Feb. 28th, 2009

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I think I need to see Spring Awakening again. The music is sooooooo good. I'm so glad I have the soundtrack now! Thanks to Suzie and our new plan to share music, I have it! Woot!!

Anyways, it's been a year and a half since I've last updated (or so it feels) and tons has happened, so this may be mammoth. You have been warned!

Alright, so I had a drunken post (from Spain! Woo!) and re-reading it makes me laugh. Especially because it didn't seem that error-ridden when I typed it out. Oops! I must have been quite drunk!

Anyways, so my parent's visit was awesome. I had so much fun! They stayed at the Grosvenor House while in London (and I ended up spending two nights in their room there as well) which is a super fancy hotel on Park Lane in the ritzy area of London. We found this awesome pub right near it (we went to it three different times! It's called the Audley, or maybe Old Audley....I can't remember, but I know where it is!) and it wasn't even too expensive, which, for the area, is great! We went to Madame Tussauds on the Monday afternoon. And then for dinner at a delicious Gordon Ramsay restaurant. We went to Maze Grill, which was actually right near my parent's hotel, so we walked, bonus! It's a steak house and I had a delicious steak, as did my mother. My dad had an amazing lamb dish. So good!! I want to go back! I had a cosmo to start too, which is always fun (I love cocktails first!) and then wine. Oh and the most yummy brownie ever for dessert. To start we shared soft shell crab and seared octopus. Amazing. They were so good, we went back on Wednesday for a drink and the soft shell crab (without a reservation, but we sat at the bar and had the same waiter who remembered us, very nice! And kind of cute too, lol!) Tuesday we went and got ticket to Avenue Q that evening (there was a long queue at the half price ticket booth and we were all worried we weren't going to get tickets, but it was no problem and we had amazing seats, 5th row centre in the stalls.) Then we went to some museum my dad really wanted to go to . The Soane museum I think. It was alright. My dad enjoyed it anyways. Avenue Q was amazing as usual. And Julie Atherton (who returned to the role she orginated in December, and I heart her) was amazing as well! That may have been the last time I see Avenue Q too, because it's closing in March....sad! Wednesday we went shopping in the morning (I got a new top from Dorothy Perkins! It's pretty and purple) and then in the afternoon we went back to my flat so I could pack for Benidorm. That evening we met my friend Hilary for dinner, and ended up at the Audley pub.

Thursday morning saw us wake up at the crack of dawn (literally, it was 4am) so we could take the bus to Luton airport for our flight. Which wasn't too bad to be honest. I wasn't sure what Easyjet would be like, but it was quite pleasant. Then we arrived in Spain (the sun! the beach! the Med! beautiful!), we arrived in Alicante and got our rental car and drove to Benidorm. And found our hotel. They didn't seem to have our reservation for some reason, but thankfully they weren't full and my mom had a copy of the online reservation (it's weird because it was a Best Western hotel and we booked it through the Best Western website, so nothing fishy there) and the reception girl put us in the biggest room in the hotel. Seriously. It was huge. We were supposed to have a room with two double beds. We ended up in a suite with me on one of the three sofa beds and my parents had their own bedroom. It wasn't luxurious, but there was nothing wrong with it, and having all the space was really nice, and they had free wifi, which finally started to work our second day there. The BEST part of our 17th floor room? Yes, the views. But even better, we had 3 separate balconies. One of which being a humongous sundeck. SO Beautiful!! Anyways, we didn't do much touring in Benidorm, we ate some yummy meals (we had paella twice!) we drove up the coast and saw two different towns. My dad played golf one day. We wandered the old town. Our favourite thing to do? Sit in a bar, outside, facing the Mediterranean sea with the sun beating down on us, drinking a pitcher of sangria (we did that a few times! Lol!) Oh, and we went to a synagogue on Friday night, don't ask me why. I blame my mom for finding it and then telling my dad. Everything was really cheap in Benidorm. The food, the drinks, it was great! Oh, and obviously I got really drunk on Saturday afternoon! Lol! I took lots of pictures and will post them on facebook eventually!

We had to leave sunny Benidorm and come back to dreary London (although the past few days have been really nice). We had one last night together. We went to Clapham and had mussels and fries. Yum! Then the vacation ended and on Monday morning I had to go to work, and my parents flew back to Toronto. Sad. :( But it's only one month and I'll be home for a visit and I'll see them again!

This week I've just been at work. Claire (my flatmate) finally came back from New York City. She had been gone over 2 months. And then she came back with no warning at all (which kind of sucks because I asked her to let me know). And sure, it's her place, she has every right to come back whenever...but I'm not neat when I live by myself! I leave dirty dishes in the sink for days. So it was kind of messy when she walked in the door. She said she didn't care (and I believe her) but I felt bad! This is why I wanted warning, so I could clean!! But anyways, she's back and I've stopped spreading myself everywhere, and it's all back in my room.

Next weekend I'm going to Edinburgh!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yay! I can't wait! I've always wanted to go to Scotland, and now I am! I'm going with Jen C and [livejournal.com profile] scattydove. It should be lots of fun!

Oh!! AND, my sister booked a ticket to come and visit me!!!!!!! She wasn't going to come, but then decided when my parents were here that she wanted to come too. So yay! I'm so excited she's coming. Not until May, and I'll see her at home before then, but it will still be fun. We're going to Paris for a night! Fun!!

Alright, that's about all I can type, I think this has taken forever to type. I'm so behind on my emailing too. I owe a bunch of people emails. I should get on that! Buenos Noches!


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