Jan. 9th, 2009

First day!

Jan. 9th, 2009 07:03 pm
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I had my first day at Madame Tussauds today. It went pretty well! It seemed to be a more positive start than Marks and Spencers - of course, I had a more positive attitude. People seemed friendlier on a whole, managers seemed a lot more interested in you. We met the General Manager too and he chatted with is. I was impressed by the Operations Manager (who is the manager of my manager) because he came in and knew where everyone was going to be working (ie. he actually knew who everyone was and cared enough to put a face to a name) and seemed to want to get to know us. I have my first real shift on Monday, I think for till training. I have to work 6 days next week, but then the following week I only work 4...I don't have that schedule yet, but I confirmed that the norm is NOT working 6 days a week (I wasn't super worried, but just wanted to make sure!) I have to work every other weekend. But meh, I don't have much of a life anyways! And I like getting weekdays off, easier to do things! Oh, and I will get a paycheque at the end of January (we get paid on the 26th every month) so phew! I'll be able to pay February's rent! I won't have any money for February, but I might get some birthday money (hopefully anyways!!) so that should be fine. And when my parents are here, I won't be spending much money. Oh, and I get 28 days holiday, not 27. Oh! And even more important! My crush was in the same induction class as me! He's going to be in attractions though, while I'm in retail. We were in the same assessment (it's funny cause 4 out of 5 of the people at my assessment (me being one of them) were at the induction today) and he was really nice during that. He was even nicer today! Then we walked back to the tube together and chatted. I don't think anything will come of this, but it's nice to crush on someone! This afternoon we went through the attractions and they made me go through Screams. Which is a haunted house thing where people jump out at you. I screamed throughout the whole thing. It was not fun. I hate anything scary. But whatever, now I know what it's like and don't need to go back there! We got to see where they make the figures. Well, they don't make any of them there any more, there's a studio place in Acton (wherever that is). But they do repairs, and they do all the hair and make-up on site. Oh, and wardrobe, so we had a tour of it all. Oh! And at the end of the day we had to pick someone (out of the 6 of us who were there for induction) who was helpful, etc. and the winner got a prize. And I had the most votes! I didn't vote for myself obviously, so it means other people did! Yay! I get to have a wax hand thing made of my hand. Oh, and after 6 weeks I get my free passes to Madame Tussauds and other attractions owned by the same group (The Merlin Group) and it includes amusement parks in England! So at some point I'm so going to go to Alton Towers (or one of the others). I can also get £50 hotel rooms at Alton Towers, so maybe I'll make a night of it. Should be fun!! [livejournal.com profile] scattydove I'm looking at you for the amusement parks!! I think that's it. So far so good!!
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I'm currently watching an Anne Frank documentary. I've seen parts of it before. It's almost over, and they're now talking about the liberation of different Concentration camps. They were talking about life in a camp, and what Anne and her family, and the others in hiding with them had to go through. It's horrifying. It's absolutely horrifying. I hate watching things about the Holocaust. Hate it. I don't know why I'm watching this. But it's important to watch, to remember. I've never seen all of Schindlers List, or Life is Beautiful. I find them hard to watch.

When I was in Berlin, I went on a tour of Sachsenhausen, an early concentration camp. It was small, and not a death camp. It was apparently used as a model camp, how all other camps were supposed to look and run. When I was in Amsterdam I went to the Anne Frank House. It's so important to remember and learn, and to tell others.

I don't understand Holocaust deniers. How can they deny what has been recorded by video? By pictures? By personal recollection?

None of my family was in Europe during World War II. Well, none of my immediate family anyways. Perhaps there were distant relatives. But all of my great grandparents came to Canada either just before the First World War, or just after. I didn't lose anyone. But to think that I could have. Just because I'm Jewish. It sucks that people think like that. That people still think like that.

Racism, hate, it doesn't make sense. Why can't we all just hold hands and sing songs? The current conflict with Israel and Palestine. Of course I support Israel. But I can't condone the fighting, the bombing, the killing of innocent people, regardless of their religion or colour of skin. I don't know if there can ever be a solution. Which is a sad thought. I hope at some point they can agree to share the land. Israel is a beautiful country.

Alright, well this has become sad and depressing. To cheer myself up? I'm now watching the end of The Parent Trap starring a young Lindsay Lohan before she got annoying. It definitely helps!


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