I have a bit more money (ie. after pay day).

I've been reading Star Trek fan fiction and it's making me squee. Even incredibly Mary-Sue fan fic makes me squee. It's quite sad.

What's even sadder is I've started writing my own fan fic, something I've only ever attempted twice before. Harry Potter-verse previously, and both times I never got beyond the first two pages. This one being completed seems a little bit more likely. It's slash of course. Kirk/Spock because what could be better than mind images of Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto together?? Nothing I tell you. Nothing. Writing this has kept me quite occupied at work.

I've gotten myself a few new Star Trek icons and will continue to search for more.

I am utterly in love with Spock and am now downloading a bunch of Original Series (OS) and TNG episodes that are Spock-centric. And The Trouble with Tribbles, because I remember that episode and love it!

I have started watching OS episodes on the Sci-Fi channel (it's perfect, they're on in the morning as I get ready for work). I watch TNG episodes on Virgin, but that's not new, I've watched them before. I tried to watch a Voyager episode too, but it didn't hold my attention. We'll keep it to OS and TNG for now. I might try to catch some Enterprise episodes too.

So yeah, can we say obsessed?? If I start planning trips to Comic-con or a Trekkie convention, please, someone intervene!!


May. 17th, 2009 11:59 pm
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I saw the new Star Trek movie tonight. It was FANTASTIC! It was amazing. I was on the edge of my seat the whole time. Lots of great action and some very funny lines too. Lots of similarities to the original characters, but the new actors totally made them their own characters. It made me want to watch some of the original series now!

Go see it! You won't be disappointed!!

I need a Star Trek icon now. I may have found a new fandom. I am totally in love with both Spock (for his brain) and Kirk (because Chris Pine is omg hot!!) Ack! I'm in love! <3 <3 <3
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Okay, I've fallen in love with Border Patrol. It's this Australian show, about the Australian customs and passport control and it's real, a documentary show. It's amazing. Some of the people on the show (the real travellers) are sooooo stupid! It's so funny! I love all the airport drama. Drug smugglers, quarantine drama, people with fake passports, all these really cute drug sniffing dogs (they also sniff for food as well). Australia is extremely anal on what they allow in and their quarantine laws are insane. As well, my Australian friends have confirmed the show is totally true. You must declare pretty much everything that you bring in, or there's big fines and things with get taken away from you. Also, every single person's bags get x-rayed coming into Australia, and if you're in the Nothing to Declare line, apparently 1 out of 2 people gets pulled out (there was some debate on whether it was really 1 out of 2, or something more like 1 out of 5, but still, those are small odds) of the line and their bags get hand searched. It's crazy! I'm a little afraid of trying to enter Australia now. Basically, I will not be bringing anything in, besides some clothes. No way am I going to risk fines ($220 AUS seems to be the norm).

Meanwhile, I continue to be entertained by the show!
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I've been meaning to do an update for a while now. My sister has come and gone. :( But I had a lot of fun with her while she was here. Oh, but first, I saw Waiting for Godot starring Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen on the Friday before Jen arrived. It was really good! I totally prefer musical theatre, but the acting was superb and it was done well. Good set too. Waiting for Godot is really absurd and I found myself nodding off at one point, but on the whole, I enjoyed it and am really glad I got to see it! I had a really good seat too. I was in the 7th row (I think the 7th, could have been the 6th) off to one side on the aisle, but it's a smaller theatre, so it wasn't that wide. I could totally see everything, and I had tons of leg room because there was no one in front of me. I was something like 10 feet from the stage, so it was great!

