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I had the best time these past few days! So I need to write about it.

First was dinner on Thursday. There was a last minute get-together with myself, Joanna, and Dan. We went out for dinner to Pizza Express by my work. We got to use two vouchers, so it was really reasonable, and we even got dessert! Mmmm, tons of food. But the company and coversations were even better. I love getting together with them, I always have a good time. We planned our trip too!! Which, yay! Even better! They're going to a few countries for about 9-10 days, but I'm going to meet them halfway. I'm going July 25-29 and spending two nights in Vienna, and then two nights in Switzerland (one night in Zurich, and then one night somewhere in the Swiss countryside). I'm excited!! I can eat strudel, fondue, raclette and tons of yummy chocolate!

Friday night I went out with Emma and we went to Mercedes' (a girl from work) gig at a pub nearby. She was really good! It was quite enjoyable until the next band went on. They were called Girls Girls Girls (yes, seriously) and they were HORRID. OMG TERRIBLE. But almost so horrible that they were funny. So it was kind of amusing. And it was a lot of fun to make fun of them during and after! Emma and I got a kebab for dinner before the gig and it was delicious!! Oh, and I discovered a new beer I liked. A wheat beer from Munich called Paulaner. It's delicious! And I just checked, some LCBOs at home carry it, so I will be able to get it! And introduce it to my Dad.

Today I went to Alton Towers for the day with [ profile] scattydove, her sister Jacqui, and her brother-in-law Simon. It was AMAZING. I had so much fun!! I love going on rides and roller coasters. I love screaming. And I love the atmosphere of amusement parks. It's so carefree and lively. It was quite busy, but we still got to go on quite a few rides. And the company was so much fun. I always have fun with [ profile] scattydove and her family is lovely. They were so nice and we all got along very well! And they're very funny, Simon especially. I pretty much laughed all day. Even at the end when we couldn't find the car and spent an hour looking for it (seriously). I ended up missing my train and had to buy another ticket which was VERY expensive. £53 expensive. Not impressed with stupid fares like that! Especially since the train was empty! It made me quite mad. Not at anyone specific (well, maybe Virgin) since it was no one's fault, but mad all the same. Oh well. Shit happens. I'll survive, I'll just be poor for the next two weeks! No more going out for me! My mom told me I should have just gotten on the next train without buying a new ticket and tried to use my other one and see what would have happened, and then played dumb. I did think of that. And I do have my Canadian accent to help me seem like a dumb tourist. But I don't have the confidence to pull that off. I would have been terrified of being chucked off the train or a humoungous fine. Ah well.

And that was my fun times. Oh, and I got to see my nephew on Skype this evening while chatting to my parents. He's so adorable. And he kept waving at me. SO cute!!! I can't wait to see him in person again.

Date: 2009-07-12 09:30 am (UTC)
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You did me a massive favour by coming along to Alton Towers with us....It meant I didn't have to humour Simon when he was coming out with his *terrible* wisecracks ;)

Glad you had fun missus


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