Feb. 2nd, 2009

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It seems to be sports Sunday on the BBC. Although, I guess technically it's now Monday. But let's ignore that shall we?

I finished the tennis (finally! It seemed long, but probably because I knew who won, I just wanted them to get to end!) I feel bad for Roger. And I feel bad for Rafa. Bad for Rafa because (as [livejournal.com profile] scattydove said) he couldn't celebrate as much as he wanted to because Roger kept crying. Although, I'm sure Roger felt bad too that he was taking away Rafa's thunder. Sometimes you just can't stop crying though! I like emotion though, it makes people more humble!

So I turn off the red button BBC and it's just on regular BBC and the Super Bowl is playing!! I didn't know the BBC was showing it. How fun! Although since it's the BBC (and not to mention I'm in England) there's no commercials which is the best part of the Super Bowl (for me anyways). The BBC has their own people there too. Well, one Brit, and two Americans. But they only come on when NBC goes to commercial (which in football is every two seconds). The rest of the time I get the NBC coverage, so Al Michaels and John Madden. Which makes me homesick!! Hearing John Madden always makes me think of Sunday evenings and Dominos pizza. We used to always order Dominos pizza on Sundays (well, most Sundays - during football season) during the afternoon game on Fox (which doesn't end until 7pm-ish, so we would have our pizza around 6-ish). John Madden for the longest time used to be the commentator for the feature game on Fox on Sundays. So his voice brings back family football memories from my youth! I also know random facts about him. The main one being he doesn't fly. Ever. I think he's afraid of planes. So he takes a bus everywhere. He has his own fancy coach bus (I forget what it's called, but it's semi-famous in the States) and travels week to week on the bus to the different football games. Anyways, I forget my point. But, since it's now 12:30am and I'm tired, I'm going to be turning off the football and going to bed! Without the commercials, the Super Bowl is just football (well, and a halftime show, but meh, I'm sure I can catch it on YouTube later) and ugh. I hate football!!

Good night all!!

Snow day!!

Feb. 2nd, 2009 04:40 pm
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Okay, I think I need to turn off the internet. I just had to tear myself away from Etsy. There was so much I want to buy! A lot of it seems rather reasonably priced too. I've never ordered anything from there though, so I don't know how reputable it is. And not to mention, I don't really have the money to spend on more earrings.

In other news....there's tons of snow on the ground!!! Well, tons for London anyways. About 6 inches or so. There's people (adult people) building a snow man in the parking lot. It's been a snow day for a lot of London. It was my day off, and work was open, so I'm glad I didn't have to worry about trying to get to work. All the tube lines this morning were either not running, or running with major delays. It would have been a nightmare!! Even now at 4:30pm a lot is still suspended and delayed. Most buses are cancelled. It's a good day to stay at home and do nothing! I was supposed to meet Rachel for lunch at the Tate Britain, but I cancelled, because I didn't feel like trying to get there.

The people are now having a snow fight. I guess the snow is more of a novelty to Londoners than it would be to me. I've seen more than enough snow in my lifetime!!
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Aww man I just read online that work closed at 2pm today! Now I'm so sad I wasn't working today!! I wanted a snow afternoon!! So not fair!


Feb. 2nd, 2009 09:37 pm
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I just checked my bank balance and I saw I had more money in there. I was perplexed, at first, because I knew I hadn't deposited any money into my account. When I went into the detailed statements, I saw that Marks and Spencers had finally paid me for my first week of work. They withheld the first week of pay until your contract was finished, and then apparently it took another three weeks for them to actually give you the money. But who cares now because I got the money! And while it's only £166, every little bit counts, and it's even better because now it's like bonus money because I (kind of) forgot all about it! And it gives me a bit of money to spend in Spain and when my parents are here. Without having to put things on my credit card. And I can stop being so damn cheap about every thing! Although, I'm not going to go blow it all this week, it means I may be able to enjoy the odd meal out. So, yay! I'm a tad excited about this!


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