Then my sister came the next morning. I met her at Victoria and then we came back to my flat to drop off her stuff. Then we went shopping on Oxford street. I bought a couple of tops at Dorothy Perkins, and a couple more at Primark! Then we went to a pub (the same pub my mom fell in love with when they were here - it's in Mayfair and it's fab! The food is really good there) for dinner. Then we headed back. On Sunday we went to Harrods, then the London Eye and the London Aquarium with Rachel. It was pretty good. I liked the aquarium, it was much bigger than I expected it to be too. Oh, and I got two new pairs of shoes from Office. It made my sister jealous because she didn't find any shoes, so then she made me go into EVERY shoe store we passed from then on. Sunday night we cooked dinner and went to bed fairly early because our train to Paris the next morning was EARLY. So Monday morning we woke up really early and caught the Eurostar to Paris. We first went to the Eiffel Tower and queued for an hour to go up it. But I had planned for the queues, so it was alright. I had a crepe while waiting! Yum! The views from the top of the Eiffel Tower are amazing! It was sooo pretty! Although, chilly, super windy. Then we decided to walk to our hotel, because it wasn't too far from the Eiffel Tower. We stopped in a bunch of stores on the way. Yes, still looking for shoes. Also fun clothes. I bought one top for ten euros. Jen, nada. We bought some wine and cheese and checked into our hotel. It was a good pick I thought. I liked the location and it was quite nice. We rested and drank and ate for a bit. Then we went to see Moulin Rouge and we walked around that area and found a place for dinner. It turned out to be a really good place. We shared beef fondue which was huge, and a huge yummy salad. And then we had ice cream for dessert. It was sooo good! Yum! Then I dragged my sister back to the Eiffel tower so I could see the light show and take more pictures. The next morning we went to a cafe next to our hotel for breakfast. Then we checked out and went to the Arc de Triomphe. Then we walked FOREVER until we found a good shopping area (we thought it was a lot closer than it was). But we went to a whole bunch of stores, my sister found some shoes and a few tops. I bought a top too. Then we tried to go this l'Entrecote restaurant for a late lunch, but they were closed, so I was sad. And then we would have had enough time to go to the Musee d'Orsay but we were so tired, I didn't feel like going there, not to mention I didn't feel like spending more money for both the metro and the entrance fee. So we went to the train station and found a restaurant to eat. It was good, but not as good as the dinner the night before. I had mussels and fries. My sister had steak with bernaise sauce. Then we wandered around the train station, bought some chocolate, checked in and waited a bit for our train. We had a good time though. For Jen's last day in London, we went and got theatre tickets in the morning, then went to Primark so she could return a top she decided against. Then we went to Madame Tussauds. Then we went to a pub for a drink. Then we went back to my flat and rested a bit and dressed for the evening. We went to Piccadilly Circus for Jen could see it, then we went to a mexican restaurant in Leicester Square for dinner. We shared nachos and fajitas, yum! I had a margarita too. Yum! Then we saw Spring Awakening which was fab! It's SO good! I love it! My sister enjoyed it too. Then we went home and to bed. The next morning I dropped my sister off at Victoria, said good bye and then I had to go to work. :(

Then on Friday Catherine was in town and I met her and her friend Jane at Waterloo. We went on the London Eye and then I gave them (well tried to give them) a tour of the West End. We walked up to Trafalgar Square and through the Piccadilly Circus so we could take night photos. It was fun! Sadly I had to work the next day, so then I said goodbye after a few hours of hanging out. Then it was work, and more work. I went to Hamleys on Tuesday and bought my nephew a (shoot, I started this last night before my company came, and totally forgot to finish it when they left! So, I started this Saturday afternoon, it's now Sunday morning). Anyways, so I bought my nephew a birthday present for his first birthday. Jeremy is already one year old!!! He's growing up so fast! Lol! Then I worked, luckily I had the weekend off, and it feels like my first real break in quite some time. It's nice.

