Jan. 3rd, 2009

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I just rearranged my room. Luckily I don't have much stuff, and not to mention my room is tiny, so it's wasn't too difficult. Moving my bed was the hardest because my room isn't wide enough for it rotate, so I had to take it apart. This was all in an attempt to make better use of my space, and possibly get more floor space. I'm not sure I accomplished that, but possibly. I have less wasted space now. Before I had this tiny space between the end of my bed and the wall, barely enough room to stand. I stored crap there. Empty boxes, a bag, etc. So I moved my bed the other way and moved my shelves too so they're now facing each other. There's not a lot of room to walk in between them, but I figure I can sit on the end of my bed and get to my shelves that way. I also used my closet a bit more. My closet is outside of my room, so I haven't really used it (except to store my suitcases) but I've put some extra shoes and some of that aforementioned crap in there. And the main thing is I've exposed the radiator more. Before it was completely blocked by my bed and it was always freezing in my room (although under my duvet was toasty warm!) So now that the radiator is almost fully out in the open, I imagine it will start to get warmer in there!

And that was my excitement for the evening. Earlier today I went to Chinatown and bought the most amazing instant noodles ever! I was introduced to these recently by this girl I used to work with at M&S. She's from Australia (her name is Joanna - I may have mentioned her before...I can't remember). Anyways, I had them when I was at her place and they're amazing!! The best instant noodles ever. And they're super cheap too. 25 pence per pack. They're from Indonesia and you can buy them at any Chinese grocery store. So I went to buy some. And I did! I got 10 packs. They're kind of small, so for a meal you eat two. Well, I guess it depends on how hungry you are too. I had them for dinner, so I had two. I also bought plum sauce while I was somewhere that sold it. Too bad I already ate my spring rolls! But I figure this way I'm prepared for next time! I couldn't seem to find it in any grocery store, so I was almost afraid I wouldn't be able to find it anywhere! Thank goodness for Chinatown though! The one thing (well, one thing among others) I can't find though, even in Chinatown? Peanut sauce. Apparently people don't eat peanut sauce here. Which is a shame, because it's AMAZING with stir fried vegetables. I'll have to get my parents to bring me some. President's Choice (a brand in Canada) makes the best peanut sauce ever! The other things I can't find (people also don't eat this here) is cocktail sauce. They sell seafood sauce which is creamy and while I haven't tried it, I don't think I would like it. My mother told me to make my own cocktail sauce (which you can go with horseradish and ketchup) but I can't find the right horseradish either! Oh well. I haven't had any cold shrimp (I mean prawns!) to need cocktail sauce.

Alright, I'm cold, it's time for bed!


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