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I'm back from Greece! Actually I have been since Friday night and have done nothing the past two days. Which is not good. I should be doing stuff not just sitting on my ass watching Beverly Hills 90210 re-runs. On the plus side, I dyed my hair today! Woo! I got rid of the grey!

Greece was very lovely. Hot. But they believe in air conditioning there, so I was pleasantly cool while indoors in both Mykonos and Athens. And I got a very nice tan! I liked Athens more than Mykonos. Mainly because there wasn't much to do in Mykonos and I was all by my lonesome and didn't really have an opportunity to meet anyone. I wandered through the town my first day and made my way to a beach the second day. It was all very beautiful and picture-esque, one day I will post the pics on facebook. Maybe while I'm in Hilton Head. Athens was good though. I don't think I need to go back there though. I didn't fall in love. The hostel was good though, nice and modern, and clean. And I met some nice people there. Athens reminded me of Rome and Spain. Rome because it was fairly dirty with graffiti EVERYWHERE. And of course the ancient ruins on every corner. The buildings and architecture reminded me of Spain. I saw all the sights, some of when are breathtaking, especially taking in consideration they are 4000 years old. The food was good, but not nearly as good as I thought it would be. However, I did definitely eat my fill of feta cheese and gyros. The pita bread there was amazing. Best pita bread I've ever had! However, I like the gyros from Souvlaki Hut more! So methinks I need a trip there when I get home! Care for some lunch Faye??? I did manage to buy a couple of souvenirs for myself too. A pair of leather sandals and some earrings. Oh and I had Mythos beer (it was quite good actually!) and some ouzo! All in all a good trip, but I still like Germany the best! Oh, probably also because I found Greek people (well, the city people anyways, the people in Mykonos were friendly) to be very pushy and they don't queue which is a big pet peeve of mine. However, I'm definitely glad I went and got to Greece! And I'm super tan, so yay!!

I now have four days left. Yikes! Still so much to do! I don't think I'll make it to Thorpe Park which makes me sad. Nor the London Dungeons. I had wanted to go to some museums too, so I'll try to fit some of them in. I want to see two more shows too. I just need to decide what shows. I think Billy Elliot, and then something else. I still need to see work friends one last time too. Why oh why did I do nothing the past two days?? Why must I procrastinate so darn much?!?!? Ah well, some things will never change!

I hope everyone's well!
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