Jun. 30th, 2009

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Just as the title states, I am going to Greece!!! I'm so excited! I hope Greece is as wonderful and magical as has been built up in my head. Lol! I'm sure it will though. I'm going August 2-7 (though I won't arrived in Athens until 4am on August 3rd). I'm taking a 7:30am ferry to Mykonos, spending two nights there, lying in the sun on the beautiful beaches! And then on the 5th I'm taking a midday ferry back to Athens and spending two nights there. Then I'm coming back to London on the evening of the 7th. Yes, it's a short trip, but I can't really afford more (I have the time, I do not have the money!) and these four nights (five days!) are already costing me an arm and a leg. Mykonos is one of the most expensive of the Greek islands, but I knew that going in. There's no hostels on the island, and while I could stay in a guest house which would cost at least 100 euros/night, none of the ones coming up get great reviews on trip advisor. Not to mention, that's still really expensive. So I started emailing a bunch of hotels that do get good reviews, and the number one rated hotel (called Hotel Tagoo) emailed me back and said they have a tiny single room (with no view, they boast having great sea views from their place - it's on a hill - which yes, will mean some uphill walking, but meh, it's good exercise!) for 90 euros/night, and it includes breakfast! Done. I emailed the lady back and said I wanted it, she then emailed and said there was a cancellation and they now have a proper single room available with a double bed and a private balcony (with those amazing views) for 140 euros/night. But I was strong and resisted and have just emailed back saying no thanks, the broom closet will be fine for me (don't worry, I didn't actually call it a broom closet). They say all their rooms have ensuites though, so even if it's tiny, meh. I'm only there two nights and it's only me staying in the room. As long as it's clean (which is another thing they boast about - and the reviews all say it's clean) it's fine. And they'll pick me up and drop me off from the port (although all the places I've read about offer that). I'm excited!! Greek Islands! Beach!! Sun! Yummy food!! And they have a rooftop pool!

And then I'm spending the two nights in Athens in a hostel. I could have stayed in a hotel. There's a Best Western that's only 55 euros/night. But it's kind of far from all the touristy sights (you can't walk, I'd have to take the tram/subway/bus). The hostel I'm staying at gets great reviews on hostelworld.com and it's only a two minute walk from the Acropolis and the Plaka. And they have free wifi. And so does the hotel, so I'm thinking of bringing my laptop. Oh, the hostel is the Athens Backpackers, in case anyone wants to know. And the hostel is only 57 euros for two nights, in a four bed room with single beds. I think it's air conditioned too. I'm going to Greece!! How exciting!

I just booked the ferry from Athens to Mykonos. It cost 94 euros. The flight cost me £150. Yeah, this is going to be expensive. But sooooo worth it! Oh, and the flight is good because I'm going on Olympic Airlines, which is sched air, which means it's a real airline (not a charter or budget) which means I get free checked baggage (which means I can just bring my regular suitcase, and not have to cram everything into a carry on bag), possibly free food, and it leaves from Heathrow which is cheap and easy to get to. So yay!

Can you tell I'm excited?!?!?! Greece!!!

In other news, I'm going to Alton Towers in two weeks! Well, a week and a half. I'm excited! Amusement parks! Woo! Rollercoasters! And the train ticket was only £21, which is pretty reasonable to me!

Next I just have to plan a day to Thorpe Park. And then to Cambridge. And then York. And then Stonehenge. (Although, some of these can be planned for when I'm done work!) And then I'll be set in everything I wanted to do before I leave the UK.


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