Mar. 2nd, 2009

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I realized I didn't post about work in the previous post. So, a work update!

So I had a "one-on one" with a manager on Saturday. Which kind of annoyed me, because I had it with the weekend manager who I only work with every other weekend, as opposed to a manager I see every day. I feel the weekend manager doesn't know me as well as the others do. Whatever, obviously it went fine. What's funny is the only thing they told me to work on was to interact more with the customers. Ha! They're preaching to the choir here. Building rapport was what I got told to do time and time again at Air Miles. Which I never did. Because I absolutely HATE idle chit chat with strangers. It makes me feel really uncomfortable. I know it doesn't make much sense, but I can't help it. I've never been one to have random conversations. I wish I could, but I can't. Anyways, they also wanted to know where I saw my future and if it was with Madame Tussauds. Well, I lied and said I would love to stay with MT if the right opportunity came along (ie. in the office). Oh, I did also mention the whole visa thing, and he said he would check if MT would sponsor someone for a permanent visa. It doesn't really matter, since I want to go home and not live in London for the rest of my life. But, I don't want them to know that right now.

Now, I could rant about how dumb and stupid some people are (read: TOURISTS) but I can't be bothered. But suffice to say, I deal with the dumbest people on a daily basis. It's annoying.

The end.


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