Jan. 28th, 2009

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So I've finally figured out how to download movies. I know. Took me long enough huh? Oh well, better late than never!! So I downloaded Bride Wars earlier. It was cute, but kind of dumb. So I'm glad I didn't pay for it.

Okay, sidenote: Why is movies being underlined as incorrect??? How does the dictionary not know the word movies??? It's suggestion are monies or moves.

Anyways, so I watched Bride Wars. I enjoyed it though, as a dumb movie. But it won't be on my list of dvds to purchase. Now I'm waiting for P.S. I Love You to finish downloading. I can't go too crazy with downloading though, my internet is limited to 40gb/month. I kind of want to ask my landlord to upgrade to Sky Max because it's unlimited, but we'll see! This isn't going to be as fun in Canada though, because internet speeds aren't as fast there. It's pretty fast here, and that's on mid. Max would be awesome for downloading speeds!

I booked a train ticket for a weekend in Edinburgh!! Yay Scotland! I'm going with Jen C. and [livejournal.com profile] scattydove. I'm really excited! Jen and I are taking an overnight train (which kind of sucks, but we waited two days to book our tickets and the daytime train went from £24/person to over £100!! Crazy!) but this way we get an extra day there! I want to eat haggis, go to a Scotch Whiskey brewery place tour thing, and other Scottish things...I clearly need to do some research!

I'm also hoping all my holidays get approved at work, I should find out tomorrow. I need to book a flight home too. And then try to change my return flight to September. Air Canada is pretty reasonable right now. Under $600, and I would really love to get it for that price. So as soon as I find out about my holidays, I think I'm just going to buy it. I just need to decide what flight times I want. Mainly for the return flight. Anyways, hopefully it will all work out!! If it does, then I'm going to Spain in two weeks, then Edinburgh two weeks after that, then Montpellier three weeks after that, then Toronto immediately after that!! And then I won't have any vacation time until the summer, but that's okay! I'll have to plan Wimbledon for a day off, or just take the one day off, but that should be doable too. It's an exciting next few months!!


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