Jun. 29th, 2009 09:59 pm
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So apparently I was supposed to email my aunt to say sorry Michael Jackson died, guess we really won't be going to see him. Thanks for wanting to take me with.

WTF?? Seriously?? Why do I need to email you that?? First of all, I had already thanked you a gazillion times for offering to buy me a ticket. Second of all, I already knew, and had communicated to you that we probably weren't going to an MJ concert (due to the first four shows being postponed to March 2010, and we had tickets to show number four), so I had already resigned myself to not going. And like hello??? Why do I need to tell you sorry??? He's not a relative. He's not your bff. He's not your son, brother, father, or even a distant cousin. HE WAS A POPSTAR. Get over it, and just remember Michael Jackson for the wonderful music he created.

(And that rant is for my aunt, but also for all the crazies out there. I have to work with a bunch of them. One guy called in sick to work on Friday because he claimed there was a death in the family. Then on Saturday he came in, saw the memorial thing Madame Tussauds came up with and started crying. COME ON PEOPLE!! GET A LIFE!!!)

(And yes, I was shocked and saddened by the news. But death happens. And it's not like I knew Michael Jackson. And I'll still like his music. That hasn't died with him.)
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