Feb. 8th, 2009

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So my birthday is turning out to be kind of a disappointment. People keep cancelling on me. Jen cancelled on me yesterday and didn't come to see Spring Awakening (more on the show in a bit!) which disappointed me. If she wasn't sure she could make it, she should have said so when I asked her, and subsequently bought the tickets. She did feel bad about it, I think. But still. She was the one who wanted to do something with me for my birthday! Was disappointed me more, was she never suggested we do something later that night. Sure she had to study during the day, but she would have had to eat right? So we could have done dinner or a drink or something, but no. Nothing.

And today I was supposed to go out with Rachel. We were going to get some food and then drink the night away. She said she wanted to get me drunk. Which would be fun. However, she just called me and said she wasn't feeling well, menstrual cramps. So regardless, we're not going to drink tonight. So, sorry [livejournal.com profile] scattydove, that drunken post will have to wait! Maybe next week when my parents are here. She said she's going to rest for a bit and then see, maybe we'll still do dinner. But I doubt it. When she called, she sounded like she was out somewhere, I'm not sure, it could have been the tv, but who knows.

I'm not as upset as I could be though. Probably because these are not lifetime friends. If this happened at home I would be more upset. But I know this would never happen at home. Let's just hope Shazia doesn't cancel on me tomorrow, because I think that would make me utterly depressed! To have three separate plans for my birthday and then to have all three of them cancelled? That would really really suck. Hopefully this won't happen though! Our plan is to go to her house, order pizza, watch a movie, and smoke her hookah!

Yesterday was still pretty good though. I went and saw Spring Awakening myself and it was AMAZING!! So amazing!! Possibly the best musical ever. Definitely in the top five for sure! My problem is I love all musicals, so it's hard to pick a favourite! But it was so so so good and I want to see it again and again!! Then I came home, made pizza, ate lots of cookies and candy and watched the American President.

I also got three packages in the mail yesterday! And two other birthday cards! Score!! Hence the cookies and candy. I felt loved for sure!! Lol!

So now I'm at a loss of what to do for dinner tonight. I should wait and see if I'm going out. But I'm debating whether to go and get something yummy, like sushi. Or save my money and stay in and have some soup and a grilled cheese sandwich. I think I should save my money though. And I'll get sushi on Tuesday for dinner after work. I need to go to Marble Arch and scope out breakfast places though for my mother...so, I'll have to do that eventually. Maybe Tuesday after work, or possibly Wednesday at some point in the afternoon.

I'm drinking beer right now, so things are starting to look up thanks to the alcohol! Lol!!
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I put effort in my appearance today! And I'm sad I won't get to show anyone. I dyed my hair (which wasn't necessarily for today, but I had to cover up my grey hair!!) It's not really different, well right now it's darker, but it's just dark brown (with a slight tinge of red, kind of), and it will fade. But it covered up the grey (ugh, I can't believe I have grey hair, and enough of it that I have to dye it!), and I love when my hair is darker!! I'm also wearing my knee high boots, and a new black top (well I got it in December, but I have yet to wear it), so I think I look kind of cute!
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Yep, she just texted me. I now have no plans for tonight. All dressed up and no where to go.



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