Jul. 31st, 2009 05:14 pm
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So I went to my eye exam this morning. It turns out there's no problems with my eyes. No health problems anyways. The bluriness was not all in my head though (though I never though I was imagining blurred vision) and it turns out my prescription has gotten worse. Le sigh. Well, my prescription has stayed roughly the same (it has actually gotten half a degree better) but my astigmatism has gotten noticeably worse. Hence the blurred vision. You know, I never had astigmatism growing up, it's only in the past three years that I developed it. It's annoying, because it means I have to buy new glasses. So I've bought new glasses. And then since they were cheap, I also got prescription sunglasses. I figured they would be good for driving and for the beach. So I spent an extra £230 today that I really wasn't planning to spend. But perhaps I'll be able to see a bit better now.

In other news, I am now officially a tourist in London again. After my eye appointment and subsequent glasses purchase, I went to Leicester Square and bought myself a ticket for Jersey Boys tonight!! Woooo! I've wanted to see it for quite some time, so it should be good. Then I went to the National Gallery and looked around. Saw some nice paintings. I bought myself this bag that I've seen a ton of people carrying about. I also got a calendar for 2010 and one postcard. Then I went tanning and now I'm back at my flat for a bit before I head out again. My glasses aren't supposed to be ready until half 7, but that's when Jersey Boys starts. So I'm going to go there for 7-ish and see if they're done. If they're not, then I'll have to go get them on Sunday.

Tomorrow I'm off to Stonehenge and then Bath! Should be fun!


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