Yesterday morning (so Saturday) I bummed around a bit, but finally got ready and went to the Broadway market in east London. I've been meaning to go for quite some time, Amanda had sent me a link to a blog of a woman who trades there. She makes cakes and tarts, so I've been wanting to try them. She also makes brownies, which I tried. The brownies were good, but they were expensive (£2.60/brownie, and you can get other ones for 2 for £3 from other places) and I think only just as good as other places, not better. So not worth it. I also bought a chocolate tart to serve as dessert that night. The tart totally saved this woman. And I may go back. Because the tart was TO DIE FOR. It was amazing!! It was dark chocolate with a shortbread crust, and a layer of jam in between. Now normally I don't like jam in dessert, but the jam added a great balance in flavours and was needed. So it was perfect. It wasn't too bitter (as some dark chocolate tarts can be), the jam helped that, it added a great sweetness, but without taking away from the chocolate. It was really really good. I may go back for more tarts. Not brownies though. Here's a link to the blog: Anyways, I also bought a new bag (bad me, I know) and a new wallet. I'm not sure about the wallet, I think it will be too small for me, but it's so cute. I may give it to someone as a gift or something. The bag I love!

For dinner last night, Joanna and her husband Dan came over and we played board games and I cooked them dinner. I made salmon (it was alright, they enjoyed it, but I think my measurements of onion soup mix/mayonnaise wasn't quite I'll work on that), twice baked potatoes and grilled asparagus. I actually managed to cook the asparagus perfectly, so I was kind of impressed with myself for that! And the potatoes turned out nice as well. They had brought a bottle of wine which we drank, as well as some really yummy cheese from Amsterdam which we ate first. Then we had the delicious tart for dessert. Oh, I was going to say my only criticism of the tart would be a bit too much cocoa on the top. There was a layer of cocoa done with a bird stencil on top, which made it look pretty, but both I and Joanna managed to breathe in too much cocoa and almost choke. So, less cocoa would be better. We played Monopoly (the British version, which is a novelty for me) and then Cluedo (which yes, is Clue - except Mr. Green in Reverend Green in the Brit version). And then we watched Eurovision, which was my first time watching it (we don't get it in Canada, they do in Australia though). It was.....interesting. I really liked the Denmark song, it was written by Ronan Keating, and it was a song I would totally listen to. They did not win, nor did they come close. Which made me sad. I did like the Iceland song, and they came in second. The winner was Norway and I thought their song was only okay. I think it was because they sang in English, but they had an accent, so it sounded weird to me (and Joanna and Dan). Anyways, they left after the show, and I cleaned up (thank goodness for my dishwasher!!) and went to bed. Now I'm finally watching American Idol from this week. I already know who's in the final two though, I got spoiled before it was even on here by facebook. Oh well. Today I'm going to see the Star Trek movie this evening! Woooooooo! I'm excited! I'm excited for the slashy goodness I've heard is in it. Woo hoo slash in a huge Hollywood blockbuster!
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I guess it makes sense that people are Republican, or support a Conservative (Tory) party. Obviously they exist (George W did get re-elected after all, and let's not even get into the fact that I live in a Tory riding now). But I never expected these people to want to travel Europe. If they're American, live in a Republican state, are Republicans, hate a lot of liberal things (eloquent huh? Yes, things, for example, gay marriage, abortions, etc.) I would never expect them to venture further than their backyard. To want to see and explore all things Europe. It just seems strange to me. I guess I expect all travellers/backpackers to be liberal in their world views and to support the same things I support. I know this sounds naive and stupid, but I dunno, I just assume it's true. Clearly it's not.

I also find is soooooo strange that I can love and revere an author who is STRONGLY Republican. Who makes me laugh and laugh and I rush out to buy her books on the day of release (except for her newest, since they're not published in the UK yet, so I have to wait until I go home in August to get it). Huh. Yeah, it's weird.

Obviously political leanings do not define a person completely. I know that. I'm not saying we should judge everyone because of their political views, I hope people don't judge me because of mine. I don't know what I'm trying to say...I'm rambling I know.

Alright, I'm done now. I must go and prepare some food!


