Jun. 3rd, 2009

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Okay, after having seen both the Futurama Star Trek spoof and the Family Guy Star Trek spoof....it's hard to say which one I liked better. I liked them both and they both made me squee and giggle. On one hand, I've always liked Family Guy better than Futurama. And Family Guy featured TNG cast which was my first Star Trek love. Not to mention it also had a Rob Lowe cameo, which even more squee!! But on the other hand, it wasn't just Star Trek-centric, it also featured a Meg story-line that dealt with her being "reborn" as a Christian. And while it was funny, I would have liked to see more Star Trek!! The Futurama episode featured TOS cast (minus Scotty (because apparently he said "No way" to doing it) and Bones (because DeForest Kelley had already passed away) - although Bones was in it, he just never said anything) which is my new love and it was sole-y Star Trek, no other plot line interfered. So it's kind of a toss up. Let's just say I enjoyed them both. A lot. That is all.

Only 18 more days until WIMBLEDON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I can't seem to stop downloading things. Movies, tv shows, audio books. Ugh, it's bad. But so so good. Downloading stuff might just be even better than Youtube and Wikipedia. Okay, maybe not. But damn close! Lol!

So I finally watched the series finale of ER. I had downloaded it quite some time ago (right after whenever it aired - so April or something?) but never got around to watching it. So I just did. And oh my god did I cry. And I didn't even watch the whole thing in it's entirety. I skipped parts of it. I only wanted to see the old cast! Now I need to watch the entire thing, so I can cry some more. But first, I'm downloading the George Clooney episode, so I shall watch that first.

And I may or may not also be downloading Trekkies. Because I seriously cannot get enough. And I heard it's funny.


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