Jun. 2nd, 2009


Jun. 2nd, 2009 10:16 pm
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Wow! It's June already. Holy crap this year has gone by quickly. Although I think I say this every year (maybe not out loud though). I always think time flies by. I guess that means I'm having fun?!?

Anyways, so on Monday I went to Brighton for the day. Talk about regrets...not going to Brighton, I enjoyed it there. I could have spent more time there. And I should have. Except I went with my friend Shazia and on the weekend when we were deciding on plans (before I bought the train tickets - first regret) she texted me and said her dad would drive us if we paid for the petrol. How do you really say no to that? Well I should have. Because not only did it cost the exact same in petrol as it would have on the train, it took twice as long. It's an hour on the train, it took two hours going (there was traffic) and an hour and a half on the way back. So we only spent about 2.5 hours in Brighton. And half of that was spent in SeaLife. So I barely got any time to tan, and I barely got to see the Pier, and none of the boardwalk or town. And while Shaz's dad was nice enough, he was typically Asian and (imho) bordered on rude. I don't think he meant to be rude, I think it's just a cultural thing. But still. So really, I should have said no to the ride, I should have thought of the fact that there would be tons of traffic, and said how the train would be faster, but I didn't. And hindsight is 20-20. Foresight is 140-300 (or whatever my regular bad vision is). I spent the night before at Shazia's house, which was fine. We went to Flirtease which is a sheesha/dessert bar near her house that she goes to all the time. She keeps asking me to go (but it's far from me, so I've always said no) but I finally got there this time. It was good. Expensive though...well, not expensive, but we had two sheesha's and that adds to the cost. But it was fun and I liked going, and I had this really yummy chocolate brownie cake thing for dessert and it was really good! Oh, so my impressions of Brighton? It seemed nice. But like a typical coastal beach town. Tacky pier filled with games and rides. Tons of places with food and ice cream. I had gone to Weston-Super-Mare (sp?) when I was younger, and it reminded me of there. Oh and the beach is rocky, not sandy...there were lots of people lying on the rocks, but that did not seem like my idea of a good time. I need soft sand to lie on thank you. I bought some Brighton rock, which is really just candy sticks that aren't anything to write home about. But they weren't expensive, so that's good. I think that's about it.

Tomorrow is a day off again. Yay! I should go somewhere and do something. But it might rain and really? I'm pretty lazy and don't want to go anywhere. Although, I've been meaning to take this walking tour of London since I came back in October, and I have yet to do it....maybe I should tomorrow?? Probably not though. I don't have a travel card this week, so if I do go anywhere (if it's sunny) will either be to the communal garden which apparently is behind my building (I just found out about this place - apparently it's quite nice back there, I'll explore tomorrow) or I'll walk to Clapham...good exercise and a chance to sit in the sun! Regardless I do want to go to the grocery store to buy some bagels for the morning. And possibly a baguette (maybe I should make a picnic for my lunch in Clapham??)

I hope everyone is well! (Amanda, you owe me an email...I'm bored...please email me!!!)

ETA: I meant to say that Shazia's father drives like a fucking lunatic. For most of the time he was going over 100mph (that 160km/h folks) and zooming up to other cars and coming quite close to smashing into the back of them. The speed limit varied, but was between 50-70mph. The rest of the time he was driving well under the limit going at what felt like a snails pace (but that could just be in comparison to the zooming fast he went the rest of the time). He also did not know how to read/pay attention to road signs, and more than once I had to pipe up from the backseat saying what lane he should be in. Seriously. From the backseat. And sometimes I felt bad for piping up (though I should have) and we exited when we weren't supposed to. I seriously wanted him to pull over so I could drive.
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So, I've spent the past hour and a half amusing myself with reading old entries of mine from 2003-2005. Wow, I was lame back then. I'm sure I'm still lame now, but it's very very funny to read old entries. And half the stuff I wrote about I TOTALLY don't remember. It's quite entertaining. I sure spent a lot of money back then. Those years are full of entries of how I spent oodles of money at Banana Republic (I was quite obsessed for a number of years) or on Benefit makeup (again, obsessed). How did I afford it all??? There was one entry where I talked about spending $600 on clothes?!?! Crazy!!



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