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I had much fun in Vienna and Munich and Zurich. Mucho fun!! Not surprisingly (since I loved Berlin when I was there too) I fell in love with Munich and wish I had gotten to spend more time there. I still love Zurich. Vienna was good, but not as good as I had thought it would be. It wasn't as pretty or as lovely as I would have thought. But I did still enjoy my time there. Here's a description of what I did as told to Amanda via email:

So my trip was really good. So on Saturday I was lazy and slept longer than I should have and was busy packing and getting ready, then the bus took forever to get to Victoria (the tube wasn't running) and I still had to pick up my train tickets to Gatwick (I booked myself an advance ticket on a slower train than the Gatwick Express, because it was £7.50 for the return trip - but it meant I had to make a specific train) and I had about 6 minutes to do that and then get to the train. But i made it! Literally within a minute and a half of the train leaving. It caused me some stress, but I was very happy I didn't have to shell out another £10 for a ticket for the next train. So I got to Gatwick, met Joanna and Dan and we made it to Vienna on time and no problems. We found our way to the hotel which was very nice! It was a Suite Hotel (run by the Accor group - the same people who run Novotels) and it was a big room with a double bed and a single. There were free movies and free wifi there too (they had brought their laptop). We watched three movies throughout our two night stay there. Baby Mama, Mamma Mia, and Kung Fu Panda, not in a row of course. We went out our first afternoon and saw some of the sights, we found a cute place for dinner and I roast pork which was good. We listened to some street concerts which there were a few of. Got some strudel for takeout and went back to the hotel. The strudel was pretty good. We researched a bit and found out the castle does a strudel show, so we decided to go there the next day. We woke up and went to the castle. We watched strudel being made, ate our sample (which was really good!) and walked the grounds a bit. Then we went back to the main area and saw the rest of the sights, which included a lot of churches (Joanna and Dan are big on going inside every single church - luckily they don't stay too long though). We ate some delicious sausage on the street for lunch. There's a ring road around the town, and we had a 24 hour transit pass, so we took the tram around and saw lots of the city. We found a festival going on and it had tons of food stalls from all around the world. You would have liked it! I got a pretzel, but it wasn't very good. For dinner we went to an area by the river and found a place. I had goulash, it was quite good. Then we went back to the main square and I was deciding whether to get some ice cream, or another sausage (they were really yummy!) and Dan and I got a sausage each, Joanna got ice cream. Then back to the hotel to watch Kung Fu Panda! It was quite cute, despite me not loving Jack Black.

Monday morning we woke up early and got to the train station and onto our train to Munich. We got there around 1pm and found our hotel (which was right near the train station). We dropped off our bags and walked to the main streets and town centre. Munich was such a lovely place! I loved it there! We walked all around and while we didn't see everything, we saw a lot. I had a sausage there for lunch, which some salad. For dinner we went to a beer hall and drank giant steins of beer and ate huge meals. I had a pork knuckle, which is a giant piece of pork (with a bone) and it was delicious! It came with dumplings (which I also love - goulash comes with them as well!) and coleslaw. We also bought a pretzel from a lady walking around with them in a basket. It was nice and fresh but SUPER salty. Too salty. So I picked off all the salt, and then it was better. After our giant dinner we walked slowly back to the hotel and stopped for some ice cream on the way (I was less full by the time we got it). On Tuesday we woke up super early because our train left at 7am for Zurich. We got to Zurich around 12:00 and found our hotel. Again we dropped off our bags and went touring! We walked all around the town. A lot of it I remembered from 4 years ago when I was there. I still love it there. Despite it being crazy expensive (Joanna and Dan were shocked by the prices) I could so live there. Or somewhere in Germany (which would be cheaper!) We went to a bunch of churches, saw the main streets, the Bahnofstrasse, the lake. We went back to the hotel late in the afternoon to rest a bit (we were exhausted!) and found a restaurant down the street for our fondue dinner. We brought our own wine too (I had brought a bottle with me from England to drink in the room, but we hadn't yet, so it was good to drink it with dinner, and a good break from all the beer too!) which they don't really do in Zurich (the lady seemed confused when I asked her if it was okay, but she said it was). We had cheese fondue and then meat fondue (turkey and beef). The cheese fondue was good, the meat was okay. I've had better, but it was fun. And Joanna and Dan, who had never eaten fondue before (well, they've had the meat fondue before, but made in a Chinese way) enjoyed it. We were too full for dessert, so we just went back to the hotel and watched some German tv. I was able to translate a Simpsons episode. I'm not sure if I should be proud of that or not....

