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The past few days have been uber exciting! Well not today or yesterday (I was at work those days, and that's not ever exciting - although I handed in my notice today, so that's kind of exciting! One month left!) But Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday were AMAZING!!

Yep, I was at Wimbledon!!! It's literally a dream come true. And it totally lived up to the hype. I had such a fantastic time! Sunday midday I met [ profile] scattydove at Victoria and we made our way to Wimbledon Park to camp overnight so we could get Centre Court tickets for Monday (the first day of Wimbledon). We got there, got our queue cards pretty quickly and were delighted to find out we were numbers 337 and 338. They sell 500 Centre Court tickets per day, so we were guaranteed to get them with those numbers! Yay! One hurdle down!! So exciting. It turned a bit sour after that, Catherine got quite ill and spent the evening trying to sleep it off in the tent, so I spent the time reading, trying to nap, listening to music. It was kind of boring, but it was alright. I never did get takeaway delivered to the tent, but they weren't allowed to deliver to the tent anyways (you had to go pick it up from the park entrance) so I didn't miss much. I had a burger instead (and I LOVE burgers). The next morning we woke up after a restless sleep (sleeping on the floor in a small tent with loud drunken people all around is NOT my idea of a good time (although getting to see Federer in the flesh was worth it!!) and packed up. Catherine, unfortunately, got ill again which sucks for her because she wasn't feeling well enough to watch the tennis, and left to go back to my flat and sleep. Luckily this was before we bought our tickets, so at least she didn't lose any money! So I went off myself to Centre Court. And what a day! It was AMAZING. I LOVED it. I had a FANTASTIC seat. 5th row, center. Right behind where Federer sat. Unfortunately I wasn't ever shown on tv (my parents watched the whole day to see if they could find me - they couldn't) but meh, who cares! I could see the players, I could see the tennis ball. I got some great pictures (which eventually I shall post to fb). It was awesome. At times I felt like I had to pinch myself it seemed like a dream. I was sitting in Centre Court. At Wimbledon. Watching Roger Federer (and Serena Williams and Novak Djokovic). Holy cow!! Loved it. Loved it. Loved it! I had spent a lot of time in the gift shops and spent a ton of money on souvenirs. Oops! But so worth it! I got tons of fun stuff, including a Championship towel! The same kind the players get! I'm going to hang it on my wall!

Then Tuesday morning we woke up early (Catherine was feeling much better thank goodness! She still got to see some tennis and it wasn't a complete waste of a trip!) and queued for ground tickets. We got there around half 8 and was inside around half 12. I got to go see the end of Daniel Nestor's first round Doubles match (he's Canadian and the defending Men's Doubles champion). His match was cut short when the other team retired, but I did get to see their dominance for a bit! Man, they're good!! And I met them afterwards and got a picture!! Catherine and I flitted between a number of courts, I saw another Canadian play (she lost) I saw some of Marat Safin's match (thanks to Catherine for letting me into her spot so I could see! It was CROWDED!), I saw Murray on Henman Hill. I drank champagne and got a bit drunk!! Whee! I ate strawberries and cream. It was another fantastic day. I absolutely LOVED getting to go to Wimbledon. And I think I might go again on Saturday if it doesn't rain. I had a great time both days. I was crazy exhausted by the end though. But it was so so so worth it. I wish I could go every year!! Oh! And I got tons of colour and am no longer pasty pale! So woooo for that too!

Date: 2009-06-25 11:47 pm (UTC)
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You never told me you MET Daniel Nestor afterwards! How did you manage that????

Date: 2009-06-26 06:20 am (UTC)
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I thought I told you! Sorry! I stalked them after their match (okay, not stalked, but I waited until they came off the court) and asked for a picture. They weren't the most personable people, but meh. I may have blurted out that I was Canadian as well. Daniel Nestor did not seem impressed.


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