Apr. 30th, 2009 12:22 am
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Okay, so I was hit on today by a guy who works in the canteen at work (read: he's a low-paid cafeteria worker, who I don't think is even one of the cooks, he washes dishes), now not to knock menial labour, because I, myself, partake in low-end labour, but I feel I'm better than that. This guy is from Nigeria and whenever I'm chatted up by an African male my defenses immediately go up. Maybe this is unfair, maybe it's being racist, but I feel these guys here the North American accent and it doesn't matter if I'm from Canada or America, they see it as an opportunity. Maybe this is just me. I find the whole flirting thing really fake. For example, this guy says to me, can I get to know you better and he wants to add me to facebook. I say sure, because there's nothing on there that's really confidential. He sends me a pm and starts off saying "Hey sexy". Ummm, hello? I am not sexy. Pretty perhaps, cute maybe, but not sexy. I'm overweight and dumpy looking, especially since he's only ever seen me in my unflattering Madame Tussauds red t-shirt and black trousers. Anyways, this kind of interaction creeps me out. I have not added him back to facebook yet, and am debating whether I should.

That part aside, I've had a lot of fun with work people the past few days! Oh! Before I get into the guy I like at work (who doesn't creep me out) totally flirted with me today...well, at least it could be construed as flirting. I like to think it's flirting. It made me happy! :)

Again, the top part of this post aside, I am so thankful for getting the Madame Tussauds job. It's allowed me to make real friends in London, and without I would be a thousand times more lonely!

This past Saturday I went to a girl at work's (Emma) housewarming/birthday party at her new flat. Since I had to work the next morning, I had planned on having two glasses of wine max and then heading home around 11-11:30pm. And then we started playing this drinking game which consisted of us moving a game piece around a board and taking tons of shots. So then I got quite drunk (there's evidence of this on facebook!) and ended up crashing at her flat and getting next to no sleep and being EXHAUSTED whilst working the next day! Oh well! It was totally worth it. I had an amazing time!!

Tonight, I went to a pub in Camden to hear a guy's band. The guy is Al who I also work with (he's young though, only 19! Although you wouldn't know it by talking to him, he seems pretty mature - and he's quite cute!!) I knew he was in a band and I wanted to see one of his gigs, so I've asked him before to tell me when his next London one is. Well, he told me today it was tonight. But it wasn't until 9:40pm, so I had time to go home after work and change and then still make it in plenty of time. I met Rachel there (yes, I called her, it seemed like her kind of thing, and I felt guilty because I semi-cancelled on her on Monday - semi because we never had definite plans, and never followed through, but cancelled because I never told her I was doing something else) anyways, it was fine, we didn't hang out for long since I have to work tomorrow morning. But Al's band was really good! Not really my kind of music (a bit too hard rock for my tastes) but they are talented, and I did enjoy them. So I would listen to their album because I know Al, but I would never buy it in a shop. But regardless, I had fun and am really glad I went! Plus, Al's so cute!! It's funny seeing him on stage though. Plus, him (and all of his bandmates) get REALLY into the songs and it's funny! Another guy from work, Jason, was also there with his girlfriend.

Tomorrow night I told Rachel I would go see a show at the Globe theatre with her. It's Romeo and Juliet, it's only £5 but it's standing room only. So I'd be at the back, standing. I don't know if I'm going to go. I want to go because I've never been to the Globe before, and I want to go see a show there, but I'm pretty tired and kind of want to spend the evening at home, watching American Idol. I don't know! What do you think???

Oh! And my sister is arriving on Saturday for her visit! Yayayayay! I'm really excited! I've been planning out our time together!!

ETA: Yeah, I could barely open my eyes this morning, so there's no way I can go to work and then STAND for 2.5 hours watching Shakespeare. Lazy night at home it is! I'll go to the Globe some other time and stand and watch a play.
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\Helllo all!!!

i'M at at friends from work now at her brithday /housewarming party. and yes, uou could say I'm drunk. I think that's an understament. kWe played a drinking game and I had to drink many mnay shots. Many shots. It was bad. ANd then many cocktails. And then some pizza. AThen I had a cigarette. Bad. Oh well. , Now we're trying to fnd another game to pay. play. I should stop comandeneering the computer I know this makes no snes.e Or sense. Something likle that.#

Okay, ciao!!! Luv ya!!!


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