This morning we woke up, ate breakfast (it was included with the hotel - the only hotel that included it). And it was very nice. Tons of fresh, delicious bread, lots of different yummy swiss cheeses. Some fruit, delicious croissants. Really good coffee. There was cereal and yogurt, but I don't like those. It was missing hot food, but I loved all the cheese and breads (oh, and there was nutella too! Yum!) so it was fine. Mmmm, I love buffets. Anyways, we went to the Lindt factory and spent some time there. Bought lots of chocolate. We got back to Zurich just before 12pm. My flight was at 4pm (Joanna and Dan were taking a night train to Rome that left at 9:30pm) so I decided to just head to the airport then. So we said goodbye and I made my way to the airport. I checked in around 1pm (I had to wait almost 30 minutes for a train to the airport - but it's only a 10 minute journey) and then sat around. Looked at all the shops, spent my last francs on some food. Paid 3.70 CHF for a diet coke (I kid you not, but I had change I wanted to get rid of, and water was the same price, so I figured I might as well get diet coke. Except in mainland Europe it's not diet coke, but coca cola light which does not taste the same. It's sweeter, and not as good. It tastes more like coke zero I think. But I love my diet coke, and it's close enough I suppose). I saw Sigg bottles in the duty free. Apparently they're Swiss, I didn't know that. I texted you about them. Did you get it? I didn't end up buying one. I figure I can just buy one at some point at home.

However, I did buy a watch in Zurich. I bought yesterday (so Tuesday). I've always wanted a watch with a Swiss movement in it (ie, automatic, no battery). So since I got paid more than I though I would on my last paycheck from Madame Tussauds, I decided I would look for one in Zurich. So I did buy one! Yay! And it's pretty. And you can see the movement through the back, which excites me. It's a Tissot. And it's stainless steel and gold (it's 14k gold plated for the gold parts). It's this watch:

I have the gold/silver one. What do you think? I'm pretty happy with it. I love that it's automatic.

And now I'm back. 3 countries in 4 days is like a Contiki trip and it's too much. Too hectic, too exhausting. Obviously it was fun and I had a wonderful time, but I don't think I would do a trip like that again. But I'll be able to rest on the beach in Greece! I leave on Sunday!!! Wooohoooo!!!!! Greece Greece Greece!

However, before that I have three more days in London. Tomorrow I'm going for an eye exam. My right eye has been blurry for quite some time now, and I feel like something is wrong. Not iritis because it's not red nor sensitive to the light, but perhaps my optic nerve is inflammed again? Who knows. It could be all in my head (although the blurriness is not in my head....). It's been over two years since I last went to the eye doctors anyways, so it's time for a check up and see what my prescription is. Also, I feel glasses are cheaper in the UK (than they are in Canada) so maybe I can get some new ones while I'm here. And I have a 50% off voucher for the eye exam, so it won't be too expensive. Anyways, then I'm going to see if I can get tickets to a show tomorrow night. Either Jersey Boys or Billy Elliot or Calendar Girls. I want to see Wicked too, but it's expensive and not at the half priced booth, so I might try and find cheaper tickets through the theatre. I shall go research that next. Then on Saturday I'm going on a day trip to Stonehenge and Bath. I've always wanted to see Stonehenge and never have, and Bunac was doing a daytrip there for only £23 and that includes admission and the coach trip. I'm going to meet Andy and Teresa in Bath for lunch and a drink, so it will be good to see them one more time before I head home. I only have two more weeks in London. So sad!!! I can't believe my time here is coming to an end. Then I have to go home and look for a job. Ugh. But first, Hilton Head!! Oh yeah, and Greece!!!!!

Hope you're all well!
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